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Title: Santa Fe Trail Full Movie
Description: The story of Jeb Stuart, his romance with Kit Carson Holliday, friendship with George Custer and battles against John Brown in the days leading up to the outbreak of the American Civil War.
Related Titles: Santa Fe Trail
Related Names:Georgia Caine, Ronald Reagan, Tom McGuire, Jim Farley, Olivia de Havilland, Lane Chandler, Jeb Stuart, Mira McKinney, Michael Curtiz, Frank Wilcox, Jack Mower, Joe Sawyer, Russell Simpson, Errol Flynn, Ward Bond, Libby Taylor, Trevor Bardette, Emmett Vogan, Alex Proper, Lafe McKee, Robert Buckner, Grace Stafford, Clinton Rosemond, Frank G. Carson, Susan Peters, Charles Middleton, George Haywood, Henry O'Neill, Payne B. Johnson, Theresa Harris, Wilfred Lucas, Victor Kilian, Raymond Massey, Spencer Charters, Lucia Carroll, Alan Baxter, Nestor Paiva, William Lundigan, Mildred Gover, Harry Cording, Edmund Cobb, Erville Alderson, Joseph Crehan, Gene Reynolds, Mitzi Green, Mildred Coles, Bernice Pilot, Addison Richards, Eddy Chandler, Creighton Hale, Max Steiner, Al Bridge, Jess Lee Brooks, David Bruce, Moroni Olsen, Richard Kipling, Van Heflin, John Litel, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, William Hopper, Edward Hearn, Eddy Waller, Roy Barcroft, Louis Jean Heydt, Ernest Whitman, George Amy, John Brown, Cliff Clark, Hobart Cavanaugh, Napoleon Simpson, Charles D. Brown, Walter Soderling, Maris Wrixon, Russell Hicks, Henry Hall, Ernestine Wade, Harry Strang, Selmer Jackson, Arthur Aylesworth, Neal Dodd, Edward Peil Sr., Frank Mayo, John Meyer, Alan Hale, William Marshall, Sol Polito, Edmund Mortimer
Content Rating:Not Rated
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/internet archive/vi2878865945/

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