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Oh my Goodness, 20 December 2011

Did that really just happen! This season's Dexter has been out of this world and I can assure you the ending is explosive...literally can't believe what I just saw. Excited about season 7.

I have to say, for a fairly mediocre actor, Colin Hanks has been decided mesmerising in this season of Dexter and Edward James Olmos has not been Adama! The pace of the season has been just right and the plot twists (in a show infamous for this) have been so unexpected. I can't recommend this season highly enough, and you really get to appreciate just how and why Michael C Hall has won a golden globe!

Give it a whirl. The season finale will blow you away. I wasn't completely sure how it would end, but really, where do the writers go from here?

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Clearly under-rated, 7 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

6.3 out of 10? Why so low? This trailer of sorts is delightfully in keeping with the brilliance that is the fearless vampire killers!

I could definitely see this guy carrying off the abronsius role! I thought the tutorial delivery was delightfully quaint, and his comments on the quirks of vamps almost endearing. Italian vampires can tolerate garlic; hilarious but oh so xenophobically wrong!!!

The funniest thing, perhaps, was the fact that you could see the ending coming from a hundred miles away - even though, it seemed for a second that his reasoning with the vampire at the end might win him a reprieve. *Sigh* will vampire killers never learn from their peers earlier mistakes. TV gold