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John Wick (2014)
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Huge Disappointment To Be Honest, 25 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say given the hype, I was quite disappointed in this effort. I expected way more story and at least some intrigue. Instead, the film is an hour and a half of Keanu running around slickly shooting various different people in the head. He's angry that they killed his dog (his only chance at acceptance and peace after the death of his wife) and goes around dispatching everyone who gets in his way with head shot after head shot. That's it. Honest to God, THAT is the entire film and it's not even a spoiler because the trailer tells us as much. There's no other plot and nothing to any supporting character whatsoever. The kill action is, again, slick but nothing rises above cut video game type sequences. At least it does make a viewer stop and ponder why all the action movies we grew up watching don't factor in close range gun shots to the head more often.

Gone Girl (2014)
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Performances = Great ........ The Film Itself = Overrated, 3 October 2014

All the performance accolades are right on the mark, everyone was superb. Honestly, I can see multiple award nominations for numerous cast members. The under the radar performance for me has to be Carrie Coon in the role of the twin sister. No one seems to be mentioning her but they should be.

As for the story, it's an intriguing tale involving events that keep the viewer fully involved. Yet, the pacing seems off and the payoff extremely muted. Even though I've never read the book, I knew exactly what was happening right from the start. There were very few twists and turns that challenged me but it was interesting to watch it all play out nonetheless. The media circus mockery and satire are perfection. Overall, it's a worthy film that seems to be leaning towards overrated (judging by all the overt praise) but that shouldn't take away from the fact that it delivers material that showcased a wonderful cast perfectly.

Red Tails (2012)
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terribly clichéd and rather shallow writing yet the second half saves the film, 24 January 2012

Maybe it was my imagination but it did seem like George Lucas' hands where all over this movie. There's something about CGI WWII dog fights that just doesn't sit right with the mind's eye. There's also the terribly clichéd and rather shallow writing of every single character and circumstance. It really is an uneasy and bad first half of a film that feels like a TV movie searching for something. Yet, somehow this film wears down the viewer. Somewhere along the way the shallow writing adds up and you actually start to care about characters and about the story. I was moved by the fate of a character and caught up in good ole USA pride in the third act. Overall, the race factor seems superficial like the writers wanted to do it justice but not get bogged down in a "stick it to whitey" film. The forced romance is flat out unbelievable and silly. Lucas should have added a super soldier serum or alien technology for the airmen because they really are portrayed as superhuman pilots. Not the epic these real life heroes deserve but a not bad bubblegum flick that gets better after enduring the first half of the film.

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A very good and intense mystery thriller., 23 January 2012

Reading a bit here, it seems to be a key to enjoying this film is NOT reading the book or seeing the Swedish movie.

This is one very well structured and intense mystery thriller. It boarders on over-the-top in terms of adult theme but I was riveted and intrigued every step of the way. The performances are incredible and Rooney Mara deserves every bit of praise that she has generated for her portrayal of this complex and troubled character. There are a few logic flaw moments but they don't hinder the film at all. I do like that they gave us what amounts to a sequel tacked on to the end of the movie. Once the main plot is resolved, we get a resolution to a secondary plot that I didn't think they would go in to so thoroughly. It was like watching a later director's cut version of the film without having to wait for the DVD. That's what happens when a studio let's a big name director release what he wants, good for them.

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I enjoyed everything about this movie., 4 August 2011

My initial reaction is that this film is the best romantic comedy that I've seen in years. The genre has been pretty devoid of quality lately. So, I don't know if that plays a part or not and I really don't care at this point. I enjoyed everything about this movie. It has tremendous heart and charisma and it's so very easy to get caught up in to the lives of these characters. A certain degree of patience is required while viewing because some secondary characters that feel unnecessary to the story are worth getting to know. Steve Carell's character is the one everyone empathizes with and when the movie shifts away from the "A" story you wonder why and start to think that the "B" story is going to be muddled or cliché or one to endure. Well, they're not and everything comes together in a wonderful fashion. The entire cast here is perfection. The overall message may be one to debate but it doesn't matter because the ride and this film are just so smart and so well done.

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Yes, An All-Time Adventure Great Film!, 3 August 2011

When I saw this movie, all I could think about was how it instantly stacks up to the all-time great films in its category. What I said about classics like Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, X2 or X-Men First Class holds true for Captain America.

I love the range of emotions and development you experience following Steve Rogers from beginning to end of the film. He grows in to the hero role and you grow to like and admire him as you watch, maybe moreso than any other Marvel hero. I know, that's saying a lot since that's what truly makes Marvel great. It's not superpowers but relatable pathos and depth of character. Well, Cap delivers all that and more. It all works remarkably well as they humanize Steve and draw you in to the story. First Avenger is not just a good comic book movie. It's a great movie period.

The complexity, depth, heart, emotion and action are off the charts. I honestly can't believe we're going to see a better movie this summer and, for that matter the rest of the year. I totally agree with most of the film critics who are raving about it. The complexities of a man dressed in a flag are more then anyone could have been expecting. The evolution and growth of the characters is also something you rarely see in a summer film. I loved the supporting cast a lot, how many summer films can you say you've seen that flesh out supporting characters? I'm so glad this movie turned out as good as it did and that most people are finding it and loving it as well.

Thor (2011)
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A Truly Enjoyable Film On Every Level, 8 May 2011

This spectacular film works on so many levels but in large part because of the great cast and the fact that the director took this subject matter seriously. Casting an unknown like Chris Hemsworth was perfect. Veterans like Anthony Hopkins really shine in their roles. What can you say about the stunningly beautiful Natalie Portman? She's just fabulous and is actually better here than in her Oscar winning role from Black Swan. It's written well and the special effects truly are Oscar worthy. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

If you are concerned that this film may not live up to the hype, don't be. Also, don't believe the naysayers at all. I'm betting they are ALL DC/Green Lantern fans afraid their film is going to get lost in this crowded summer. Thor being exceptional gives them pause and actually something to worry about. Do yourself a huge favor and ignore them and see this wonderful film.

Robin Hood (2010)
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Boring and a large scale mess of a film., 16 May 2010

Anyone who tells you this is a great movie is just trying to get someone else to drop money on a middle of the road flick at best! This Robin Hood robs from the poor and middle class to give to the rich… rich movie studios. The true crime occurs at the box office when you hand over your money for admission. What a large scale mess of a film.

It was really disappointing. Now I know why all the intelligent critics are bashing this film. I chalk the few positives up to a love for Ridley Scott and not his actual work this time around. It's overtly dramatic and tries to play on sympathies that they just don't set up. Character driven? That is the most overused term, thrown around by those who don't know any better. If a character strings together more then four coherent lines people love to label the movie as "Character driven." The fact is, the characters aren't developed during this film. The movie is presented in such a hammer-handed fashion that you just want to cringe. Bottom line: wait for video. Don't get your hopes up. Some of this is interesting to watch but NONE of it can be classified as fun. You'll need your fast forward button if you're at all an intelligent movie fan.

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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Masterfully Executed Sequel! Action AND Heart... A Perfect Mix, 26 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes, I'm one of the fortunate few who got to see this gem a bit early and I'm happy to report that they took what worked so well in Iron Man and ran with it in an extremely gratifying way. The complexity, depth, heart and action are even more off the charts than the first film. It's is not just a great comic book movie but a great movie period. They took the complexities of Tony Stark that they established in movie one and built upon it masterfully. Now we get a reformed and guilt ridden weapons manufacturer weaved with a celebrity who should have never let the cat out of the bag in the final moments of Iron Man 1. They promised to up the action from the first film and they certainly did but the storytelling never suffers for it. Like in 2008, the evolution and growth of the characters is of paramount importance. It has the same flavor and humor of the original and it may even focus more on the fabulous relationships already developed. I was stunned at how they managed to deliver a better film. I didn't think that was possible. Everyone came to play and this great cast brought their best stuff and it shows on screen. Everyone knew Downey, Paltrow and Cheadle could act but Bill O'Reilly and The CNN anchor? Yes, they show up and do a GREAT job in extended cameos. Rourke and Rockwell are PERFECT as the duel foils for Tony Stark, I mean PERFECT. From the Grand Prix in Monaco to the amazing finale, buckle up because this is one intense, interesting, intelligent and fun ride. My only real complaint is that Scarlett's Black Widow has too little screen time. Still, a film that leaves you clamoring for more isn't the worst sin in the world.

When I was done viewing this movie, all I could think about was how it instantly stacks up to the all-time great sequels. What was said about classics like Spider-Man 2, X2, Empire Strikes Back, TDK and even Godfather 2 holds true for Iron Man 2. I honestly can't wait to see it again.

Kick-Ass (2010)
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Good Shallow Fun, 24 April 2010

This movie turned out better then I thought it would, and really is better then advertised. The start of the film (about the first 30 minutes or so) was as bad as I was expecting. I found myself wishing for a fast-forward button but still managed to care where the story was going. Then, the plot became interesting as the "Hit Girl" and "Big Daddy" character arcs came in to play. The story still finishes in a shallow and unbelievable way but I have to admit that I was entertained. The kid committing violence controversy didn't affect me one way or the other. Being a comic book fan helps... seeing John Romita Jr's art on the silver screen during the "Big Daddy" origin sequence definitely made me smile. I love his work. While I didn't love this film, I did enjoy myself enough to get my money's worth.

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