Full Episode (Jack's Old Partner)

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Title: Just Shoot Me! Full Episode (Jack's Old Partner)
Description: As Nina faces the grim prospect of an income tax audit, Jack is suffering from a case of writer's block that's keeping him from completing his memoirs. Pressed by Maya, Jack reveals that he's stuck at the point where he and the magazine's founding partner parted ways. And that's when Maya discovers that her dad is guilty of pushing Herb aside after they launched the first issue of Blush. Meanwhile, Nina asks Elliott for help by taking IRS auditor Janet Hansen on a date. Realizing that Maya is right, Jack tracks down Herb at the Connecticut toy shop he opened after leaving the magazine, and finds that he still holds a grudge after thirty years. To make good for having forced him out, Jack then hires him as the magazine's new managing editor. But on his first day at work, Herb can't seem to make up his mind about anything. Meanwhile, Elliott's lack of interest in Janet jeopardizes Nina's chances at surviving her audit unscathed.
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