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Kelly rocks the most
25 March 2006
I think this show was amazing and is an excellent opportunity to attack critics who bag American Idols. It is an absolute tribute of raw talent of Ruben, Fantasia and especially Kelly Clarkson who is an unbelievable singer soaring at levels usually reached by afro American females. This is evident when she 'goes off' in her and Fantasia's version of "Jesus,oh what a wonderful child". I have watched this heaps of times, having the fortunate luck of taping it from TV, and i get goose bumps each time i see Kelly rip out high octave notes with such ease and power. Her solo performances are outstanding. I am a hardcore fan of hers and find it hard to believe that this show is not available on DVD. Kelly fans are really missing out. She truly has the voice of an angel. Go Kelly!!
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