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A step down form 2010, I had to lower my standards considerably, but over it was still a pretty good year, especially during the final months. I'm actually very surprised by my top three as I wasn't anticipating any of them but was blown away.
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I've only seen a handful of films this year but my hope is for this list to be active and rapidly growing. You ain't seen nothing yet.
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I don't count the package films from the 40's and the post 2000 films I haven't seen.
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Another year, another *beep* ton of exciting films.
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This list will be active and ever changing. Brace yourselves.
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I created a list based on my most anticipated films of 2014 back in January. Every year, release dates and schedules change, some films get pushed back, others come out of nowhere and with more promotional material further along the year, some films drop off your radar while others emerge. So here is an updated list of the rest of the films of 2014 I'm most anticipating. And boy do I think this looks like a good few months for cinema!
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In honor of his birthday, I decided to rank one of my favorite director's filmography which consists of five fantastic feature films.
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Following the news of J.K. Rowling penning "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" set in the same world as Harry Potter, I've decided to rank this universally loved series from my favorite to... also a favorite but not as much. I love all of them, almost equally, so this was a difficult feat for me.

Sidenote: This list will probably be changed frequently...
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At first it didn't appear there were many movies coming this year that sparked my interest. After digging deeper I discovered I couldn't be more wrong. Lots of great directors releasing films this years as well as interesting indie films and some appealing blockbusters too.
This list will probably be updated religiously. Will also contain films from my 2012 list that were pushed back.
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The most obvious lists of all lists. Which films of 2012 are YOU most looking forward to?

This will probably updated religiously.
Update#2: 21/12/11
Update#3: 19/1/12
Update#4: 29/1/12
Update#5: 19/2/12
Update#6: 26/7/12 (Films pushed back to 2013 removed)
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A list of chillers from various countries, decades and subgenres that have a special place in my heart and are worth a watch.

Why 36? 'cause this was too hard!