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Horror Fest Brings more than just B movies., 7 November 2006

during the weekend of November 17th-19th Lionsgate and After Dark Films is putting on a nation wide horror event that is bringing 8 horror films to cities across the country. there is rumors floating around as well that snoop dogs "Hood of Horror" is also screening as a 9th film for the weekend. This is the going to be the first annual horror fest and it is up to you the fans to see that it is a success.

I Recently saw a promo video of The Gravedancers and was pleasantly surprised on how well it was done. Jose Marran is amazing in her role as Kirra. With a supporting cast of newer actors, the vibe of the film is both scary and disturbing. With plenty of blood and guts to make even the biggest horror fans excited, this film will make you look behind your door and closet before you get into bed.

Even though I saw a promo vid with a bit of excess footage that i'm sure will get cut out for the theatrical release, the film flowed really well and kept my attention from start to finish. the sound and cinematography is top notch which adds a bit of realism to an otherwise unrealistic film.

For those of you who are into ghost stories and witch craft, The Gravedancers is just for you. With such a short release time (one weekend and one weekend only) be sure to mark your calenders for November 17th-19th and check out The Gravedancers.

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from the director of The Grudge, 7 November 2006

Japanese director Takashi Shimizu has done it again with his newest horror film Rinne or Reincarnation in English. Rinne is told through the eye's of a young and up coming Japanese actress name Sugiura. She is chosen to play the lead role in a horror film that is re-telling the story of a mass murder that took place in a hotel some many years prior. As the film shoot begins, Sugiura begins to see actual events from the murder in her head. She soon looses track of what is real and what is solely an image in her head. The movie that is being made within the film is re-telling the story of a professor who goes on a killing spree in a hotel. he ends up killing both his children, much of the hotel staff and in the end, he takes his own life. the only survivor is his wife. the reason for the killings is to prove his theory that the bodies sole lives on after the body has been killed. An interesting Idea that the film actually does a really good job of showing. Watch out for faces in the forest, on the train, in the mirror and in the library. they are not in your face, but if you notice them, they will for sure send shivers down your spine. I was lucky enough to see this film at a pre-release screening (before it was totally finished) and was really excited to see that it was finally done and will be shown at this years horror fest. If you liked the grudge and don't mind reading sub-titles go see Reincarnation.