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Moronic piece of retarded trash, 25 January 2007

"Kicking buttski. Making you laughski. The Academy is backski!"

What the hell is that even meant to mean!!?? I cannot think of a single Russian word (apart from the obvious "Russki") that ends with "ski". This is just one of the many idiotic retarded things in this movie. The story makes no sense. Why would Russians want to hire a bunch of American loudmouths to hunt down some supposed "Russian" gangster who doesn't look, sound, or talk like a Russian. What kind of a Russian surname is "Konali" anyway? And he's planning to take over the world with a stupid video game about a bear who runs around punching people? WHAT THE HELL!? The jokes aren't funny and the acting is crap. Whoever made this movie should be dragged through their own vomit.

This movie a dumbski piece of crapski.

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By far the greatest comedy film of all time, 4 May 2006

Sorry but no other comedy in history matches the greatness of this one. I was ROFLing through every second.

The movie is about a Yank and a Jap whose planes crash into an island during WWII. Hilarity ensues.

The highlight of the film is a urination sequence involving Toshiro Mifune getting peed on by Lee Marvin and then he goes all crazy and starts washing himself. I bet you're laughing already. Another powerful moment is when Marvin gives a heroic speech about how he owns a log. This is obviously an analogy which refers to the fact that the Allies had "logs" while the Axis didn't.

Like I said, hilarious.