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A real cowboy movie a cops and bad guys movie at it's best, it's filled with raw grit, heroism and vigilantism!, 26 August 2016

Every once and a while a good crime drama that involves cops and bad guys who do robberies comes along and it entertains and thrills and you the viewer love seeing the chase and the blood that is shown and most of these type of pictures spill acts of heroism and vigilantism so well and with this independent entry "Hell or High Water" it pretty much covers all of what I just said.

Set in West Texas along areas of poor and economical depressed towns where their is no hope has many ticked off especially two brothers Tanner and Toby Howard(Ben Foster and Chris Pine)Tanner's an ex con and Toby is a divorced dad who's just watched his mom die. Now the debt is left of how to live and pay the banks off on the debt left on the dried up and worn ranch that the family has. Now that plan involves the brothers robbing banks to make it and these guys are due as they have been poor and born losers all their life! Now enter the hero the tough as nails twang Texas drawl talking Ranger named Marc Hamilton(in a spot on and near perfect role for the great Jeff Bridges)who's outspoken and a guy who will do what it takes to bring justice for the small town and the film becomes a chase of cat and mouse games with bullets and blood now need I say more "Hell or High Water" is a movie I love it's a showcase of justice the old style way all while showcasing vigilantism.

Elvis (1979/I) (TV)
Good biography type film that showed a different and dark side to the king., 21 August 2016

Finally after many years watched this original TV movie from 1979 I believe made from NBC simply called "Elvis" and the performance from Kurt Russell was top notch. The film is directed by John Carpenter which was a very early work from him it was just shortly after his 1978 classic "Halloween".

Anyway the movie tells of the king's humble start in Mississippi of being poor and growing up living with this parents and his love of music at an early age. Slowly but surely Elvis would rise thru the charts and ranks of life as after striking a record deal he buys a mansion in Memphis for his family. Then the king is drafted into the army where he meets his first love Priscilla, you also see the tragedy that the king experienced from losing his mother Gladys to his disappointment of not getting to become a movie star and that hurt Elvis a great deal.

The film is laced well with Elvis songs and Kurt does a pretty good job of carrying those tunes and his look, voice, and actions are real like as the king. Good film that shows the rise of a legend from a humble start and it shows the pain that Elvis experienced with stardom oh yes sorrow is found.

Different kind of film a treat of skin, action, and feel good fun!, 21 August 2016

Movies from the 1970's were different and much not to the norm and true they had plenty of action and the skin scenes and nudity combined with violence made most of them a real eye candy treat to watch. This low budget 1974 film "TNT Jackson" fits all of those themes. It featured "Playboy" playmate Jeanne Bell as TNT Jackson in this blaxploitation take which has her to travel from Harlem to Hong Kong to look for her missing brother who has gotten himself in trouble with the mob and this world involves the mob and plenty of violence. Miss Jackson poses and goes undercover as a prostitute in order to find out some information along the way this film is a fun eye candy treat of sex, nudity and action which includes topless karate. Good watch to pass a little time a nice fun independent film that gets right into it and doesn't take itself to serious.

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Funny and serious film about a real life meeting between two pop culture legends!, 18 August 2016

"Elvis & Nixon" is one of those movies to watch for fun it's about a serious matter in a serious time, yet the film doesn't try to take it to serious. And the lead performances are spot on really making it a watch over the story. Michael Shannon is right dead on as Elvis Presley and Kevin Spacey is in top notch form as Richard Nixon even right down to his accent and tone. And if you don't know this film is based on a true story.

Back on one December morning in 1970 the king himself Elvis(Shannon)made an appearance in Washington D.C. at the white house to meet the man in charge of it all president Richard Nixon(Spacey). And it was a time of social decay that involved war, and most of all the drug problem was noticed by Elvis. And guess what he wanted to be awarded a badge to represent his concern as it would be a special agent badge for his collection. Well on Nixon's end this meeting would help raise his political clout and help him with reelection votes in the South which was the king's home region. And it would all end happy with an autograph for Nixon a badge for Elvis and a White House photo of the two that would be stored in the National Archives! Overall good film that's fun interesting and peace making both on the material and memory side for two legends and the lead performances were top notch making "Elvis & Nixon" a memorable film.

Fun funny film of determination and will power of trying to get what you want despite not having talent., 12 August 2016

Just saw "Florence Foster Jenkins" and it's one touching and emotional film of desire and will power with the determination on the ups and downs of work and life. Based on a true story set in 1940's New York city it's about the life and times of heiress and want to be stand up opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins(in another great performance from Meryl Streep). Only one big problem Foster has a terrible singing voice. Also baggage is present on the side with her male friend and manager Mr. St. Clair(Hugh Grant)who's good at keeping her talent problem hidden and lying to the media and her as Clair's having an affair with another woman. And in a good supporting turn Simon Helberg is piano man McMoon. Overall this film is good it's about determination, will power, desire, and living with life being up and down as it's important to prove to and please yourself despite what others think or see of you.

Different type of film a parody and allegory of humans and animals that's tied to finding love., 12 August 2016

"The Lobster" is certainly a different film one that's a little tough and difficult to watch still it's theme is a parody allegory between humans and animals still it's entertains and the concept on finding love is neat it would really be crazy if it was like this in the real world. This picture is set in the near future and it stars Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, and John C. Reilly as the film is a funny romance that involves sex, and lust while the search for love is a must happen. Centered around David(Colin Farrell)a recently divorced man who's search for love is in a 45 day time limit, and the bad news is if he's still single he will be turned into a lobster now wow! And along the way the scenes of humans and animals is portrayed into a funny watch and the sex scenes are a lustful eye full! Just imagine if real life would be this way it would have many trying to kidnap a partner and they would do whatever even if it means tying them up and gagging them(as portrayed in this film). Overall "The Lobster" is a different kind of film still it's message is far out, but it makes the person search for love and happiness in a different universe overall neat concept parody and allegory type film. As they say we are all animals!

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Good look at the master of suspense as his ways are described!, 9 August 2016

This documentary "Hitchcock/Truffaut" is interesting and informative for the way it details the way the master of suspense worked on his films as Hitch was an icon and inspiration to many as you and many others know his movies left a lasting impact! However many may not know that a 1966 book was published called "Hitchcock/Truffaut" it was a book on cinema and how that the work of Alfred had influenced French director and writer Truffaut. As during this film you the viewer get to hear the actual audio recordings of the interview for the book and see clips from many of Hitch's films and it gives in detail Alfred's background to the days even when he started in advertising. And it talks about how Alfred saw the world as a one world view director as often calling his actors and actresses cattle, clearly Alfred was demanding as discussed is how he shot his films with an emphasis on space and geography. And anyone who's watched a lot of Hitchcock movies know that his camera work was top notch the way he did scenes at angles the documentary talks of this also. Aside from the clips and talk of the impact of his movies other well known directors talk about how Alfred influenced their work as in the film Wes Anderson, David Fincher, and Richard Linklater to name a few give their take on Hitch. Overall good informative documentary that was an interesting look at the master of suspense.

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Not the best D.C. film, yet not the worst, it's different and unique hey let the bad guys be the showcase and do the dirty work!, 7 August 2016

Being a "Batman" and D.C. comics fan since I watch all the movies and read the comics the latest entry "Suicide Squad" had to be a must see. And this picture is different and unique as anytime you have the villains and the bay guys shining and doing the dirty work it's a showcase, really it's wild, wicked, and fun chaos! The plot is pretty simple Amanda Waller(Viola Davis)heads up a secret government agency and all of a sudden a black ops mission has come up. And the plan is to get a group of super villains to come out of prison and help with the mission, for in return an exchange for all reduced sentences! Yet the job is fun, wild, wicked, and crazy, to watch the bad boys and oh yes bad girl(Harley Quinn)mop up and do the dirty work is pure pleasure! The film has plenty of action and the super villains most remembered are Deadshot(Will Smith)a guy who's lethal with a bullet and the beast and monster of the underground Gotham sewer Killer Croc is a fright of a joy to watch. And the best eye candy treat is the watching of Harley Quinn(in a sexy performance from Margot Robbie)who's a devious girl who swings hard with the big boys and in a subplot her romance with "The Joker"(Jared Leto)entertains and spices the film it's like a little extra icing on the cake. Overall this D.C. film is different still it's fun watching the bad guys work as deep down they feel some guilt and dream of a normal better life before facing the real picture, "Suicide Squad" blends raw aggressive sex appeal with Harley Quinn and the use of "The Joker" is somewhat of a wild card still it's a good look at the other side of the D.C. universe that exist showing the different way of life that many live.

Informative and in depth debate and history type documentary of D.C.'s bad boys!, 6 August 2016

Everyone always loves a villain as a bad guy is always more interesting and fun than a good guy or hero. And if you are a D.C. comics fan you know the universe has many from "The Joker", "Bane" "Lex Luthor", "The Riddler", "Catwoman", "Harley Quinn" and many others. And this documentary includes footage and clips from comics, movies, cartoons, with interviews from D.C. writers about the history and start of many of these bad peoples, as is debated is the theory of as to why each villain is bad and why they mesh well with a hero, explored is the past that made each so evil and interesting and discussed among comic people and those educated is the future of the villain and how it pertains to the D.C. universe, overall good informative film that's a must watch if you like D.C. comics, characters, and movies as you might just find something out about a villain that you didn't know!

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Well done animation film that's blended with action, adventure, and bad guy against good guy chase journey!, 4 August 2016

If you've read the graphic novel of Brian Bolland called "The Killing Joke" you know that it's one of the best and most important works of the "Batman" and DC comics universe, as it's somewhat of a significant and universal like origin story of "The Joker" it takes an interesting look at the "Clown prince of crime". Now with this animation adaptation it mostly stays true to form with the graphic novel as it has plenty of action and devious twists. Only the first half of the film is somewhat of a prologue and tease a subplot of romance and passion involving "Batman" and Barbara Gordon(AKA "Batgirl")as the two even make love the old fashioned hero way! Aside from that now enter the meat and potatoes of the story as Gotham city is being overthrown by dead smiling faces as word is "The Joker" has escaped from prison and on the loose. Things get more interesting when Commissoner Gordon is kidnapped and something that's near fatal happens to Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. "The Dark Knight" knows the man who laughs last is most likely responsible for it, as "The Joker" takes everyone and everything on a wild ride with twist and turns that all lead to the nearby amusement park. Also as if you've read the novel you see flashbacks of the early life of the purple one from his days as a struggling comic before his short time as a young criminal with a red hood for a face! Plus a personal and family tragedy is revealed that makes "The Joker" crazy and sick for the rest of his life! Overall well done film that is a must see for any "Batman" film buff or D.C. comics fan it's a fun adaptation of an important graphic novel that sheds more light and info on "The Clown Prince of Crime", and the film is blended with a good subplot and treat type romance and love encounter between "Batman" and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. So a big thumbs up to "The Killing Joke" please please watch it if you haven't already.

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