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Title: Strangers of the Evening Full Movie
Description: Bodies start mysteriously disappearing from the city morgue. An investigator tries to determine what is going on.
Related Titles: Strangers of the Evening
Related Names:William Scott, Zasu Pitts, Charles Williams, Miriam Seegar, Warner Richmond, Val Burton, Tully Marshall, Harry Semels, Ben Hall, Martin G. Cohn, Warren Duff, Hal Price, Harry Bowen, Arthur Edeson, Mahlon Hamilton, H. Bruce Humberstone, Eugene Pallette, Edward LeSaint, Tiffany Thayer, Jack Pennick, Theodore von Eltz, Frank Rice, James P. Burtis, Harold Waldridge, David Berg, Alan Roscoe, Stuart Anthony, Francis Sayles, Samuel Bischoff, Lucien Littlefield
Content Rating:Passed
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/internet archive/vi3309963033/