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Great show.. need a better location, got sleepy at times., 18 July 2013

Show was great thanks ONLY to Ms Union's acting, she saved the entire show, i only stuck around to see what she'll do next. The dialog was exhausting, i nearly fell asleep on some parts, but they slipped a few good parts in to keep me locked in every now and then.. As far as the area this all took place, i cannot remember a thing, it was a boring, sleepy, faceless town which all of Atlanta is since all they got is an Aquarium, Coca Cola museum and CNN to look at, everything looked to put together for my taste like the entire city is a fake stage set or something i don't know..

This show would do great in a city like New Orleans, New York, Maryland, Miami or even Las Vegas, places where things happen all the time and people can directly connect with the surroundings, whenever in Atlanta this was filmed it just didn't fit the story that well.

"The Game" (2006)
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Show gradually got bad now it's WORSE!, 18 January 2012

I have absolutely no idea what happened, suddenly this show just began to suck. I'm not sure what's going on; writer's block maybe? The chemistry the characters had back when it was on CW was far better than they are now, everybody and everything seems off and tweaked really badly, the comedy seems more like a after-thought and this is suppose to be a Comedy-Drama.. it's turned more into an African American 90210. I have no idea why the scenery would change so drastically, you'd think they would simply move all of the set's from LA to Atlanta and keep them intact, instead they went fresh with everything and threw-off the vibe the show had.. Even the quality of the film is bad, it's almost amateur HQ Camcorder-ish.

It also seem like Tyler Perry had a little influence in the writing now, the women seem more uneasy, stuck up, angrier, uptight and the men seem more like these Politically correct cavemen and Clean-cut Thugs.. Everybody got an attitude.

Bring back the way the show originally was why downgrade and cheapen it so drastically after such a good first few seasons?!!

RED (2010)
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One of those movies thats so good it suppose to be in your DVD/Blue Rack, 20 December 2010

I'm going to keep it short and simple.. Movie was exciting, fun, funny, well done, locations were excellent, casting was perfect, action packed to the max!, intense. Movie kept me glued to my seat, it's a movie i can easily go back and watch again like one of those roller coaster rides you look at it and it's "eh-OK" looking from afar, but after you ride it, it's your favorite ride of all time? This movie is one of those types of rides.. MUST HAVE Action DVD of the year.. Expendables will be on that rack as well but this one will be sitting right above it for the guys to watch. This is one you whip out for the kids when they get older and you want to expose them to a good ol'e action movie from your time; sorta like what our dad did to us with Western's, and the old Robo-cops and Die hard flicks lol.

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Decent but not Box Office quality (belongs on Bravo channel), 5 November 2010

This is and will be a signature piece to Tyler Perry, however it's so boring i don't know if it's worth the full 15.75 to watch it..

This movie is watchable and tolerable unlike his other rehashed, VERY cliché' flicks but it just falls down the tubes with the entertainment portion, i was bored to death, The movie is basically Waiting to Exhale, Whats love got to do with it and Precious all thrown together in a big Gumbo pot however i did enjoy Kimberly Elise acting which probably saved this entire movie from being thrown out a week into it's release. Janet Jackson, I LOVE YOU GIRL! but baby! Stop!!!!!! You cannot act! i've punished myself long enough waiting for you to have a break-thru acting role that would get you another Oscar but girl.. you've lostit.. When she cries it's like watching tear's fall from one of those baby doll toy's, they are so forced it's painful to watch.

Phlyica Rashad did a fantastic job with the poorly written portions she did have, she made due with what she had and ran with it.. put this women in more movies and give her bigger scripts!

Obviously Tyler Perry doesn't need anyone to tell him he does or does not know how to direct but he does have a lot of work to do..

I had to give this 5/10 because although there were flashes of great acting and directing it just was not worth the money.. seriously.. Wait for it to get on TV, you wont be as mad or empty when your leave.. Luckily i got to watch it for free but i saw some frustrated and confused people leaving and a lot of people just did not talk about the movie after they left out, everyone just filed out quietly and went to their car's as if they were dazed..

this movie would go well in anyone's collection if you like Black art's such as the color purple, roots, etc...

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Stepped up the violence a bit more and drove it down your throat!, 30 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one which may be the last one took things up a notch the violence seemed very elaborate, however the storyline seemed a bit "blah" the 3D effects weren't really needed in this one, the only time it really stands out is when the kills start and you see blood and gore splat, other than that your just watching people "blather and walk around in 3D which isn't really fun.. I wish it could have been a bit longer, this movie seemed way too short to be a finale, and it just ended with the possibility to continue. Perhaps Lionsgate should sell the rights to someone else to start a new series, perhaps give it a new name..

Anyway good movie, not bad, you definitely get what you came in for, this is the first Saw where was really biting my lip and squeamish during the torture, i mean they really had grown men all in the theater turning their heads who all thought they were going to man up and laugh while it was going on lol.

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Scared the bejesus outta everybody!! Ya'll have got to see this movie! Great horror flick!, 27 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(PREPARE FOR SPOILERS BUT NOT ENOUGH TO GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY) This was directed by someone you've never heard of and starring actors you won't be able to place, there's only one reason for a movie such as the New Orleans shot "Last Exorcism" to exist: to scare the bejeezus out of you.

Produced by the "Hostel" creator which is the biggest name connected to the project, the movie is an intense snatch of horror-suspense built in the mold of "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity." Translation: It was shot on a shoestring and makes no apologies for it. Instead, it camouflages that low-budget pedigree - even embraces it by posing as a documentary. That way, its imperfections -- shot on video, jittery camera work -- are excusable. Better yet, they sharpen the realism, and the scare factor, when the brimstone hits the fan.

When those scares do come, they're not the result of high-end digital effects. More often than not, they involve something bloody and blurry being thrust suddenly at the camera, then the camera spinning and slamming into door frames as the cameraman runs for his everlovin' life.

You might not have heard of Patrick Fabian (who boasts an impressive string of TV appearances) and Ashley Bell (who doesn't), but they don't act like no-names. Their performances make "The Last Exorcism, " and -- given the buzz the film has generated -- it just might return the favor.

Fabian plays a Baton Rouge preacher named Cotton Marcus (which explains the film's working title, "Cotton, " when it shot in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish last year). Cotton is charming through and through -- a born performer, according to his wife -- and he knows how to get his congregation eating out of the palm of his hand. More important, he also knows how to manipulate them.

That goes for sermons, and it goes double for exorcisms, a family specialty. But Cotton's got a secret: It's all a sham. After years of hiding the truth, he's pulling back the curtain on the family business, inviting a film crew to document his final case to show how his fakery works.

But this time, there's going to be a short supply of fakery. He's headed to the Sweetzer farm, south of New Orleans, where all hell is about to break loose. It's there he meets young Nell (played by Bell), who is all innocent eyes and sweet smiles.

Except when she's possessed and mutilating cattle.

As good a job as Fabian does as the charming Cotton, Bell is even better playing both sides of Nell's character. It's an eerie transformation, really, and it's a big reason the movie works.

Although "The Last Exorcism" is shot and set in south Louisiana, audiences don't get an overabundance of NOLA scenery. That means -- thankfully -- they don't get an overabundance of Louisiana clichés, either. Director Daniel Stamm is more subtle than that. He uses the region only for atmosphere, for the spooky vibe that descends on the bayou when the sun sets.

Stamm also leaves a lot of questions unanswered in his breathless, go-for-broke final act, which raises hysteria to a fever pitch but never really slows down enough to explain what the heck just happened.

Here's what I do know happened, though: When I left the theater, I was exhausted and freaked out and totally bejeezus-less. And for a movie such as "Last Exorcism, " that's the perfect ending, it's so intense it left a lot of people still sitting in their seats moments into the credits..

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Throw 90210, Twilight and Charm in a pot and you got this crap on your plate., 18 August 2010

I see why it's on CW,(Crap Watch)TV, it started off weak and hasn't really gone anywhere, i was trying to like it because i like Vampire shows, but this, is cheesy, i see they tried to throw some eye candy heart throbs on it to get some attention, but between the extremely poor acting, bad writing, bad location i don't know if i can punish myself any longer..

I dozed off on much of the show and reversed it back to see what i missed, and it turns out it's a bunch of useless, pointless dialog, And why the guys all look like they have the same makeup and hair designers as the one's on Twilight? is this suppose to try and pull Twilight's audience while it's hot and almost concluded? Try again.. All the females i know have went on to Tru Blood which is absolutely one of the best Vampire and supernatural shows i've ever laid eyes on. I got in on that show late because i thought it was another cliché' show made to show sex scene's with Vampires (Which HBO does try and do sometimes), turns out i was wrong with my perception glad i got into it in the first season even if it was toward the end, now im hooked..

This show should be on Nickelodeon, not taking up valuable airtime on a network trying to make it in the big media market.. And they really need to change locations, OMG!! Vampires in a cookie cutter suburban town? Give Vampires more credit than this pleeaseeee! This was made to be teenie bopperish/90210ish.. This Lisa Jane Smith Novel series was OK but to write screen plays for it? What are you thinking!?? Pull this show quick!

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Stallone stands alone! he finally made a movie i actually love! ALL MY HOMEBOYZ LOVE THIS!!, 16 August 2010

Man we was just expecting to see a plain ole just 'okay' action flick that we'd probably walk out of and go sneak in another movie after a while but we stayed put! from start to finish it was a complete action movie, none of the over computer processed crap, just good ol'e filming a testosterone flick.. yeah there was some bad acting in it but no one cared! it' wasn't done for the acting lol.. This was clearly done to be an adrenalin and testosterone driven movie, that was all accomplished, This will OWN my Blue ray rack for sure! This one of those movies my daddy would be proud of me watching lol..

Carnage, action, fighting, blood, explosions, intensity, edge of seat suspense, sexy chicks, guns, knives, heavy machinery, mud, dirt, rage all mixed in a Big ole gumbo pot! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! MUST SEE! bring the fella'z, chicks as far as i seen dig it but most probably will be watching for a different reason.. If your a man this is for you!

Great location shots OMG Brazil and New Orleans! No better places to shoot movies!

ATL (2006)
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Awful movie, 6 June 2010

Movie was just horribly bad, they kinda lied in the previews when this movie was on its way to the movie theater, a lot of people walked out, they didn't expect a ghetto version of Xanadu, thats exactly what this was.

It was so bad, and ATL has nothing really to offer, it's a Transient city, you move there if you want to either go to school or seek a job, when that dries up people leave and don't think twice about it, so i don't understand why a movie was even needed, there's no culture other than it's a over crowded over developed predominately black city with lots of crime with a cookie cut skyline.

"Treme" (2010)
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A roller-coaster ride of a show, it started off slow but is now cranking into full gear now, 26 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

HBO and David Simon.. Thank you!... This is truly one show about New Orleans i can fully say.. (IS NEW ORLEANS)

These episodes are leaving me with a feeling of "being taking back there" I don't know if you can get a better cast, (well you probably can)

I feel like this show was carefully done with love the way that there are some micro-stories that only exist in New Orleans are added, at the same-time you have to have "BALLS!" to be a director not from the city having various things in the script that take deliberate and constant swipes at the NOPD, the politicians, other cities and parishes, neighborhoods and people. Speaking on the micro-stories, a lot of people didn't know about the "Black Creoles Versus the African American blacks" existed, this story brings that out and i think it's going to come out even more as Ladonna character intensify her search for her brother. In a way it's almost a bipolar story, i feel like im on a roller-coaster ride thats never going to end.. Amazing, David Simon is the man and a genius!..

Last part of the 3rd Episode left me with a sick feeling in my gut and had to hold back tears, as the credits rolled i had to turn my head because i was soooooo upset! Wow "shivers man!!!"

Well done.. Bravo!

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