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This effort is so awful that it actually offends me., 7 August 2015

If this fiasco had been just another Sci-fi Channel type movie I may not have found it offensively bad. I would roll my eyes at its awfulness and move on. Basically, treat it like a Sharknado level movie.

However, taking literary characters that are complex and for years deserved the title of "World's Greatest Comic Magazine" that appeared on their cover and reduce them to this inane drivel is outrageous. Everything about this movie is a waste of film and of talent. The lead up and first act is dull as possible with the characters having the depth of a mud puddle. Still, it was mediocre enough to keep the viewer's attention. Then, they completely forgo any kind of second act at all and jump forward in time. Finally, they deliver the worst concluding act and lack of payoff in comic book adaptation history.

It felt as if I was watching a school assignment or test given to a child that clearly couldn't handle the material. It actually feels like Fox was the teacher and Josh Trank the child and the teacher gave the student a certain amount of time to finish. When the kid clearly was having trouble the teacher either asked other incompetent students to step in and try and help or else the overwhelmed kid just started scribbling anything to fill the page. The movie honestly gives off that vibe. How does something this incompetently pieced together hit the summer big screen?

Whether it was a combination of an overwhelmed director, an awful script, lack of budget or budget being stripped away at the last second by a panicked studio or straight up studio interference it doesn't matter. What was released in theatres is an abomination to the genre and painful to watch.

Ant-Man (2015)
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As Good As An Origin Film Can Get! Pure Fun., 25 July 2015

Either it was a lowered expectation factor or else they really did deliver an instant classic, it's hard to tell at this stage. I love this movie. Somehow it didn't feel epic enough to warrant a 10/10 perfect rating even though I really can't think of one thing I'd change to make it better. Ant-Man is fun first and foremost. It has true heart and soul and the best humor possible without it being too much. I enjoyed the heist angle and the many surprises that kept popping up throughout its running time. Everything felt more intimate and it was the perfect way to follow Age of Ultron for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everything doesn't have to be large, grim or of a world-changing flavor. This may signal the perfect way to move forward for their phase three. Deliver large and then small as they rotate between Avenger and solo films. Whatever the case, I hope to see more of Scott Lang as Ant-Man and his entire supporting cast. Everyone was absolutely wonderful in their roles.

I saw this with a group of 15 family members and every last one of them loved it. Kids and adults, men and women everyone was smiling and raving about the film... that doesn't happen often.

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An Insult To Film Fans And The First Two Films, 6 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The critics are right about this one. It's just one dumb movie any way it's sliced. Frankly, instead of being a heady re-launch of a franchise with an alternate timeline it feels more like an insult to the classic first two films.

Everything plays out like poorly written fan fiction, everything except the budget. There are plenty of explosions and robots to go around. It's too bad none of it really resonates. Honestly, I can't name one single stand out action sequence. The cast itself (with the exception of Arnie) is as vanilla as it gets and all three leads simply terribly miscast. The actor that played John Conner was flat out awful. Speaking of John Conner, having his character be yet another generation of Terminator may have seemed like a great twist in script form but it plays out just terribly. Since they showed that plot point in the very first trailer, I don't even consider that spoiler material. Overall, this is one huge disappointment.

Aloha (2015/I)
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Not bad, 27 June 2015

Not quite as bad as all the critics made it out to be. In fact, there were times were this cast really shined. It reminded me of an NHL or NBA all-star game in a way. This was a superb cast thrown together in something that resembles a real movie where the story is pieced together just to show off certain talents. It's like every tenth page or so of the script was really well written and exceptional but the pages in between were hammered together crudely with clumsy dialogue in order to get to those specific moments. What results is a rambling movie that misfires often despite the fact that the entire ensemble is as good as it gets. Bill Murray was wasted and there simply is no chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone. Individually the two leads are fine but together there was absolutely no sizzle. Emma and John Krasinski's characters are one dimensional near cartoon characters all the way through. Despite the writing only hitting at a 10% clip, somehow the movie engages enough to be interesting start to rather silly finish.

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Turn off your brain and HAVE FUN!, 16 June 2015

I enjoyed this movie warts and all. Yes, I was expecting more "wow" in terms of dinosaur action but it did deliver enough for me to happily crunch my way through a giant tub of popcorn. The first 20 minutes or so is simply bad cinema. Cartoon level characters with no depth setting up the rest of the film. Then, somehow I grew to care for those characters by the end of the movie. I believe this has more to do with great casting and really nothing to do with story. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt ooze charisma and charm. The call backs to the classic original certainly help. I wish we would have had better dinosaur fights and I really hated the horribly written bad-guy with alternative motives that have zero feasibility. Still, I went in expecting a monster movie popcorn flick and that's what they delivered for the most part.

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Five Beautiful People's Fight To Survive While Hundreds of Thousands Die Horribly, 5 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

– This is exactly what was advertised…. a pure CGI disaster film where we follow one family of beautiful people as they struggle to unite and survive. That's the movie, period. It's well paced and entertaining enough if the viewer is able to focus on the Rock, his lovely wife and stunning daughter and look beyond the constant horrific images of hundreds of thousands of people dying horrible deaths. The scope here is off the charts. That's where a movie like this differs from other films like The Poseidon Adventure or Towering Inferno. Massive disaster and destruction abounds in horrific spectacle and it comes in wave after wave, by the end, quite literally.

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A shallow mess of a movie, 26 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A good story concept and a great idea in general ruined by shallowness at every turn. The first act of the film is intriguing and nicely set up despite the remarkably shallow characters introduced. The "gosh darn amazing" dad, the little brother and even the lead female optimistic dreamer character are as clichéd as it gets. Even so, the set up and dynamic of the first half of the film is engrossing. Then, the story turns and is based upon what amounts to shallow hippie nonsense. The overall plot problem doesn't even aid in the liberal type message it appears that the movie wants to send.

This movie never knew what it wanted to be (Disney theme park promotion? Liberal agenda piece? Sappy kids move? Adventure film with creepy savage killer robots?) and the tone was all over the place. Add the fact that the script is as shallow as a mud puddle and it was actually sad to watch an interesting concept disintegrate as every scene unfolded.

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Overrated and Tedious To The Max, 21 May 2015

To quote a different old Mel Gibson action flick, maybe "I'm getting too old for this spit." (TV censored version) I honestly don't understand the seemingly universal praise of this effort. I hesitate to even call it a movie because in reality it's a two hour chase scene. It certainly has its moments and I can appreciate the impressive real world stunts and explosions. I also give it high marks for being exactly what it advertised itself to be… a balls-to-the-walls insane action romp pivoting off the original films. For me, that romp played out like watching an insane person's nightmares over and over and over. The first two acts grew tedious and became something to endure rather than enjoy. Then, the third act hit and the last 20 minutes were amazing. You almost come to care about characters even though none of them were bothered to be developed along the way. Almost.

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Pure Christian Faith Film That's Emotional and Thought Provoking, 21 March 2015

This film is exceptionally emotional at times. It delivers strong characters with compelling dramatic arcs. The movie challenges Christians to live better lives and take stock of how they live and what they truly believe.

It certainly isn't a subtle movie in any way. It's a sledgehammer of a Christian film and, sometimes, a sledgehammer is the right tool for the job. The movie is pure Christian faith and what it means to the characters depicted. That may not be the level of faith all Christians are able to achieve but it should be the goal. Films like this are a reminder as well as a message to live life at the highest level possible. Yes, there is a certain level of cheese on display in a few plot lines but it's wonderful and satisfying cheese.

I do love the fact that, unlike other Christian films that I've seen, they brought out top tier acting talent. These performances were amazing top to bottom. Obviously everyone knows Mira Sorvino, Cybill Shepherd and Sean Astin can bring it but journeymen actors like Ted McGinley and Lee Majors give what may be the best performances of their career. I'm stunned to say that even The Boz was very very good. Who knew Brian Bosworth had that type of performance in him?

Overall, for those of Faith this movie is a must see. For those who are lacking Faith, it just may be an eye opener.

John Wick (2014)
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Huge Disappointment To Be Honest, 25 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say given the hype, I was quite disappointed in this effort. I expected way more story and at least some intrigue. Instead, the film is an hour and a half of Keanu running around slickly shooting various different people in the head. He's angry that they killed his dog (his only chance at acceptance and peace after the death of his wife) and goes around dispatching everyone who gets in his way with head shot after head shot. That's it. Honest to God, THAT is the entire film and it's not even a spoiler because the trailer tells us as much. There's no other plot and nothing to any supporting character whatsoever. The kill action is, again, slick but nothing rises above cut video game type sequences. At least it does make a viewer stop and ponder why all the action movies we grew up watching don't factor in close range gun shots to the head more often.

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