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Fantastic B film..great period piece for the 70's, 12 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a child of the 60's,who grew up in the 70's(born in 66),this film took me back to my childhood. As a lifetime sasquatch enthusiast,these movies were the rage back in the day. Legend of Boggy Creek,Sasquatch:The Legend of Bigfoot,Curse of Bigfoot and many others,along with several quality documentaries on the subject,sparked interest to many youngsters back in the day and many of us still are fascinated by these films and the subject itself. As for the film,it is a low grade B flick but you can see that they at least gave a good effort. I thoroughly enjoyed the film,real snow,real cold and some very good casting for a low budget flick make this film a camp classic,a real gem to those who like these types of movies. Make a nice pot of coffee,kick back and watch this flick at about 3am on a cold winter fits to a tee. Well,say what you want about Rebane but he made some decent films on a shoestring budget. Low budget films force the producers and directors to use their creativity and that is long lost on todays directors who just throw silly CGI scenes in and forget about what makes a movie good. This little gem is OK by me. If you like 60's and 70's low budget films or if you just grew up in the 70's and remember the Bigfoot craze,then you will enjoy this one as it will take you back to better times. Ignore the bad reviews,as they are written by people who don't know how to enjoy this type of movie.

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Excellent Spaghetti Western, 16 April 2010

Fantastic film that might shock a few spaghetti western fans. The shock? Peter Graves in a 1970 spaghetti western! Graves is his usual self,great voice,intense and even a bit light hearted at times. Terrence Hill co- hort ,Bud Spencer,a legend in the genre,plays his normal role as a tough but lovable brute of a man. This film is sort of a "Magnificent Seven" but minus two. While the story may be run of the mill,the score by master Ennio Morricone is haunting and will stick with you for as long as you grace this earth. Morricone is one of the few composers that can actually make an average film into a very good one. His music adds so much to the film. The rest of the cast is above average compared to the standard fare of the genre during that time period(early 70's). Overall a very enjoyable film that I would suggest to anyone who wants to sit back and just let their mind and body relax for an hour or two. No one can do westerns like the Italians. I wish that the genre would make a comeback but no matter what..things will never be good as the period from 1964-1974,at least as far as westerns are concerned. Give me a good ole Italian western over the American oater...ANYDAY!

Crazy Joe (1974)
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Very underrated film, 22 August 2009

A great little period piece from the mid 70's. It follows the story of "Crazy" Joe Gallo. Peter Boyle is fabulous as Joe and the film also has Eli Wallach,Fred Williamson and Paula Prentiss. Eli Wallach plays a crime boss and steals every scene(as usual)that he is a part of. I think the film is not a "Godfather" ripoff as some have suggested,this film has a totally different feel to it. This is a gritty,hip almost an exploitation feel to it and not just because it has Fred Williamson in a supporting role. Great cars,music,clothes and a great look at the wonderful,colorful time that was the 70's. If you haven't seen this flick,be sure to check it out. Playing now(8-22-09)on Crackle,it is worth a couple hours of your time. If you are a fan of gangster films,70's exploitation films or just good old drama and action,this is one film that you may not have heard of that definitely is worth a look. Peace.

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If you love 70's cheese...., 31 March 2009

...or the pop culture that defined the late 60's and early 70's,then you will get a kick out of Van Cleef crooning and,of course,kicking butt. If you watch this film looking for a deep,meaningful,thought-provoking film then you will obviously be in for a let down. However,if you are a fan of all things 60's and 70's including Spaghetti Westerns and Italian/Spanish cinema in general,then you will find this a delightful romp. While the plot is pretty much standard fare,it is a fun ride that will make you wonder just who will turn out to be the culprit in the end. Van Cleef could take the worst of scripts and make them workable. I think you could tell that Lee had fun with this movie and,according to an earlier comment,the whole cast seemed to join in the fun. I found an interview with Van Cleef online a while back and he mentioned Captain Apache as one of the films that he actually had a blast making. I had not seen the film then and after finally viewing it online...I could see the enjoyment in Van Cleef as he soaked up this character while not taking it all too seriously. As I said before,if you are like me and a fan of anything from that time period and spaghetti westerns in will love this film,if not,you will probably want to skip this one. I give in 9 stars because I understand what the film is intended to do..entertain,and it does that quite well. You can find it now at a site called tv4u for free(legal too).

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Great documentary..classic 70's genius, 14 November 2008

From the fantastic narration to the wonderful Robert Morgan,this docu-drama has it all. Robert Morgan is still active in the search for "Forest Giants" as he likes to call them. This film takes me back to my childhood and helped to give birth to what would become a lifetime fascination with this subject. Like Steven(who reviewed this film earlier),I am a longtime bigfoot enthusiast/researcher myself who thinks that Bob Morgan is very underrated as a legend in the sasquatch community. Classic part of the film is the conversation with 3 of the all-time greats of sasquatchery,John Green,Rene Dahinden and Robert Morgan. I think Robert Morgan deserves to be one of the "four horsemen of sasquatchery" and he is such an interesting man. He has a book called Soul Snatchers that deals with his journey and travels will searching for our elusive friends of the woods. If you love the 70's documentaries,the subject of sasquatch or just want to see a great period piece,this film will not let you down. Simply one of the best.

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Director Robert Morgan...sequel in the works for 09!, 19 September 2008

I give it 8 out of 10 because it is a cult classic. Also it is directed by legendary sasquatch hunter Robert W Morgan who also plays the part of Jarvis in the film. In listening to recent blogtalkradio show called the AARF show(Robert Morgan is a co-host)he tells that because it has become such a cult classic and does well at movie conventions and such,there are plans to maybe do a sequel to this film. I think he said that two of the original stars have signed on and he hopes to have a few more. Robert is a good man and I hope it does well. He has devoted 50+ years of tireless work as a Sassquatch Researcher(which is also one of my interests)and author. Check out his show on the paranormal and maybe look for Blood Stalkers II sometime in the near future.

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Disgrace to the genre., 5 July 2008

It is a shame that this should even be remotely linked with the Fulci classic. Fulci and Romero in the 70's,that was the cream of the crop. The best era in zombie films was the 70's. Outside of Fulci and Romero,you had a lot of really good relatively unknown Italian zombie flicks that actually are worth a look. This isn't one of them. This is 80's Zombie trash,the 80's pretty much ruined the Zombie genre and it still hasn't recovered. Sure Romero is back with his Diary and hopes for a new series but that is our only hope for those of us who like our zombie flicks to actually be scary and not tongue in cheek humor all the time. If these directors today want to make comedy then go make comedy and leave the zombie genre to those who would try to treat it with the respect it deserves. I mean really,if the dead did get up and start moving around and chomping on flesh,I don't think there would be too many one liners and jokes flying about do you? So leave it out of the zombie movies!! Sorry to get off topic but this film is so bad that you have to go off topic to get 10 lines in. Two words would sum up this movie perfectly...IT SUCKS! LOL. Go find some mid to late 70's Italian zombie flicks is you want to see a few decent pics. Zombi(Fulci classic)and the ORIGINAL Dawn are the two best zombie flicks of all time. To have trash like this in the same genre is a disgrace.

Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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NOT a new ROMERO remake, 29 March 2008

I don't know why this is listed on Romeros page. I guess because he is given some credit on the original script. Still,I was,as usual,very dismayed at the overall quality of this film. I guess once you are used to Romero..nothing else comes close. Zombies don't run,don't think and don't use weapons..LOL. Still,the movie was at least watchable but barely. If you are totally bored and are in the mood for a zombie film and cant find a Romero,Fulci or 70's Italian zombie flick,then this will do..LOL. In a pinch it is OK. I do not,however,plan to buy this to add to my collection. The acting is a bit overdone and the film just sort rumbles along without really giving you the apocalyptic feel that most good zombie flicks seem to do. This just seems to be mindless shooting,violence and gore..which will probably appeal to the younger generation as most seem to think that is what constitutes a good movie these days. Hint for new directors or wannabe directors: There is a part of the movie that is called character development that is what makes us really relate and care for the people in the film..this film has none. Thank you.

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Very unique take on an old legend, 14 November 2007

I am typically not a great fan of vampire films. However,this movie is a new take on an old legend. The setting is fantastic and what could be more scary than 30 days of endless night when you are besieged by vampires. These are not your fathers vampires,nothing seductive or even campy about these guys. They are what the vampire was originally supposed to have been..SCARY! I think of all arctic or Alaskan frozen,isolated area is a great stage for horror and suspense. Movies like Howard Hawks "The Thing from Another World" and its 1982 sequel "The Thing" use the same setting with admirable results. Even the underrated Stephen King mini-series "Storm of the Century" uses the same cold,barren and isolated setting to create tension,despair and hopelessness. The acting is average,if not slightly above,and the mood and lighting are very good. All in all a movie that made you crave a little more when it ended..and that is what all movies strive for. Although it could have had a few improvements and should have provided a little more background for the story(things sort of just go to hell all at once),it is most definitely a film worth a couple hours of your time.

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If you don't like this is almost guaranteed that you are..., 14 November 2007

...a republican..LOL. Seriously,I thought the film was all that it was touted to be. It is thought provoking and deals with a lot of the cold hard facts about the greedy leaders who use war for profit and get filthy rich..while the working class and the poor are the brave ones who fight and die. It is really funny that you can find people still supportive of this unjust war founded on a stack of lies taller than both world trade centers. This movie is one of those love it or hate it and nothing in between. People who put money and power ahead of decency and human life will hate this movie,those who think that one life lost for the wrong cause is one too many..will love it. Fair to say that most republicans will hate it because the Cruise character is simply a typical George Bush/GOP clone who gives the same tired answers over and over and labels anyone who disagrees as a terrorist or unpatriotic. I am as patriotic as anyone and would be the first to pick up gun and defend this country if need be...but for the right reasons. Not to make Haliburton,Blackwater etc. even more money. It is simply a war for money and this movie tells each side of the story well. The right wing or will stop at nothing to make money(Cruise). The liberals who question everything(Streep). The brave soldiers who spill their blood for what they think are the right reasons. Great film that should be seen by everyone. I think,without a doubt,it is Oscar-worthy. One of the best films of the year(which isn't saying much..LOL). Quite simply..Republicans will hate it..democrats will love it. I loved it.

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