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Stranded (1986) (TV)
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Two Advertising Executives Stranded on a desert island, 17 August 2006

What if you and your partner in advertising had a malicious parting of the ways. Then both of you set up competing advertising firms and were constantly at each others throats. Then for some inexplicable reason you are both stranded on the same desert island.Sounds like you Tarzan, me Jane but your malice seems to overcome your need to work together.

This is a fluff movie but still worth the viewing. The interplay between Loni and her protagonist is amusing even if you can guess the usual final outcome. Nevertheless, the movie is enjoyable for the great looks of Loni and she is able to do a creditable job in this movie with less than strenuous acting requirements.Perry King is a good match for the fiery Loni in these roles.

A good movie sustained by its story line and character development., 17 July 2006

A man and his Nephew buy some horses and head out on a long trail drive to sell the horses and start a new life with the profit. Along the way they encounter many difficulties, rough terrain to conquer, Indians to appease, and a group of young Chinese girls who they rescue from the prospect of enslaved use in a whorehouse owned by a madam that bought them. The girls were sold into slavery by their parents and the culture of China in that age that devalued daughters over the more valuable sons.As the story line develops you can see the history of America's diverse culture unfold.

Some action but this drama is sustained mainly by great acting and the interaction of its main characters. Highly recommended but patience is needed as this 3 hour movie unfolds.