Demo Reel (My Short Demo Reel)

Title: Demo Reel (My Short Demo Reel)
Description: Excerpts of original work starring Kelley Karel including in order of appearance: Another Thief, Skipping Rocks, Private Moment, Sherry's Kitchen, David At Home, For The Troops, Baby Dance and Sherry's Kitchen.

1. Another Thief: Caitlin, a beleaguered housewife, reaches the breaking point and tells her husband what she thinks of him.
2. Skipping Rocks: Celeste Townsend, a pathetic, middle-aged, computer-dating lush, lays down ground rules for yet another internet encounter.
3. A Private Moment: Chrissie with Mom's ponytail and photo in hand, tearfully reflects on her late mother.
4. Sherry’s Kitchen: Connie, who always does her best to say and do absolutely nothing, discusses merchandising. She also has an inexplicable desire for cheese.
5. David at Home: Rose, David's manipulating, controlling mother, lashes out at her son for not spending enough time with her.
6. For the Troops: Lynn White makes a video for her Congressman about her desire to perform for the troops.
7. Baby Dance: Gloria discusses the potential lifestyle of her prospective, adoptive child with the birth-mother.
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