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WCW World War 3 (1997 TV Special)
My GOD, this almost brings a tear to my eye..
25 June 2007
I can remember when this happened, and I am 22 now and it was ten years ago. So many memories of WCW and all their PPV's, Nitro & Thunder....Too bad Vince BOUGHT them and shut them down..I had a dream a few nights ago about Nitro being brought back but..Alas, Downloading will be the only way to relive those 7 years WCW was around...

Always miss WCW..The people who gave US what we want, not just a bunch of screaming women and kids..Real, true, honest and regular wrestling fans.... I WATCH WRESTLING WHENEVER ITS ON, NOT JUST WHEN ONE PERSON IS ON, SO IF YOU LOVE CENA, STOP QUOTING YOURSELF A WRESTLING FAN, YOU A EYECANDY FAN..
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Rocket Pictures DOES Exist
13 January 2007
The company Rocket Pictures DOES exist, they just don't do the production of videos for TV or home video very much at all, if ever anymore..They were on a History Channel Modern Marvels episode showing off transportation gadgets and they own a jet pack that propels people into the air just like the ones you see on TV and in movies..(pretty nice jet pack I might add) but YES, the company exists, just might not be on the web..believe it or not, quite a few local and national companies don't use the web even nowadays.. just too impersonal for them or just too much BS to set up and change their current and established ways..Toodles! (PS I believe, but I don't think they would be as "Intelligent" as they've been made out to be..just different "Intelligence" compared to our "Intelligence"...)so if they are real which I think they are somehow, somewhere..maybe they think of us the same way we think of them..could be a freaking' confusing day if they're made public..NO FLAMERS NOW!
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