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Fantastic, whimsical drama which'll make you laugh + cry!, 19 November 2006

Just goes to show how silly the BBC really are. they play all their usual silly sitcommy crap on their main channels BBCs 1 + 2 but any decent dramas like the Secret Life of Mrs Beeton get shunted off to BBC4 - a dead cert as only about 3million people at most have these channels, let alone watch it regularly.

The Secret Life of Mrs Beeton is a helluva drama managing to be both a hilarious and touching period drama. Bravo to Anna Madley for a stellar performance in bringing a multifaceted character back to life. Track this down...somehow! I dunno if its on DVD or maybe someone cool videoed it, who knows, maybe the BBC will come to its senses and broadcast it on its terrestial channels, it certainly deserves to be!

Watch this, you'll love it, I did + I'm a 17 yr old boy!

Confetti (2006)
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Touching, romantic and greatly hilarious - Richard Curtis is dead!, 6 May 2006

Saw Confetti today and was not sure what to expect, I knew it had a great cast from all over British comedy TV - Green Wing, Peep Show, Spaced, The Office and it had also been written by the brilliant Debbie Isitt but I'd heard mixed reviews so I went in with an open mind; I LOVED IT!!! I'm not a sucker for romantic comedies, or comedies in general, I don't tend to laugh out loud in them so I knew I was in for a good time when I'd laughed a great deal in the first five minutes. I won't over elaborate but basically its about a wedding magazine offering a prize of a new home to the most original wedding. It gets down to three; a sweet couple who want to do a musical-themed wedding, an egoistical, victory-obsessed couple who want to have a tennis-themed wedding and a naturist couple determined to have their wedding in the buff. Needless to say the cast are brilliant and the film is not only hilarious but also very touching at times. Go and see it! the PERFECT romantic comedy, another nail in Richard "One-trick-pony" Curtis' coffin.