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Title: The Monkey's Mask Full Movie
Description: In a rare on-screen appearance, Kelly McGillis (THE ACCUSED, WITNESS and Tom Cruise`s lover in TOP GUN) stars in her most provocative and daring role to date as a bisexual married woman drawn into a torrid lesbian love affair with a private investigator searching for the murderer of a young woman. Susie Porter, last seen in BETTER THAN SEX, plays the private eye who willingly, at first, dives into a world of murder and manipulation, only to be consumed by the ever-enthralling power of sex. Suspenseful, hard-edged and entirely lustful, THE MONKEY`S MASK is a smoldering story of two star-crossed lovers whose lives will never be the same. "Think BASIC INSTINCT with brains and you`ve got it!" wrote critic David Ehrenstein in the newspaper New Times Los Angeles. "It might be dressed up differently, but THE MONKEY`S MASK is still a good, old fashioned murder mystery." said The Hollywood Reporter, while The Advocate praised the film`s "hot sex" and "frequent, steamy trysts." THE MONKEY`S MASK is based on the acclaimed novel in poetry by Dorothy Porter.
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