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A very scary, suspenseful film
18 March 2006
The Town That Dreaded Sundown is one of my favorite movies of all time. I collect anything I can find on the movie. I own lobby cards, pictures, posters. The movie has comedy, but is also really tense. The movie stars the great actors Ben Johnson and Andrew Prine as determined lawmen trying to stop the phantom. The director and producer of the movie Charles B. Pierce also stars and is very funny as Sparkplug, as he is sometimes called. As I mentioned the movie has comedy such as Sparkplug and others going undercover dressed as women hoping to catch the killer, but believe me the comedy is a welcome relief from the very frightening scenes with the phantom killer, who is one of the scariest killers I've ever seen in a movie. Based on a true story and with Dawn Wells of Gilligans island fame as one of the phantoms victims, you cant go wrong. I highly recommend this great film.
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