Full Episode (Once Bitten)

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Title: City Homicide Full Episode (Once Bitten)
Description: In the right place at the right time? When off-duty Det. Snr. Const. Rhys Levitt is a witness to a robbery he chases after one of the fleeing suspects.
Related Titles: Once Bitten, City Homicide
Related Names:John Adam, David Gannon, Noni Hazlehurst, Louise Bourne, Peter Niu, Nathan Wild, Eliza Newman, Edwin John Pham, Neville Brown, Costas Kilias, David Field, Shane Bourne, Christine Dixon, Nick Jamieson, Natasha Leigh, Nadine Garner, John Hugginson, James Wardlaw, Damien Richardson, Jean-Pierre Mignon, John Banas, Ryan O'Kane, Nadia Townsend, Sally McDonald, Szumai Anderson, Tony Arlotta, Dan Hamill, Aaron Pedersen, Sam Didenidetto
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