Title: Nine Minute Love Song Trailer
Description: Nine Minute Love Song is the ultimate chase movie. Limited to a budget of less than $10,000, visionary 22 year-old writer/director Benjamin Yackshaw uses his creativity and resourcefulness to adeptly and convincingly pull off some of the most technically ambitious scenes ever attempted in a no-budget film. These include a harrowing three-minute car chase in which cast and crew were literally a hair's breadth from death and a five minute real-time split-screen back-and-forth dialog sequence. Unclassifiably original and unforgivingly intense, Nine Minute Love Song is an explosion of style that heralds the arrival of a strong new voice on the cinematic stage.
Related Titles: Nine Minute Love Song
Related Names:Evan Sayre, Shaun Mueller, Jacob Browning, Virginia Logan, Benjamin Yackshaw, Kevin Crawford, John Matt Yackshaw, Rebecca Brudzynski, Rick Passmore, Ali Ferda
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