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This series hit me between the eyes!, 22 March 2006

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I too remember watching this when I was about 17. It had a profound impact. Recently I mentioned it when talking to a bunch of teenagers about how I came to be a Christian; and thinking back I realised that this more than the book 'The Age of Reason' (in Penguin with Picasso's Gurnica on the cover) just seemed so much to sum up what was true about the world. I especially remember the scene in the café where Yvitch and Matthieu cut their hands. That was very powerfully done; slightly different to the way it happens in the book. Daniel was also a wonderfully real person. I remember his castration scene (Did he go through with it or not?) and his 'conversion' to Christianity where he sings 'I'm as queer as a coot' to the tune of the liturgy. Finally the very end where Matthieu dies still philosophising. You must see this all you exis!