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Bad movie, most of all not for Sherlock Holmes fans, 2 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was extremely boring (my friend slept through most of it) and irritating.

I've been a real Sherlock Holmes stories fan for many years (first place visited in London? 221B Baker Street - I've read all of the stories 6 times).

I was very disappointed by the shame that movie makes of itself by transforming the noblest of men (Watson and Holmes) into two idiots punching each other (!!!). Mary Morstan that throws a cocktail in Sherlock's face? ARE WE CRAZY?! The noblest men into two idiots and the best friendship into a ridiculous series of insults.


If you are not a Holmes fan it's just still a mediocre modern movie full of action and with an horrible story.

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One of the best TV series ever, 20 October 2007

I just finished seeing it for the second time. Direction is great, the story is great from the start to the end, the characters and the humanity they express is amazing.

It is filled with unforgettable quotes. In fact, English is used at its best level. Dialogs are excellent.

I dare saying that season one is perfect. Seasdon two is almost at the same level. It was difficult to accept Daniel Bengali missing at first, but then you start empathizing with La Paglia too.

Murder One is simply great. Difficult is to explain how they didn't continued after the second series :(

"Joey" (2004)
Fun!, 3 June 2006

We have seen every episode in the first season in just three days when the DVD arrived. we enjoyed it a lot! it is very funny. it is not Friends, you know, and you should not compare with it, but see just because Joey and his family is fun as ever! the characters are great and well mixed. Alex is adorable, Gina is the perfect sister of Joey, Mike is nice, Howard is great. I really can't understand why they cut the series and why people didn't see this series even if it better than most of the stupid things that continues to go on television.. and we are sad we won't have more Joey..


Very Funny, 11 March 2006

When we went to the theater we were afraid it could not be as good as the Sellers's original movies, but I was surprised: the movie is very funny and all the people in the theater were laughing all time long.

Steve Martin played funny movies in the past but recently he had been irritating and not funny at all, with exaggerated and pathetic characters.

In this one he doesn't have the style of Peter Sellers but the movie is very well directed, the gags are funny, and he acts in an acceptable way.

Jean Reno is always great with his facial expressions. Therefore, a pleasant movie to watch.