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Tony Danza show unfortunately one of the most boring talk shows, 1 August 2006

Having tried to watch many episodes of this show, it was almost a painful experience. You can tell that Tony tried to do a good job, but unfortunately his sitcom experience did him little good in this format. Most of his interviews seem forced. He doesn't really listen to the guests answers. There are so many very good talk shows out there that this show pales in comparison. He also looks ill in this show, his face is sunken in and his hair seems to have some problems. Either he is ill, or his makeup artist has a sick and demented sense of humor. Each Friday he had a segment on the highlights from that week. I don't know how they found footage for those. I have to say I was kind of glad when this show was canceled, and replaced with someone new(Rachel Ray) At least things will be better this fall. Tony, please go back to sitcoms where talented people do the writing.

"Bette" (2000)
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Bette Midler wonderful in self-titled comedy, 10 May 2006

Bette Midler playing herself- I wasn't sure at first how this comedy would work out, but after the 1st episode I was hooked. Some people have claimed the scripts weren't all that great, but I have to strongly disagree. Bette's character of Bette is absolutely hysterical. Very few celebrities are able to poke fun at themselves for everyone to see. Some of the situations are "I love Lucy" style, and Bette pulls them off with class. And having celebrities like Dolly Parton coming in to join the show poking fun at themselves just adds to the fun. The chemistry between Bette and Joanna Gleason is fantastic. Great job of casting there, with Bette always hearing what she wants to hear, not what everyone is telling her, and Joanna trying to ease her into reality. I was disappointed when this show ended, and hope it will be released on DVD one day soon.

"Unan1mous" (2006/I)
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Possibly the worst show ever on TV, 10 May 2006

Possibly worse than the Jerry Springer show. Of course everyone would want to win the money, so you can see where all the problems are going to come in. They wouldn't want anyone else to win the money, losing their chance to win it themselves. I don't think it could have been any more predictable. If it ever reruns, don't waste your time. Worthless, absolutely worthless. What a waste of 8 half hours of television. This is particularly disappointing since they were wasting the perfect opportunity to cash in on following American Idol, why would you not put a really good new show on to follow it, seeing as so many people are watching? This was not meant to be a full season show, so why waste the time slot? Fox has hit an all time low with this show.

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Amazingly funny show with amazing cast, 14 March 2006

What an amazingly funny and original show. The cast starting with the hysterical Julie Brown(Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun) is just perfect. Add Amy Hill(All American Girl-Grandma Kim) who plays a lesbian who is always arguing with her partner and business partner(Asian restaurant-WOK-DON"T RUN) I have laughed harder during this show than any other I have ever seen(including Newhart-one of my all time favorite shows) If you like movies like Naked Gun and Airplane- you will love this series!! One of the best moments of the show is Cindy Williams playing herself. When she snubs Tammy at the dry cleaners, Tammy finds a picture of Cindy Williams in her coat. The picture is of Cindy Williams doing an unmentionable act with a bowling pin-upside down. It is awesome to see an actress like Cindy Williams being able to play herself like this. Soap opera like with many surprise twists during its short run. I can only hope that this will someday be released on DVD with special many bonus special features. Funniest series I have ever seen!!!!