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funny and heart-warming at the same time, 6 October 2014

watched this just based on Kate Walsh starring. from the starting seconds I was hooked, she was great. when I saw the Dr take the stand all I could think was Dick from "Veronica Mars" and it was clear they were involved.

It was funny, not tearing up funny but still good. Its very clear a=our leading lady has a big heart, rushing off to help a young boy who's parents she sent down.

Apparently Will Farrell is some kind of creator or producer, I hate him, to me nothing he does is ever funny, remotely. Yet this show reminds me of him or would even make me think he was involved. I hope this great new show gets a chance to bloom, so many good shows get cancelled while absolute rubbish is allowed multiple seasons. Give this show a chance, its definitely a good one.

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better than Olympus in almost every way, 15 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tonight I sat and watched both White House Down and Olympus. Olympus is a good film with great action and a very serious storyline. There are great fight sequences which are very slick, a lot of people getting their necks snapped and stabbed in the head which is always good in a movie. but I don't know why anyone would set up a Nuclear weapon system where the codes cant be reset what a stupid thought. The actors that interested me were Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett and Dylan McDermot. Whilst Whd has Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Joey King as Emily, Tatum's daughter in the film. While both films have kids in them Olympus's kid is rubbish and does nothing but hide and wait to be saved, yet Emily sneaks up on the terrorists, films them and posts it online, has a gun put up to her head to get the launch codes and is prepared to die to stop millions in the middle east dying, what a kid!! She is actually one of the big heroes in the movie for more than I have just mentioned. In Olympus the terrorists are Korean yet in Whd they are American a few of them racist who hate a black president. Olympus has quite a few mistakes that I don't believe the President and his staff would make. Whd has many funny moments where Olympus has none, Whd had loads of great deaths including 2 that had me swearing out loud. Olympus is willing to turn the world into a war zone to save one man, where as Whd is willing to blow up the White House and kill 65 innocent people to stop the terrorists from destroying the world, which I honestly think they would do. At first I honestly didn't see myself believing Foxx as President but I warmed to him. Whd even has a car chase across the White House lawn with the Presidential limousine nicknamed the beast because its basically a tank and rocket launchers and a real tank.

To me Whd is the superior movie, which I didn't think I would say in the end, I thought it would be Olympus. If you can watch both, but If your making a choice go with Whd, by far the better movie.

The Flannel Sexual, 9 May 2013

Its the run up to Dana's baby shower. When Jim visits the TV station for work, he accidentally ends up on a morning talk show, after being mistaken for "Jim Mourning" a book writer and metro-sexual.

Whilst there Jim gives his own personal advice to the men of the city, as the Flannel-sexual. He convinces all the men going to the male & female baby shower that it's unmanly. The shows producers ask him back to do a call in spot.

The men of the city flock to his advice, which infuriates Cheryl, who even calls the show and complains about "Tim". They get into a bickering session on air and Jim rushes home to finish his fight with "Beryl". After the fight Cheryl uses Jim's own advice to get Jim to agree to attend the baby shower.

Total Recall (2012/I)
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amaze balls, 14 September 2012

OMG what is up with some people ragging on this movie I'm a huge fan of the original Arnie version, one of my faves of his work, and was very worried they'd mess this up but I loved every minute of it.

Yes they have changed the story up a little, no longer set on mars but on a damaged Earth which has only two parts of the planet actually live-able anymore (not a spoiler as this is presented at the very start, written across the screen, and on all the board and IMDb).

there is still a woman with 3 breasts but as she is wearing some kind of bra this was worthless to even have in it (and I am a straight woman, why bother to show 3 tits if no one sees them, lame) you've got two bad-ass female action stars (kate beckinsale and jessica biel), kicking a lot of ass including each others, loved it. But even everyone else's fighting very fast, very damaging, very slick, much better fighting moves than the original (still love it though).

there was a lot more robots and amazing CGI, which they couldn't really do when the original came out really, anyone who watches the original can tell when it looks off. all the bits they changed / added that I thought would make it suck I really loved, I hated what his job was in this one but it came in handy in the end. plus all 3 of the main stars look hot as hell.

for anyone would loves the original, this remake will not disappoint, there are even some bits that show off the original at times like in station/customs scene "2 weeks".

PLEASE IF YOU Haven't ALREADY WATCHED IT, DO SO NOW THIS IS AMAZE BALLS!!!! thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, I only put it on to check quality of it but was so engrossed I had to watch the whole film right there right then, even thought it was 7:30am after having worked the night shift, its that good.

anyone young thats seen and enjoyed or plans to watch please also watch the original as its a great movie too, and we should never forget where it came from. I'm only 27 but I hate when there is a reboot/remake of something I love and someone not much younger than me has no clue of the original film/TV show even existing, sickens me.

The Divide (2011)
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good / brutal movie with great cast, 14 September 2012

I have just viewed The Divide after my brother recommended it to me.

Its a nuclear attack on American soil, a group of tenants are forced into their apartment buildings basement which is thankfully a bomb shelter with lots of rooms and even extra mattresses down there too.

Other reviewers have foolishly compared this movie to The Road which is a piece of sh*t so I'm not even justifying that one and Signs (aliens try to take over the world, but the entire film centers on one family in their own home, we never really see a full scale invasion just a few aliens attacking this family, still a good movies nonetheless) It is nothing like Signs, except its set in one place.

It is a dark movie that shows what surviving a nuclear attack could be and probably would be, there is murder, torture and brutal violence and rape, our heroine is Eva (Lauren German) she is trapped with her fiancé, two brothers Josh + Adrien (Milo Ventimiglia {Heroes-Peter}+ Ashton Holmes {Revenge-Tyler}, Adriens's friend Bobby, the buildings super Mickey {Michael Biehn}, a mother Marilyn {Rosanna Arquette} and her daughter Wendi, and finally Delvin {Courtney B.Vance} all trying to exist together).

After initially getting along a terrifying encounter with the outside world leaves them traumatized, somewhat radiated and slowly going insane. The group fractures into a major Divide, with the good and sane on one side and the crazies on the other, then starts the madness. We get to see some great acting from everyone cast (except the little girl, but who cares really?) The final 10 mins has the biggest action and it really ends well, I was glad in the end, and I will definitely recommend this film to any adults who don't mind seeing something brutal. I for one am usually put of of any film with rape of any kind, can watch it once but never again, even with TV shows it ruins that episode forever for me and I will never watch it again. This movie however I can live with it and even watch it again the story was so great and it didn't leave me with that sick taste in my mouth that rape usually does.

Incredible acting, great movie, I do recommend to others.

To survive the end of the world you must first survive each other

Agora (2009)
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brilliant film - must see, 21 March 2012

This film does have a lot going on as other reviews have stated but only an idiot couldn't follow the storyline, the main reviewer keep getting lost (idiot). Its a fantastic telling of Hypatia known nowadays for her intelligence far greater than all the men of her times, with incredible accomplishments in mathematics, science, philosophy. All she wanted was to unravel the mysteries of where we earth the centre of the universe? was the sun? what holds us to earth? is the earth moving? The Christians unwilling to accept anyone believing any faith but their own begin to slaughter people in the streets, when they are done with the Pagans they move onto the Jews, then they turn to those who have no faith.

i was so surprised to find out this isn't a film about agoraphobia as i had assumed from the title but about 4AD and the beginnings of the killings by the Christians of the other faiths. to discover Rachel Weiss was also a shock and a pleasure, she is an incredible actress, i have never actually seen her in a bad part, she first caught my attention in the mummy and by the mummy 2 i was mesmerised by this vivacious creature (it was the amazing fighting scenes for me, as a woman i love nothing more than a woman who kicks ass, who has a brain and looks good doing it) I would recommend this film to anyone with a brain!! if you just love action you can enjoy the fighting scenes but a brain would help for the philosophy. I love shows such as Spartacus, The Tudors, and films like Elizabeth, Troy, Gladiator. I'm not saying they are all historically accurate but they are great storytelling, great action, and actually make me want to go online and research the people in them just as this film has.

please watch this film!!! and enjoy it.

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good but not good enough, 8 January 2010

in all honesty i love terminator, i adore terminator 2, terminator 3 is to be ignored for it's undeniable crapness, sorry but its true.

i was expecting so much more from this new film, i pretty much love Christian bale!!! he's so gorgeous and i love his films, but this let me down, its still good, but i was expecting greatness like T2! it was more Sam's film strangely, than Christian, which is strange as he is john Connor.

i enjoyed all the futuristic gadgets but really who doesn't, but i did hate the resistance leaders, annoying or what. i haven't really ever been a fan of Michael ironside, even in V he was the annoying one of the group. (off subject but Diana rules, best TV bitch ever!!!!), if you don't get the reference your either too young, too stupid, or don't actually grasp great TV and film.

i have to say i got more enjoyment out of the ride in Florida than i did out of this film, short of my perving on the fit men in it.

more about the movie: it continues the story but doesn't live up to the first two movies but far surpasses the third (but it wouldn't take much to do that). it brings some new ideas which where odd yet quite good, it made me think even with all else we had seen would that new model actually ever work, but hey, i went with it. the Arnie attempt was really good and the CGI actually looked better than in the original terminator (with the fake Arnie head as he loses his skin and cutting out his eye), it wouldn't be perfect but considering the advanced age of Arnie it was really good!!!

my great problem with this film was simply Helena Bonham carter!!!! hate that bitch, her only good role is Marla in fight club (the commentary with the 3 stars is fab). such an ugly b**ch too, (i know she's f**king Tim Burton but why must he always use her in his movies, i know this isn't his, but it needed to be said)

gotta say after watching this then avatar, i'm offically jonesing for Sam Worthington, he's hotter in this than avatar, such a good actor too.