Trailer (U.S. Version)

Title: Detention Trailer (U.S. Version)
Description: As a killer named Cinderhella stalks the student body at the high school in Grizzly Lake, a group of co-eds band together to survive while they're all serving detention.
Related Titles: Detention
Related Names:Matthew Jordan, Pierangelo Buonamici, James Black, Spencer Locke, Mary Ann Tanedo, Arthur Darbinyan, Parker Bagley, Brian Guest, Joseph Keane, Danae McKillop, Patrick Babbitt, Harry Anthony Shelley, Kristine Caluya, Ryan Heinke, Justin Charles Smith, Westley Nguyen, Ruben Colunga, Josh Hutcherson, Daniel Blake, Pamela Cedar, Tiffany Boone, Annie Hsu, Aaron David Johnson, Candace McKinney, Eliot Bitting, Rootie Boyd, Ilana Cohn, John Reha, Richie McCord, Alex Rouch, Jessica Lee, Kristin Kimiya, Kate Kelton, Melissa Reese, Timothy Snopkowski, Aaron Perilo, Adam Waller, Marlene Manes, Christopher Probst, Life Garland, Adam Aarons, Aaron Albert, Dane Cook, Brooke Haven, Marque Richardson, Jonathan Park, Walter Perez, Richard Weager, Erica Shaffer, Mark Palermo, Shanley Caswell, Tyler Sean Palmer, Nicolo Dorian, Mickey River, Matthew Albrecht, Sara Amini, Haref Topete, Michael Esparza, Brain Mantia, Tammy Minoff, Julie Dolan, Bryce Blais, Yves Bright, Travis Fleetwood, Erich Lane, Lindsey Morgan, Jan Anderson, David Blackburn, Marcelle Gravel, Alison Woods, Melanie Abramoff, Joel Harold, Javier Montoya, Joseph Kahn, Josh Breeding, Richard Brake, Allison Paige, Skye P. Marshall, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Ron Bakken, Jean Elie, Jesse Heiman, Will Wallace, John Andrade, Brennan Murray, Jay Brian Winnick, Carrie Wiita
Content Rating:Not Rated
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