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Title: Ganked Full Movie
Description: Kel Mitchell (of the hilarious Kenan and Kel TV show) stars as Ricky Barry, a talented songwriter who finally gets a meeting with Shane Ross (Katt Williams), the president of the Number One record label in the country. His dreams are shattered when reality sets in: his golden opportunity was arranged as a publicity stunt, and his dream of writing songs turns into a job in the mailroom. On his disastrous exit, he is apparently rescued by the beautiful Kennedy Ross (Bombay), who is not only the daughter of Shane Ross, but has had the number one record on the Billboard Charts for the last five years. Ricky becomes enchanted by her charms and falls victim to her wiles when he finds out his trust is betrayed. A week after his audition for Kennedy, he hears his song, the very one he performed for Kennedy, on the radio. It's Kennedy Ross's new #1 single! He got Ganked! Now he's on a mission to prove to the world that Kennedy Ross is a huge fake, and it's not going to be easy as Ricky uses everything at his disposal to make her life a living hell until she relents.
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Content Rating:PG-13
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