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These are movies that have made me cry over the last several years. The top few in the list get me every time.
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CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Whether they are unknown or known films, comedy or drama, awkward or fun, this list contains some of the best movies with the most jarring, obscene, hilarious, offensive, nasty, malicious, hurtful verbal abuse you could ever hope for. It may be on the list just because of one scene from the movie, or it could be the entire film. Either way, you watch any of these movies, and you'll see characters get reamed in the best and most satisfying of ways. Some of the greatest insults in cinema history are in this list.
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Out of the few thousand movies I've seen
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A list of my favorite movies to watch as a kid, aged 4-13
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A collection of crazy movies that will twist your brain like a wet towel, and then whip your sanity in the a** with it.
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And my rating of each
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A full list of all the horror movies I have seen, and my rating of each.
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Whether it's a movie I greatly respect and wish to see a more modern and different approach to it, or if I think it's a terrible movie but yet deserves a second shot, here is the list of movies I want to see remade.
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I used to watch as a kid
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That I've seen. Along with my rating of each one
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Basically, I went through my voting history and grabbed the lowest 15 rated movies on my list. I don't care if you liked any of them, they all sucked. They're my least favorite movies of all time.
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Movies that best define an "epic"
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My list of favorite movies with a Halloween feel, to watch on or around Halloween.
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A list of what I think are the best horrors of all time. The list is a continuing work in progress, since I'm constantly out on the lookout for horrors to take the place of others in this list. But for now, these are the best and are highly recommended to anyone who are fans of the horror genre.
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Non-Animated shows.
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Take the two best genres (comedy and horror), combine them, and you've got yourself a fantastic movie (assuming the acting, directing, cinematography is all good). These are my personal favorites, and I'm sure most people will have similar tastes. Some may not have been meant to be comedic, but they ended up having comedic value anyways.
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These movies are the best of the best from my 10/10 list. These movies are the movies I will talk about for hours. These movies I will defend when somebody says even the slightest bad thing about them. Nobody can disagree with me on these. I will go inception on you and jump into your mind and change your opinion on them if you give these movies a 9/10 or less. These are the movies that whenever anyone mentions them, I have to jump into the conversation and give them my 2 cents about the movies.

Which usually ends up being a dollar's worth.
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I would love to go nuts and list a ton of Disney and Pixar movies, but that would make the list too long. So I'm only including a couple Disney movies, which happen to be my top favorite animated disney movies of all time. me an idea for another list.
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My favorite movie series of all time. I'm listing either the first movie of the series, or the most influential movie of the series.

The definition of "series" here, means movies with MORE than 2 films that follow the same characters, plot and/or that otherwise continues the story.

This means it has to be at least a trilogy.

Side note:

I would've included the Jurassic Park, the Mission Impossible, and Indiana Jones series, but in each of those series there was a movie that was either not that great (Jurassic Park 3, Temple of Doom), or plain terrible (MI:2, Crystal Skull).

Another side note:

When Ip Man 3 comes out, that series will replace #10 on this list.
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My personal top 15 movies (subject to change, but the top 5 are safe)
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got any recommendations? The movies marked with a "PF" means they're a personal favorite of mine that I will rave about and recommend to everyone.