Full Movie (The Lover)

Title: Full Movie (The Lover)
Description: La Amante' short Fashion/Art Film shot in London by producer Stephen J Bell, working with model/dancer Taryn Andreatta

Hauntingly dark, erotic, and about female sensual form with hints at divine femininity 'La Amante' touches on the perception that body movement, however subtle, can transcend space and time in its deepest continuum and affect the nature of another human's sole being through emotion. The process of waiting for a most tumultuous love affair turns into a disjointed sadness, a vengeance that takes on self- destruction in an angelic most eloquent soft tone. Her ritual, beginning with burned candles, hardened wax, floating in water, drifting in a sea of deep anguish, drum beats like a heart, evoke torn feelings of vulnerability captured in waking solitude. Lace, roses, white fabrics give the contrast of human warmth in a chilling backdrop of shadows and empty affection. A love affair taking the audience to a sense of remorse but never fulling indulging one in its sexually driven passions, it becomes a flight of longing for more depth, intensity, and purpose where a fate is desired but never fulfilled. The hair, all at once dry and braided becomes disheveled and wet like the undone forgiveness of her fortitude. It freely flows in the water and the air in an attempt to create a detachment from her former lover to relinquish the enduring motives of her conquest which are now failed. Her descent into the water, below the surface, facing the simplicity of what one understands as survival after trauma, the first breath which the viewer will not see, expresses the uncertainty of life, and the unfamiliar territory of new beginnings and how washing the face, the body, the hands clean of a broken past is movement nonetheless. One is only left with the slight possibility of how she may create a shift through this process of revival into something reminiscent of a liberation into purity and rebirth of self

Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi709925913/