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What did I see the second time?, 10 March 2006

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I was visiting Atlanta, Feb. 23, 2006. My friend that I was visiting, asked me, "What do you want to do while here in Atlanta"? I answered, "It does not matter as long as we see "Madea's Family Reunion". So we did see it at Phipps Plaza, and really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed it so much that when i got back home, I went to see it again on March 1, 2006. Mr. Perry I love all of your work and have been to see all of your plays and all of your movies!!!!!! When i went to see your movie in Memphis (Majestic), I noticed something strange. From the start of the movie, i could not see who wrote, produced, or starred in the movie. You could see the words "produced by" but you could not see the person's name. I am not exaggerating, but we could see the microphone and microphone pole in many scenes. I did not remember seeing any microphones or microphone poles while seeing your movie in Atlanta. Was I seeing two different movies? I love your work and will continue to support you!!!!!! All of Gods Grace!!!!!!!!!!! Darrell