Clip (Mystery Solvers Club State Finals)

Title: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Clip (Mystery Solvers Club State Finals)
Description: The Mystery Inc. gang has been invited to compete in the annual "Teen Mystery Solvers Convention" A weekend affair where mystery-solving teams from around the country compete to solve a mystery. But when the mystery turns out to be the disappearance of the teams themselves, it is up to the team sidekicks -- led by Scooby-Doo -- to find out what's behind it all. And this mystery needs to be solved by the end of the weekend... or they'll never see their friends again.
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Related Names:Vivica A. Fox, Grey DeLisle, Kate Higgins, Matthew Lillard, Jim Cummings, Gary Cole, Rick D. Wasserman, Frank Welker, Tom Kenny, Mindy Cohn, Patrick Warburton
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