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Dumbo (1941)
A film that beautifully the runs the emotional spectrum
30 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I guess back in the day "Dumbo" was my visual crack cocaine. My parents always used to tell me that they were almost driven to madness by how often I requested that to play across the screen. I decided to buy it the other night and even though its been a good 20 years I have already watched it three times through . I still appear to have a penchant for this cinematic gem, albeit for different reasons. Back in the day I was probably drawn to the great animation, anthropomorphism, and catchy soundtrack which are still good but not the main draw for me now. The film just has this certain touch to it that I difficult to pen. It's a relatively dark as far as Disney films go. To see him come out full of joy and vigor only for his soul to get crushed by his derisive peers throughout the film is one of the moist poignant things I have seen in a long time. When "Baby Mine" comes soothingly in during the restrictive rendezvous with his mother it is pitiful and yet so heart warming. This is by far the best Disney film that was created. I would be lying if I said I wasn't made teary eyed during the film. Old habits die hard I guess.
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Same Apatow clan, slightly different take.
7 February 2008
This film was shown at my university tonight and Stoller was there for a Q&A after the screening. The film was the typical Apatow romp that we have seen as of late (Superbad, Knocked up, etc.). There was the usual crude and creative humor as well inappropriate sexuality to make another great Apatow team production. People should not come in with the expectation that this is another romantic comedy reincarnation of "Knocked Up". This is more of a typical and organic romantic comedy. The heavy emotional weight and issues in "Knocked up" are not present in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". The casting and comedic pacing was done very well and though it may not be a cinematic heavy hitter, it was very good for a directing debut and it was what movies all strive to be, entertaining.
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