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some people just don't get what superman is about, 19 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off i will admit i am a superman geek but i think that entitles me to review this film even more as i would have been more disappointed than anyone if it had not lived up to expectations. But the main reason i am writing this is that i have read some reviews that have angered me beyond belief. I mean first of all what are people expecting to see, after all this is a film based on a comic book character, not a real life documentary. But comic books aside this is a great movie, i have never anticipated the release of a movie so much and it lived up to my expectation's and beyond. I would just like to take a minute to answer some of the so called flaws another reviewer wrote about, like the fact that he could not believe that Superman lifts an entire continent made of kryptonite out of the sea and throws it into space despite the fact that kryptonite is his main weakness and it didn't effect him, well i suggest that reviewer go and watch the film again, for a start its not an continent its not even the size of new york, 2nd the so called continent was made using a mixture of kryptonite and one of supermans own crystals and the outside of the surface once formed was not bright green like kryptonite is, more like a charcoal colour concrete , so he wasn't directly touching kryptonite and when he is lifting it you can see the inside is kryptonite and it is effecting him, and did this reviewer not see what happened after he threw it, he plunged unconscious from outer space to earth and to his near death, but i suppose that didn't effect him. Also this reviewer comment's on how Bryan Singer has depicted Superman as a religious symbol and Christ like figure, well i am sorry but that guy did not go and see Superman returns this reviewer even goes as far to suggest it might as well have been called supermn returns: th Passion of the Christ, i mean please talk about taking it too seriously, at the end of the day Supermn is an iconic figure, a hero of the people there is a difference, i mean of course they worship the man he can fly and save's lives everyday. I don't even need to comment on the rest as i'm sure you can tell this guy had no clue what he was talking about.

The truth is, is that this is a fantastic film, this is how superman should be done and Bryan Singer should be extremely proud of what he has achieved with this film which is pure entertainment from start to finish. The special effects were amazing, especially the flying scenes and Brandon Routh has done a fine job in his first major movie role as both Superman and Clark Kent. I have heard people say that his CK isn't clumsy enough or silly enough but to me that would just be like copying Christopher Reeve, where as Routh has put his own stamp on it, yet he does the raising of the eyebrows in perfect Reeve fashion. Kevin Spacey was superb as always playing Luthor as it should be played, over the top. The only criticism i would have if i was nitpicking would be the casting of Kate Bosworth as the strong minded Lois Lane, she just seem's a bit too nice and a bit too young although she did play the part well. Overall this movie is fantastic and should be appreciated for what it is which is a comic book movie which entertain's from start to finish and is well worth the entrance fee( and i've seen it twice). And it is with out doubt the best superhero movie yet and will take some beating.

Red Eye (2005)
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where was the twist ? Contains Spoilers !!!, 30 March 2006

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Every now and then you see a movie and wonder what was the point, well this is one of those movies. Wes Craven must of just thought "i'm bored i'll think i'll make a movie, but a nice easy one cause i don't wanna stretch myself too much". And basically thats what you get with Red eye a simple, basic run of the mill movie. Sitting there watching i kept saying to myself "OK there's gonna be a twist here" and i waited and waited and then it ended, i sat there gob-smacked, 70 minutes and it was over, no twist, no nothing. Basically guy meets girl and seems nice at first, guy and girl end up sitting next to each other on the plane, guy threatens girl saying he's got a man waiting outside her fathers house waiting to kill him unless she co-operates, so she has to make a phone call to the hotel where she works to get a politician moved from one room to another, obviously so he can be assassinated.

So she tries a couple of tricks that don't work and then makes the call,the plane lands and she stabs guy in the throat and runs off the plane and get's away surprisingly easy,she phones the hotel and get's the receptionist to run upstairs to get the politician and his family the hell out of there and instead of a gruelling battle of strength and wits between the politician and his assassin, they actually do get out, and the assassin, a few men on a boat who fire a rocket launcher at the politicians room and blow it up, but obviously he and his family have escaped and are safe.

So meanwhile girl races home to save her dad, see's the car of the man who is waiting outside ready to kill her dad, is he in the car of course not and this is where i thought it might get interesting i thought the man would be inside the house and we would be in for 10-15 minutes of suspense and that we would find out that the plot was never really just about killing the politician and that there would be a twist right,WRONG, the man is actually stood by her dad's front door, she drives towards him he takes two shots at the car and then she hits him, the car and him smashing through the front of her dad's house, he is of course dead, no honestly no jumping up as she walked up to him or anything he was just dead, so her dad is OK and comes running through from where ever he was, and calls the police, girl follows him to see him lying on the floor and stood there by him is the guy from the plane then follows 8 minutes of a chase around the house and just as he is going to stab her she shoots him in the arm he kick's the gun out of her hand and he is just about to get her again when, her dad shoots him.

So both the bad guy's are dead she drive's over to the hotel and again i thought to myself this is where there will be a twist, but no she goes there and makes sure everyone is OK and.............................roll credits.

What the hell was the point, why should this movie stand out from any other, this formula has been done a thousand times and a lot better as well.

The acting wasn't actually that bad considering what they had to work with, the guy was Cillian Murphy who plays quite a good bad guy, and the girl was the beautifully stunning Racheal Mcadams who was pretty good, but that's the only good thing i can say about this movie.

The movie is just pointless and too short with no surprises or twists, very disappointing and i would not recommend it at all. 2/10

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King of comedy, 28 March 2006

I am from England and have only been watching KOQ for the past 4 months, yet already i am hooked. This show has two things that other great sitcoms don't or didn't, Kevin James and Jerry Stiller. Kevin must be one of the most underrated comedy actors there is, his comedy timing is perfect, he is insensitive yet endearing and basically just damn funny, the scenes between him and Leah Remini are just fantastic. But the scene steeler every time for me is Jerry, he is just amazingly funny and his unpredictability is comic genius. I was a huge fan of friends and was bitterly disappointed when it finished but now i think i have found a sitcom which surpasses it. Well done America this is a comedy gem. 5/5

King Kong (2005)
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Possibly the best remake ever !!!, 28 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well as far as remakes go this has to be possibly the best ever. The way it stay's true to the original is its most attractive feature, this was only possible because of the passion and love Jackson has for this legacy. Any other directer would of cut the first hour by half and missed the attention to detail that PJ so beautifully depicts in all his movies. So OK its not flawless but what movie isn't these day's, so what if KK fights the T-rex's while holding Ann and so what if Jack was unscathed after Kong so violently shook and threw the taxi in which he was sitting in near the end and so what if he and the others weren't trampled to death by the dinosaur stampede, cause hey if they were killed there would be no point in carrying on with the movie, the point is we all watch these films for two reasons, for escapism and to be entertained and KK gets top marks for both of these factors and hey let's face it its fantasy and what we all love about fantasy is that we can make happen what ever we like the point is how well the fantasy is put onto film and this is as good as it gets.

The direction was superb and the script was good for a movie with so many special effects, the cinematography was superb with backdrops that sometimes outshine the movie itself.

The acting was very good even though i was very apprehensive to see comedy genius Jack Black among the cast. Adrian Brody was superb and Naomi Watts nailed the part as Ann Darrow and Black certainly did himself no harm. But the star of the show was always going to be Kong himself and what a superb job Andy Serkis and the CGI team did, the venerability of Kong was spot on and the chemistry between Kong and Darrow was even stronger in Jacksons remake than the 1933 original, which is some compliment. Kong in a nutshell is a beautifully directed film with great acting a well written and timed script, the most wonderful scenery and special effects that have set a new benchmark in modern movie making, hats off to Mr Jackson for staying true to the original and long may the kong legacy continue.

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What was Mr Clooney thinking................, 28 March 2006

Let me just say before my review of Batman And Robin that i am a fan of the previous Batman films and that i had never watched this one due to the bad press etc, but my son is now of the age where he is into superhero films and wanted this for his birthday, well i am just glad no one bought me this for my birthday. Is this the same George Clooney who just won an Oscar for best supporting actor, can Arnie really be this bad, well the answer to both those questions is of course yes, and never in my wildest dreams would i of thought anyone could do such a bad job of a Batman movie.Let's start with the set, while impressive it may be to my 4 yr old son, this is one of the worst backdrops for a so called blockbuster movie i have ever seen, rubber icicles that you can see wobbling when the cop shuts his car door, so much fluorescent lighting that you may need sunglasses to watch it and way over the top architectural type buildings or giant plastic heads to put it another way. But what really makes this movie bad is the wooden acting and the poor script, i have never cringed so much at one liners like i did with this movie, but it does help to have good actors to deliver them. But don't get me wrong, i am a big Clooney fan but this is one role he should never have done, he just ain't no Batman, and his performance in Killer Tomatoes was better than this, and as for Alicia Silverstone please tell me what was the point, of course there was none, just another big name to add to the cast, Chris O'donnell also surprised me after doing Batman Forever you would think he would never take part in another one, and as for Arnie, his performance as Mr Freeze would have to go down as one of the worst of all time.

Uma Thurman was OK i suppose and Alfred the butler was the best actor in it, and as for Elle Macpherson, again pointless.

So to sum up, here we have a movie with no real plot, no real point,no real script, no good acting and a visual car crash thats great for little kids, in fact this film should be rated 10, meaning not suitable for anyone over the age of 10.