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Die Hard (1988)
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"Haaaaaans!", 5 November 2011

Die Hard was one of those movies that just didn't disappoint. Bruce Willis was perfect for the role. His bad attitude, and it being used in a building full of terrorists was a perfect match.

Alan Rickman was great in being the nemesis, he is eerie, and you get the total feeling that hes such a dangerous villain. Bonnie Bedelia was also great as Johns wife being held hostage.

The action scenes? what can i say? for the time it was made, this movie has not dated at all. In fact its more realistic in its making compared to to other action flicks with over the top CGI. This move is a classic, go watch it!

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Surpassed my Expectations and gave a Fantastic Ending to the Inbetweeners, 13 September 2011

All i can say is it was absolutely hilarious, and I mean that. After seeing season 3 I thought it was the weakest of the seasons, and wasn't expecting much out of the movie. But Ho-ly, throughout the theater, laughs rang out through the entire place, they sure saved the best for last. Will, Jay, Neill and Simon all reprise their roles, as well as Carli, and Mr Gilbert and Donovan in a small role.

We get to see another side to Will, Jay and Simon and Neill throughout, and it shows their friendship with each other in a new light which i never saw that much within the series, and this is what i thought supported the movie to be definitely the best movie I've seen this year Hilarious, see it

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I Love A Scare At Bedtime, but this is just......, 21 May 2011

First off i think its the fact that Lucy Kennedy presents it is a major problem, she tries to be funny, alas she is not. She brings a formal approach to the show when the camera stems from Podge and Rodge onto her talking to the camera, I get the feeling she loves the sound of her own voice. This show was just a simple vehicle to further her career. Shes totally pointless. And why on earth did the creators give Podge and Rodge human bodies in the intro?! They look bloody stupid

Podge and Rodge are still there however but the overall concept is stupid and the "Celebrities" they interview just go with it and crack a smile and a chuckle when Podge and Rodge rips the p**s out of them - "ho ho ho, you're such funny little puppets" Overall its very watered down. I miss the wee stories they used to tell on A Scare at bedtime and the jokes they made were awful funny.

My question is Why did they cancel A Scare at Bedtime?? and then put this on, only for it to end as well?

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Without a doubt, the Weakest Seth Rogan Movie, 13 April 2011

I rented this with high expectations, I love Seth Rogan. Knocked Up and Pineapple Express and 40 Year Old Virgin were hilarious. He makes me laugh an awful lot in those movies. This turned out to be the grand mother load of s**t. A poor script makes this out to be a poor movie.

Seth Rogan is a Bi Polar security guard who wants to be a cop to track down a Perverted Flasher around a Mall and fails miserably in doing so again and again. I felt more sorry for his character if anything. He had no dignity at all in this movie compared to characters he played. Ray Liotta may be the only good piece of acting in this.

Punch lines that barely made me even utter a laugh, and an incredibly annoying Anna Faris didn't make things any better either. Very Poor

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Misunderstood if anything, 5 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Happening was a good movie to sit down and watch. I haven't seen all of Shyamalans movies,just Signs and The Village. Both great movies. The Happening stars Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel.Their acting is quite mediocre however, and is very obvious. Their relationship in the movie in my opinion is comedic throughout and then are hit with emotional levels,which seemed inappropriate at times. I noticed this also when watching Signs. Comedic lines within a disaster movie.

The closeups Shyamalan uses of peoples faces symbolizes dire distress. The story of The Happening everyone says sucked.This is far from the truth.It is quite intelligent, and displays mankind for who we really are and what were doing which I think Shyamalan was trying to communicate to us. Its an eerie movie really.

One of the beginning scenes with all the construction workers jumping off the building is a very memorable scene for me, and where John Leguziamo is traveling through a town and sees that everyone has used ladders to climb trees and hang themselves. Oh and the soundtrack in the movie is just brilliant. Overall a good movie to watch. Definitely doesn't deserve the hate its been getting

"Glee" (2009)
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Embarrassing to watch, don't you get that??, 2 August 2010

This show is just plain awful,god awful. Its forced way too much, completely unrealistic. The characters and their interactions are plain fake and unrealistic. The dialog? It makes you wonder whether its a comedy or a drama,writers please make up your mind.

When the students break out into song,nearly every 5 minutes,it gives me goosebumps and makes me cringe,especially if there's someone else watching. I have to leave the room. I cant believe what I'm watching really. From my recollection,there was and episode in which the main lead character proves his love for his lady friend, while Sugababes "About you now" is playing,we're suppose to assume that this loves is going to last forever,and that were really suppose to like this guy for doing it. Thats OK. Next episode, nearly 5 minutes into it,he cheats on her straight away with another woman. And it has a comedic element to it?! what the hell? WHY the hell would he do that? and we're still suppose to like this guy? so basically the ending of the last episode lied to us? their love wasn't pure at all? everything seems very forced, and fake, and proves this by throwing away what happened in the garbage and forgetting about it in the next episode. Makes you think, "do I really care??"

This show is all over the place,i don't know how anyone can watch it. This is a craze TV show, and its right up there with Twilight. Hopefully this will be forgotten about in 5 years when the shows ended.

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A Nuclear Strike full of CG, 17 July 2010

And thats what I've noticed about this. This movie was made as if the people who made it were on drugs. The dialog is very childish, and the girl who played Susie Salmon is god awful. She has only 3 emotional states throughout the movie,happy, yet so confused about everything that is going on, and helpless whilst screaming every once in a while from heaven to her parents who cant hear her. The main problem I had about this movie was, who exactly was the target audience? kids or adults?. It was a cross between a drama (that I must admit had a very disturbing scene) and The Chronicles of Narnia, so which is it? because both of these just doesn't work.

The only thing I liked was the actor Stanley Tucci, who gave a great performance as the killer. Mark Wahlberg was completely wooden as usual. The CG was just too much, and the story got way over the top completely very quick. I knew Id hated it 5 minutes into it.

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Godzilla meets The Blair Witch Project, 15 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow. This was just absolutely spectacular. Special effects were just amazing from the camcorder style, looked absolutely real. I didn't see it in the theater but i wish i had, I would have loved it even more. The atmosphere itself that just surrounded the whole movie and the emotions of happiness at a going away party that suddenly turn to panic and fear when flying debris from a building thats after being destroyed starts flying thorugh the New York skyline towards our characters on top of a high rise apartment building. It was so good.

Im not going to go into great detail about the movie, because it is more about the experience itself of seeing Cloverfield. Our characters are likable, I liked Rob an awful lot, and his other friends that were at his surprise going away party also. The may seem like yuppies, but they're OK. Their journey through Manhattan, from crossing a massive bridge where the monster attacks, from underground subway tunnels filled with creatures to an open street where they encounter a war zone with between the military and the monster, through a mall where they come across a triage of wounded people/soldiers where we find out the monster can in fact release these smaller creatures and when bitten by one of them, one grows inside you and bursts out of your stomach. It may seem like it was ripped from Aliens, and it probably was.

Otherwise, as other reviewers may have said, a breath of fresh air through the Blair Witch style. Excellent movie, you should'nt be disappointed

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Dramatic cliché American acting through the camera lens didn't work, However..., 15 July 2010

Caught this on Sky Sci Fi/Horror movie channel on night. A good movie for what it is really. But what slightly bugged me about it was that the acting was just like watching and episode of an American soap opera, the direction of the acting was going through also. A happy American family is portrayed on screen through the style a la Blair Witch (However didn't this come before Blair Witch?) Anyway, the problem is I don't know what people are saying that it looked REAL when this is obviously far from the truth. First off, the acting is not the type of acting you would expect to see at a thanksgiving dinner through a camcorder. The actors are behaving like it is a movie with awful clichés when it should be portrayed as REAL life acting especially if we are to assume this is actual footage of a real tape. The acting is mediocre at best when it comes to this movie. What the director/writers should have left out was the sudden interruptions they made during the movie having brief interviews with a cop, a rock star abductee, and a scientist giving their thoughts on the "Found" Footage. Pure Garbage in my opinion.

However, having said all that, it didn't ruin the movie for me that much. It was in fact enjoyable. What made this movie great was the aliens outside the house and telepathically messing with the families minds, and causing them to suffer from nosebleeds and burns on their backs,and having all the electronics in the house go haywire and having the young girl only barely touching the keys on the piano, making the other family members think she is actually playing the piano, we the audience only notice this however through the camera. A few eerie scenes made me say "this is crazy" a few times, which I loved.

Seeing this now, it reminded only a small bit of Paranormal Activity,set in a house giving it a kind of claustrophobic sense with bad s***t going down. However I wont compare it to it that much, this was obviously way low budget, and way back in 1998 especially. So I wont compare it to Paranormal Activity really except for the house setting through the camera. Overall, a decent movie. Just ignore those stupid actors in the "Interviews".

My Favourite B-Movie, Inspires me to go into B-Movie Film-Making, 30 June 2010

I first caught a viewing of Back From Hell on the Horror Channel a number of years ago, and I instantly loved it because of the fake blood, the sets, and even the music Matt Jaissle designed for the movie. For a bad movie, I know where the director was getting at. I know that from the locations the camera seems to be filming while the music is playing, is suppose to give suspense, or give a haunting atmosphere however it fails big time at giving anything like that. It inspires me because of how bad it is, and how amateur it is, If I was to start making b horror movies, Id start off at watching this because of the editing which is pretty bad, yes its so bad that its good. YES, it does fall into that category.

Its kind of strange that I loved this movie, the story is fine, and the background of Aaron and Jack is fine, the acting - the worst I've ever seen. First off this has to be one of the worst movies ever made, the sound seems so far away. The two main leads, and that cop seem as if they forget their lines most of the time. There is no emotion in their voice when they're talking,and when it seems like they give the impression that there is suppose to be, you cant help but laugh at some scenes. As other reviewers of this have said, there is some hilarious one-liners and action scenes with those satanic ninjas, and the make-up and gore is so bad its funny.

I tried for a while to get this on DVD, and luckily found a copy after some time on Ebay. If you love B-Movies, add this to your collection, its a good one.

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