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Wild (2014)
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A self discovery journey of thought that showcases flashbacks of painful memories of life., 20 December 2014

I must say that watching "Wild" was a treat it's one journey of discovery and self thought and most of the film is done in flashback manner which is a focus of a painful past of one Cheryl Strayed. This is an actual true tale which was also a best selling memoir, as in the mid 90's Cheryl Strayed did indeed hike and travel the Pacific Crest Trail and it was a 1,100 mile solo hike! And director Jean Marc Vallee has taken this film with the direction of grace and gut. To get more into detail of the journey and for real the character it's story is of Cheryl Strayed(in an act turning rejuvenation performance from America's girl Reese Witherspoon)a young woman who's had a bad luck life and been dealt a tough deck. As thru flashback we see that Cheryl has left Minnesota after a split from her husband and with the loss of her mom Bobbi(Laura Dern)from cancer, it's clear that this lady needs a journey to get away to take her mind off of her problems and the only way is on a long journey on the Pacific Crest Trail all thru the west coast states. This film with it's scenes are tough and raw from her mom's death, to the heroin use and it showcases all of the causal sex that Cheryl has along the way. It's important as this film shows that peace and being away on a journey creates a sense of solitude as life is a journey of self discovery and finding a recovery sense and trying to forget the wicked past of loss and hurt still that's what life is full of and all about as Cheryl would not have changed a thing or have done anything different her story was all about a life and hike on the wild side.

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A compelling and educational love story drama that's a restrain but loving romance., 15 December 2014

I for one was never no math geek or a big book worm, still I thought it would be good to check out the Stephen Hawking biography, and I was glad I did as "The Theory of Everything" it's a fine romance drama of patience and love. It tells of Stephen's early days of him trying to prove the black hole theory and it starts with his meeting of the cute and bright Jane the woman who would later become his wife. Mostly the film shows a lot about the work and times of accomplishment of the famous physicist, yet it's most touching and hard to take scenes are showing how the motor neuron disease destroys and cripples the body of one Stephen. I must say the role of Stephen Hawking is played just wonderful by Eddie Redmayne his speech restrain and movement scenes in his bound wheelchair though tough to watch are played to near perfection by Eddie and the performance from Felicity Jones as Jane from her girlfriend to wife days are just adorable. This is a film that shows life is full of unexpected things from the mind to the function or dysfunction of the body, yet still it can't destroy love, relationship, or thought.

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Somebody is watching me! Oh how true plus they listen to phone call monitor emails and collect computer data! An eye opening film!, 11 December 2014

Director Laura Poitras has made an interesting and eye opening documentary called "Citizenfour" which showcases the story and the actual interviews in Hong Kong of whistle blower Edward Snowden. Everyone remembers in the news the story of the NSA scandal it became clear to everyone that the federal government was doing privacy invasion on nearly all citizens of the united states. I know you feel the same way it's clear that a lot of times you hear your phone and cell calls monitored and true at work, when you shop, or go to the bank or even drive thru a traffic red light your on camera! Simple no one has privacy in the world, true as mentioned in the film 911 changed a lot of things still the NSA in my opinion has took it to far with their worldwide programs with the spying on emails and the data collection that is sold to other agency types it's like the feds know where you go everything you do and who you see! It's sad that we as citizens have to give up our privacy because of terror of other nations. Still it's an ever lasting issue really see this documentary it's revealing, provocative, educational, and blunt as it proves we as citizens don't have any privacy when it comes to freedom as your calls, emails, viewing choices, travels, and data is all looked at and matched it's time we had more people like Edward Snowden as a whistle blower can be a hero.

Foxcatcher (2014)
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Real life drama of tragedy brought to the screen just fine, as it shows how ego, passion and greed destroys friendship., 11 December 2014

Finally watched "Foxcatcher" and I for one was not aware that the film was based on a real life drama that ended tragic, I was to young to remember anyway when it was. You have the real life story in which director Bennett Miller brings to the screen just fine of the Olympic wrestling brother team of one Mark(Channing Tatum)and David Schultz(Mark Ruffalo)who are getting ready to train for the 1988 games in Seoul. And Mark is the younger up and coming stubborn guy who wants to escape out of the shadow of his older straight laced and wise older brother a family man husband and dad David. Oddly enough a strange millionaire makes his appearance that's one strange and lonely odd guy in John E. DuPont(in a wicked and odd transformation role for funny guy Steve Carell)and he lets both Schultz brothers train at his farm like estate and he even lets the guys along with other wrestlers share the estate. And John becomes a father like figure to Mark only slowly but for sure the ego of John takes over as the unlikely relationship was not meant to be as this millionaire lives in one strange world. Overall this film is a great showcase of real life greed, ego, compassion, and the need for friendship in a lonely world as it shows how a mixture of these issues lead to real life tragedy as "Foxcatcher" is one film that tears a little bit of your viewing heart.

In it's time and day a terror, it would set the standard for torture horror!, 29 November 2014

After all these years just viewed the classic and vintage 1974 original "Texas Chain Saw Massacre", and I must say that for it's day and time in 1974 the film sure packed punch and plenty of fright gore! Still I probably say this old classic was the best not just because of it's first born, but for the fact of it's blood and real terror realism as they just don't make a film like this anymore as this 1974 gem was done in it's own way actually this picture would change the way torture horror would be done. Set in rural Texas on a hot August weekend five youths cruise around on a getaway in the country only to wonder and fall upon an old house of a masked butcher(leather face)and his grave robbing skin flesh eating family! And this film was made to be very violent and graphic for the year of 1974 as director Tobe Hooper pushed the limits, this film is certainly a masterpiece a gem a classic that would shape it's genre it's one picture landmark that still brings terror and fright after forty years.

Make a deal with the devil then when he takes your soul, he goes after a another soul this one a beauty!, 29 November 2014

Just watched this "TFTD" episode from the last season of 1988 called "The Deal" and it was indeed one! Bradley Whitford is Tom Dash a lonely and out on his own struggling want to be screenwriter who lives in a crap like apartment, yet it's tough to know the right people in Hollywood to get you going. So Tom's luck changes one day or does it when a messenger shows up at the door to deliver good news only it's a deal with the prince of darkness himself. This strange character has promised him a lead good Hollywood read for a feature film is this to good to be true? Only slowly but soon Tom sees the darkness and the game it's real even with those strange horns, soon after Tom's soul is taken this dark master moves on to another this time it's an up and coming beauty! It's one deal one soul taking at a time, wow neat and clever episode that teaches and proves a good moral message and that's be careful of the devil.

Birdman (2014)
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Michael Keaton's best performance ever! It's a bird life and bird on the brain!, 16 November 2014

Finally saw "Birdman" and I must say that it was a pleasure a film that was entertaining and a joy, as Michael Keaton does fly and soar in this role of past his prime actor Riggan Thomas. I always liked Keaton in my opinion he was the best "Batman" ever Michael always had range and depth with his acting choices, and with this he nails the best performance of his life! Keaton plays Riggan Thomas a past his prime washed up actor who after many years of success starring in a superhero franchise called "Birdman" decides to fold the tent on the role. And now Riggan has taken up life on the Broadway circuit making a living as a stage actor in plays. And Riggan's life is a mess he's divorced and he deals with a march to the beat of her own drum daughter named Sam(Emma Stone)who's just got out of drug rehab. And while working on the play Riggan has conflicts and personal clash problems with his co stars first up is the arrogant and playboy type method actor Mike(Edward Norton)and Mike is hitting on Riggan's daughter Sam and also he's trying to put moves on fellow co star and play cast member the emotional and cute colored bra wearing Lesley(Naomi Watts). Thru it all Riggan is dealing with family and his critics and his ego, and most of a challenge is how "The Birdman" memory haunts him Riggan hears voices and has visions of his once beloved superhero character. Overall this film entertains and is one that shows life is a challenge when you try to overcome people, and ego still if you have good memories on the mind it can help you soar to new heights in life just like that of one Riggan Thomas.

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As with life, love, and intimate pleasure it's a tale of two sides, this series is one hot guilty pleasure!, 13 November 2014

Been watching "The Affair" this fall on Showtime and I must say it's one hot new series that keeps you on the edge of your seat as each episode is told in two half like ways. And you get a different take on events and happenings from each of the main two characters Noah and Alison and each episode shows happenings thru flashbacks all centered around the hot intimate affair of Noah and Alison, all of this is centered around a hidden possible murder mystery. The tale is set one summer with Noah(Dominic West)a writer and teacher who decides to take his children and wife Helen(Maura Tierney)to the Hamptons and stay for a get away vacation at his in-laws' estate island. Soon upon arrival Noah meets Alison(Ruth Wilson)a married local waitress who's lived in the area all of her life. Right off the two hit and soon a hot and intimate lust affair of sex and sleeping around happens with these two. Both of these characters Noah and Alison have baggage and burned pasts with skeletons in their closets as Alison has pain and a tragedy still she is one hot sexy lady that looks good wearing colored bras!(look for Ruth Wilson to be a hot new star) Overall this series is a fun treat that let's the viewer escape showing what it's like to have an affair as many of us have fairy tale wishes of an affair just like this one.

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A rogue camera guy! It proves people will kill to get a news story of crime and it shows the underworld is media's bread and butter!, 2 November 2014

This new picture "Nightcrawler" speaks for it's own it's a picture that's bold, bleak, blunt and honest in a dark kind of way proving that people will win at all cost for a media story and crime stories of the underworld is the bread and butter of the media! Set in L.A. the city of angels you have Lou Bloom(in a dark and raw performance from Jake Gyllenhaal)as a young man who's a loner and a dark character as he makes his living from stealing metal and selling it as he lives a sad life in a one room L.A. apartment while driving a high mileage older model Toyota car. Being out at night he sees the streets and the darkness of underworld night action in L.A. and how that it attracts news, so a light has come on he must buy a camera and start recording the action footage as it happens and sell the footage! Slowly one by one Lou becomes a new L.A. crime journalist as each night he sees car crashes, blood, murders, police chases, and shootouts and he gets them all on camera as they occur and this real life footage he then takes into the last place news station in L.A., and it's here at this station the news manager Nina(the raw and attractive Rene Russo)has a plan this footage will air for ratings! All while Lou collects a buck so he can soon start his own news footage company! Overall this film is entertaining though dark it proves that news and the media is all about thrills, spills, and underworld drama as that is what leads to news company profits, in today's age the media and journalism is hungry for drama and a news making story at any and all cost it's what drives people and the culture of society.

"Stalker" (2014)
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New interesting, exciting entertaining drama about the hot crime of stalking that's blended with creep suspense, sex and cheap thrills!, 25 October 2014

I was highly interested in the new CBS series "Stalker" it was created by the man of thrills Kevin Williamson(best known for the "Scream" series)and true stalking and stalkers are so common in our society it's like the hot new crime of the day especially with the technology, and digital access it makes these crimes more common. Set in the city of angels L.A. it is centered around the special L.A. police unit that is devoted just to the crimes of stalking whether the victims are famous or not. It's lead by a Lt. named Beth(Maggie Q) and a new arrival from New York that's Jack(Dylan McDermott)who's assigned to the unit and this cop appears a little strange he has a secret past he seems different. The cases featured in each episode involve stalkers with killing intentions who have methods of cat and mouse games like bringing out victims phobias and fears. Also cases of online stalking and past jealous lovers are showcased with the usual pepping tom type stalker even spotlighted. This series is on edge with suspense, thrills, and chills and it has scenes of sexy females in colored bras and scenes of damsels in distress being tied up and gagged while being held hostage and it's all blended with sex, drama, and interesting investigative work a good series that spotlights in a fictional way the ever on going crime of stalking with interesting cases in L.A.

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