Clip (Clip: I Want My Girls)

Title: American Violet Clip (Clip: I Want My Girls)
Description: Nicole Beharie (The Express), Will Patton (Entrapment, The Postman), Charles Dutton (TV’s Roc,
Mimic) and Alfre Woodard (TV’s Desperate Housewives, Primal Fear) star in this gripping true-life
story. Falsely accused of distributing narcotics in a school zone, Dee Roberts (Beharie) is offered a deal
she can’t refuse: plead guilty and accept a 10-year suspended sentence. The alternative: risk serving 16-
to-25 in jail. Realizing a conviction would ruin her life, Dee decides to fight back. Suing the DA for
racial discrimination, Dee battles impossible odds in a case that will not only change her life but the
laws of Texas as well.
Related Titles: American Violet
Related Names:Scott A. Martin, Defecio Stoglin, Christopher McCann, Teddy Castellucci, C. Stuart Rome, Curtiss Clayton, Steve Yedlin, Terry Lee Smith, Samantha Beaulieu, Nancy Richardson, Andrew Buchler, M. Jearl Vinot, Karimah Westbrook, Kesha Bullard, Allen Boudreaux, Tody Bernard, Tarra Riggs, Janet Shea, Michael Wozniak, Antoine Spillers, Lindsay Soileau, Jackson Beals, Michael O'Keefe, Will Patton, Zardis Nichols, Hunter McGregor, Xzibit, Roslyn D. Evans, Russell M. Haeuser, Glenn Robin, John Will Clay, Alfre Woodard, Rodney Hebert, Nicole Beharie, Michael Scialabba, Tim Disney, Paul David Story, David Warshofsky, Chaz Smith, Lyssa Prine, Jerry Leggio, Sue Rock, Lance E. Nichols, Richard Zeringue, Portia Cue, Tim Ware, Jeanne Bourgeois, Deneen Tyler, Daurice Cummings, Henry Pelitire, Elton LeBlanc, Charles S. Dutton, Bill Haney, Jessie Blake Lough, Ryan Reinike, Louis Herthum, Michael Beasley, Terilyn A. Shropshire, Jon Eyez, J. Omar Castro, Tim Blake Nelson, Malcolm Barrett
Content Rating:Not Rated
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