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Conviction is an excellent show!!!!!!!!!!!!, 27 March 2006

I would highly recommend Conviction to anyone interested in law or just someone who wants to find a great show about life. It has great actors including Stephanie March and Anson Mount. It's good to see Alexandra Cabot out of witness protection. She was amazing on SVU. I've heard reviews about Conviction saying that it is unorganized, but I sincerely disagree with that. It might not have been made for people to follow the cases, but it doesn't leave you hanging either, on conviction, your supposed to follow the characters. It is the opposite of SVU. I think that is why some people don't like it. They're used to Dick Wolf's usual hard core dramas. He is just trying something new, and so far it is turning out great. It is a big step over from SVU, which I would also highly recommend, but all those people out there saying how horrible conviction is, just want something to call bad. I wonder if they even actually watched it. It is a great show about young inexperienced attorneys trying to maintain their work level while dealing with their personal lives. It is hardly what I call a "sex in the work place show" and it's not NBC's attempt to replace Greys Anatomy. That's ridiculous. Grey Anotomy was good, but so is Conviction. Conviction is an emotional Crime Drama. Many people say that they made the characters careless, or too problematic. That's what we call Life! The characters are normal people trying to survive their work and home lives. There insults are not true. If your lives don't slightly resemble theirs, then you must be living the perfect life. Conviction is an well made show, with excellent characters. Dick Wolf should feel very proud.