Demo Reel (James Payton's showreel)

Title: Demo Reel (James Payton's showreel)
Description: The Actor James Payton Presents his all new, fuller flavour, electrolyte bursting, really quite jolly...showreel!

With clips of some of James Payton's most famous roles including, Frank Longbottom in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Brilliant, Bloodmyth, The Bureau of the Obvious, Crossed Lines, Curiosity, Afternoon Tea and many more. Featuring guest star performances from, Emily Blunt, Douglas McFerran, Tom Riley, Keith Eyles, Ben Shockley, Nicholas Goulden, Elka De Witt and Abigail Hamilton.

James Payton is based in London and is currently represented by Debbie Edler Management (DEM) (9419-7830-2473)

This Showeel was edited by Alan Fitter of The Reel Deal Showreel Co on the 6th November 2009.

Pop on the tea and toast, sit back and relax as we take an armchair stroll through the metaphorical tulips of James Payton's work. Oh, and well done for reading this far.

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