Full Movie (Murder in the Museum)

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Title: The Murder in the Museum Full Movie (Murder in the Museum)
Description: When a city councilman is murdered while investigating allegations of drug dealing going on a a somewhat disreputable sideshow, the daughter of the chief suspect teams up with a newspaper reporter to find the real killer.
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Related Names:F.B. Crosswhite, Tom O'Brien, Si Jenks, S. Roy Luby, Henry B. Walthall, Charles McAvoy, Lynton Brent, Harry Semels, Sam Flint, Joseph W. Girard, James Diamond, Charles Dorety, Henry Hall, Al Hill, Melville Shyer, Willis Kent, George Chesebro, Kit Guard, Harry Strang, Clinton Lyle, Donald Kerr, Phyllis Barrington, Al Knight, Steve Clemente, Jack Cheatham, Symona Boniface, John Harron, John Elliott
Content Rating:Not Rated
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/internet archive/vi2610300441/