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Get ready to be caught off guard..., 3 July 2008

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I was not expecting All Things. Although it hardly seemed like an X-file Gillian Anderson took Scully to a whole new level with this episode. This episodes shows a more unguarded, less scientific view of the character Scully. I thought it was very creative and allowed Scully something she had not been given in the past: flaw. For once it wasn't her medical knowledge being put to the test, or her morals, or her religion, it was her womanhood. And if you're a shipper like I am you will love this episode for a whole other reason, too. *wink*

Apart from the character development I thought the episode itself in the way it was written and directed (Love you Gillian) was very creative and very different from the previous X-files styles we had been shown. It threw me for a loop, and I was not disappointed.

The Most Fun I've Had..., 5 February 2007

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This movie was literally the most fun I've had watching a movie in a long time! It's refreshingly different from the mainstream and made me smile, laugh out loud, and sit on the edge of my seat. Nia Vardalos is brilliant! The script is great with lots of little jokes and inside jokes, and once you discover them you will laugh even harder at a moment which was already funny. But, other than writing a great script, Nia Vardalos(Connie) and Toni Colette(Carla) did a fantastic job of acting their corny, cute characters. Another great asset to the movie was the great chemistry between Vardalos and David Duchovny. I loved this movie, and hope that you too will enjoy this spunky story of two women pretending to be men pretending to be women.

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Funny Refreshment, 28 May 2006

Rebecca Romijn is great in Pepper Dennis! Although the acting from her (which is really surprising) and a few others is a little choppy, they haven't exactly settled into the characters yet, so it is to be expected. Other than that, I don't find much wrong with the show.

It is refreshing to see a show that isn't centered around seriousness, because even though Pepper Dennis is a drama, there is so much comedy that after watching it you don't necessarily feel depressed for the characters. And, as a devoted Charmed watcher, it has a big comfort for me and my mom, who is obsessed with the show Gilmore Girls, when the characters in those shows are distressed.

Pepper Dennis is great, and, as I said, Romijn is great in it. Along with her co-stars Burns who play her sister Kathy, Hopkins who plays her um...I don't know what to call him...Charlie, and Price as her best friend Kimmy. These are great supporting actors and actresses. I enjoy Pepper Dennis, and hope it will have a long run.

Oklahoma! (1955)
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A Marvelous Musical!, 20 March 2006

In this movie Gordon MacRae could not be better. His voice along with Shirly Jones' is truly fascinating. Rogers and Hammerstein could not have done better with this wonderful movie.

Gloria Grahame is hilarious, along with Eddie Albert and Gene Nelson, they make for most of the laughs in this movie. But, of course, who cant resist to laugh at Charlotte Greenwood who plays Aunt Eller. Her wit and attitude is definitely one of the elements of this movie that makes it so enjoyable to watch.

Witty dialog and fun dancing and music, what could be better in a movie? If i sound like a advertisement, then that shows just how much I love this movie, and think you will too! Its a fun movie with laughs and, as they would say back then, plenty o' heart!