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Different, 25 June 2006

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Just the first half and hour of this movie had me totally captivated. Awesome storyline (though it lacked scientific backing, the credit of Tejas incredible electromagnetic abilities was given to GOD. Which is understandable because most Indians are Largely God fearing people); the movie remains faithful to its title and it really is Alag (different) from what an average Bollywood movie. Two thumps up to Akshay Kapoor, amazing performance by him. Diya Mirza was cocky as usual but she is really is an eye candy so it was good to see her.(and that's about it).. I was surprised buy the special effects….Indian cinema really is going places..

Guys you gota watch this movie… the best god damn Hindi movie in a very long time

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Bad Bad Bad HORRIABLE, 29 May 2006

If it weren't for Salman Khan and that the "Jo mangi Kudha se" song this movie would have been a complete waste. My little sister could have played the role of the Heroin in this movie with more conviction and she is only four. The hero of the movie was a complete headache with the acting ability comparable to tuffy (The dog) in Hum appke hai kaun. I think Salman took the role just for the fancy hair do, but I got to admit as cocky as they presented his character, Salman totally justified it. I bet Given a better story and more depth the Character of Salman in the movie would have made a great movie in the hands of a better director.

My advice don't see it, and if you do see it just skip to the scenes with Salman Khan and the last two songs.

Iqbal (2005)
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Inspirational.....soul food I tell you, 27 March 2006

Iqbal has to be one of the best movies India has had to offer yet. I was so glued to this movie that I actually finished it in only one sitting. It is a Highly inspirational movie which tells us that ever dream no matter how impossible it maybe is worth putting a Fight for. Shreyas Talpade the Guy who played Iqbal did an awesome job. The expressions on His Face and the way he Protraied his character was remarkable. He did not even have a word worth of Dilogues in the whole movie but is expressions and character portrayal spook a million words. Naseeruddin Shah has once again proved himself to be a remarkable actor... I was beginning to think that Haseeruddin Shah was moving downhill post the LXG fiasco but I have been proved wrong with his remarkable performance in this movie.

People get You hands on the DVD of this movie ASAP..It will be worth every second .