Trailer (F*** Marry Kill (AKA LoveSick))

Title: Cherry. Trailer (F*** Marry Kill (AKA LoveSick))
Description: LoveSick is a suspense/drama about misogyny and male impotence in the vein of Closer and In the Company of Men. When BRIAN CHERRY, a sweet, sensitive young Los Angelino, falls for the beautiful, electric, and damaged JULES, she turns his ideas about women and sex upside-down. Slowly, he is drawn into a twisted love-triangle that includes Jules and his best friend, SAM. When Jules eventually leaves him for Sam, Cherry decides on a shocking course of action that will destroy the lives of all three.
Related Titles: Cherry.
Related Names:Jennifer Josy, Craig Pollack, Ben DiGregorio, Andrew Russo, Adam Wasser, Rey Valentin, Trevi Fligg, Francesca Fondevila, Emily Nicholson, Lili Bordán, Ben Malloy, Keith Roenke, Benjamin Riley, Brent Falco, Constance K. Fligg, Brett Henenberg, Jeremy Radin, Florencia Martin, Quinn Saunders, Jackie Collins, David Crane
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