Trailer (Beach Bar)

Title: Beach Bar: The Movie Trailer (Beach Bar)
Description: Mark's life was running perfectly. He had money, friends and skyrocketing fame from his viral internet video sensation "Jiggly Titties". On the eve of his national promotional tour, everything comes apart when he must become the custodian of his rebellious street-wise teen-sister. Now he can't go on tour as an angry gangster promoter is on his heels and then his home away from home, the local beach bar, is going to be sold to greedy developers. It doesn't take long for Mark to find he is out-of-his-league in terms of his career, business, and the ability to look after his sister. With the help of a cast of hysterical characters from the beach community, Mark embarks on a fund raising campaign as he fights to hold on to the frayed ends of his life and give himself a real purpose. Can he save the bar, his career and his family?
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