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Title: Chutzpah, This Is? Full Movie
Description: "The world's first ever Jewish super-group struggles to overcome internal strife and make the music video that will save their record deal in this highly unorthodox, completely un-kosher documentary musical." Starring Dr. Dreck as George Segal (as Dr. Dreck?), Master Tav, the cantorial student turned rapper; MC Meshugenah, the koo-koo Jew; and Jewdah, the Rastafarian Jewish Philosopher. Also featuring cameos by Gary Oldman, Debi Mazar, Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell and Sharon Osbourne. This short film captures Chutzpah's underdog battle to stake their claim to fame as one obstacle after another rises in their path. Will they live up to the potential of their now-legendary demo tapes? Will they overcome internal tensions and maternal issues? Will they find the elusive dancers and venue for the music video their career hinges on? Not without a whole lot of chutzpah, and luckily these Superjews do it.
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Content Rating:Not Rated
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/amazon/vi2400886809/