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A film that lays itself out as different and it shows that life is a challenge and mystery that takes twist and unexpected turns., 9 August 2015

If you watch Woody Allen films you know that they are different and they showcase people with their struggles of life and finding love and happiness. This latest work is "Irrational Man" a good character study of a man on the edge trying to find some mental reason while wondering if life is reason or chance. It is a showcase of how thought and the mind works as it can drive one to do anything. Yet the story is of one Abe(Joaquin Phoenix)a hard drinking tormented philosophy professor who arrives at a small north eastern town college to teach. And word is he's a lady man too and it's soon seen when Abe starts to romance and bed a fellow professor(Parker Posey). When classes start Abe also has his eye on Jill(Emma Stone) a young and bright student who has wonder and thought of poetry, life, film, talk, and love. Soon the two begin to date and go to social dinners only soon before she goes to bed with Abe Jill learns that he has a darkness of mind to him his thoughts and views on life are dim and different. And when Abe one day hears a table conversation an ideal of revenge is lit up in his mind. Wow would he go this far. Overall this film is strange a different kind that shows great character study and that thru thought and mind one can go to far to the edge.

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A fairy tale film that shows hope, wonder and search lead to a discovery of fortune!, 1 August 2015

Just finally watched the indie picture "Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter" and I must say it was a pretty pleasant and wonder of a film. It showed and displayed the theme of dreams do come true just like a fairy tale in the world! Rinko Kikuchi is Kumiko a lonely Tokyo office worker who has no life she don't have many friends nor does she blend in socially and she has no love life no male friend. As with phone conversations her mother worries about her wanting her to move back home as she can't even get a promotion on the job. Yet oddly and in extreme interest all she lives for after finding an old VHS tape of the American classic "Fargo" is searching for the buried suitcase of cash in the film, as Kumiko is certain it's real! So for sure she heads to frozen North Dakota to search for the buried treasure only to discover that fiction and reality is often a tough blend. Overall this film is a mixture of search, and an emotional hunt for discovery of finding a dream a life fortune. Overall it proves that life can have a happy fairy tale ending thru search and wonder as one can find discovery.

Southpaw (2015)
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A film of hope and soul finding after you losing it all redemption can be found!, 26 July 2015

I must say that the new boxing drama "Southpaw" is a real knockout film a winner that delivers the punch on both ends for drama and emotion it proves that sometimes before you regain it you must lose it all! Billy Hope(Jake Gyllenhaal)is the raining and best known light heavyweight fighter on the planet who has it all from the championship belt, to a fine home and a fancy car with a cute little daughter to of course a hot sexy trophy colored bra wearing wife named Maureen(Rachel McAdams was just so fine in that sexy silk light pink colored bra scene!). All of a sudden the wife Maureen wants him to have a change of heart and mind and leave the brutal business of boxing, yet one by one Billy's fame and life is ripped away as he has his wife lost in a tragic accident, and thru bad promotion and debt he goes broke losing his home, belt and even due to his drug using ways the courts take away his cute little daughter. Wow Billy has hit rock bottom. Then he connects with trainer Tick Willis(Forest Whitaker)it's thru this time of learning and rediscovery of hope and heart that Billy once again rises to the top! Overall "Southpaw" breaks your heart with the tragic nature still it's a knockout tribute to the soul and heart for being able to discover that magic punch.

Laggies (2014)
A film of finding out who you really are with different friends and a different life!, 19 July 2015

"Laggies" is a film that many might relate to as the lead character is living a life that's a lie she isn't really happy as it becomes clear she needs new love and new friends! Well Keira Knightley is Megan a 28 year old who's not ready to be a grown lady she thinks she's ready for marriage and she's trying to impress her stuck high class acting friends, yet really that's not Megan so enter Annika(Chloe Grace Moretz)a free spirited 16 year old who's a party girl who wonders if life will be around after high school! The two strike up a friendship of help and discovery as Megan has been a girl with tight and false parents and Annika a young girl with divorced parents that include a lawyer dad and sexy colored bra wearing mom. Anyway thru it each see that life is different paths of discovery and finding out who you really are thru friendship as this journey shows Megan a new life of love, friends, and happiness, overall this film shows a good life message of change.

A film of rediscovery and finding life, family, and yourself before it's to late!, 19 July 2015

Al Pacino has always been one of my favorites and with this latest independent hit"Danny Collins" it was a real sentimental feel good winner! Pacino is Danny Collins a down on his luck past his prime fading singer who after finding an uncovered letter from John Lennon decides to change his life and his ways! Maybe the days of alcohol and hard living and hard partying might be over! This even inspires Danny(Al) to reconnect with his manager and his family look for true love and even embark on a second act. This film is a must see it's touching with a sentimental story of search, discovery, rediscovery and connecting with love and family thumbs up for Danny Collins!

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Sentimental film that shows memory is the only hope when death is a certain., 19 July 2015

"Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl" was one good feel good see film of the summer it's emotional and sentimental with a showcase of love and hope thru good times and memories. As it's become a clockwork thing that a young girl named Rachel is gonna die. And I must say that the on screen moments with Olivia Cooke as Rachel a dying girl with terminal cancer was so sweet and touching. And her only inspiration is the joy and fun she receives from her best high school friend and his sidekick Earl who entertain her by making their own low budget produced films and the parodies and acts are down right funny and moving. Overall this film teaches that life must be lived in the moments as the end is near only the memories and dreams of hope and inspiration can a dying girl cherish them before death.

A film that's hard to follow the only good thing is the eye candy scenes of one Regina King!, 28 May 2015

Just again watched some of "Enemy of the State" for the first time in many many years and again I felt it was a hard film to follow with to many plot twist and to many characters who fade in and out of the story it's a little hard to understand! Yet it has star power with Will Smith and Gene Hackman, it can be called many genres from spy, thriller, action, and mystery drama, yet the plot centers around D.C. with a video tying top National security people to political murder, and then soon the NSA and other people get involved. As the action and fast pacing of this thriller blends action and technology to a new level. The real treat for me was the Regina King scenes she was great as Will's caring and sexy loving wife! And that scene in which Regina sports that silk dark sexy black colored bra I loved that was the best part of the film it made my day!

A nice cute tribute and homage to a fun classic series!, 27 May 2015

"My Favorite Martian" was clearly before my time I never watched the series, yet I finally decided to check out the movie and it was a nice little picture that didn't take itself to serious! Even if the story was lame it was a fun adventure set in modern day California with a goof and lonely TV reporter Tim(Jeff Daniels)who stumbles upon a martian(Chris Lloyd)and this journey turns into a twist of one becoming a human form of Uncle Martin. Yet thru the film it's a wild goose chase of crazy times and travels even the government is hot on their heels. This film is a treat too for having wild special effects of cars shrinking and spaceships and floating objects! Also an eye candy treat is the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley as a sexy news anchor plus it was fun seeing her in a scene where she's tied up and gagged by the martian! Overall cute little funny non serious film with an eye candy treat of Elizabeth Hurley so zoom in and watch it!

Love and a schoolboy crush leads to rape wow!, 27 May 2015

Just once again watched a Japan porn film from the Nikkatsu collection this one was quite steamy and raw as the story was strange and creep like, yet it was rightfully called "Female Teacher: In Front of the Students". It's the tale of Reiko a young school teacher who teaches at a school of hormone driven wild boys! She's attractive too and this leads to a brutal rape, then the story takes turns of twist and revenge as no one is who they seem! Which student is guilty who's after her and will this sex game of assault lead to a shocking discovery of apparent fate and a happy ending! This film really pushes and hams it up for Japan porn so if you have the urge check it out!

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A good B list suspense film that ends as expected!, 9 May 2015

Had never really heard of this film just watched it and I must say that "Mother's Boys" was an okay film of suspense and drama and blended with some hot sex appeal from veteran scream queen actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Anyway the story is compelling and interesting as Jamie Lee is Jude Madigan a woman who all of a sudden has left her family that includes her husband(Peter Gallagher)and boys, and in the meantime husband and sons have built a new life with a new female friend. Years later as Jude returns as a woman scorned hell have no fury like the wrath as a dangerous obsession to get back the former life has all in danger. As Jude is just to provocative, blunt, outspoken, and crazy for anyone's own good! This little thriller is seductive and filled with suspense drama from start to finish and it was nice to see Jamie Lee so sexy in a B type movie as she strut's her stuff so well!

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