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First decent rom-com show in years, 12 March 2016

It's got fresh dialog.

Amusing songs (ya, it's a musical) Off the charts production value.

It's definitely different in a creative way.

The chemistry between the lead characters is great.

You can almost live vicariously through them.

All in all, it's a great show I'm happy they renewed for season two.

It's got fresh dialog.

Amusing songs (ya, it's a musical) Off the charts production value.

It's definitely different in a creative way.

The chemistry between the lead characters is great.

You can almost live vicariously through them.

All in all, it's a great show I'm happy they renewed for season two.

"Dr. Ken" (2015)
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Minstrel show 2015, 11 December 2015

This is such a minstrel show. "Dr" Jeong is a joke and has been fulfilling the role of of the bucktooth clown of the 21st century.

~Ken Jeong reinforces one negative stereotype of Asian-Americans after another

~Dr. Ken is the butt of almost every joke- causing the audience to laugh AT him.

~acting effeminate, and behaving like an immature child.

~Jeong mocks the Asian accent

~Jeong is pushed around by his colleagues as well as family members.

In short, "Dr." Jeong is not the leading man we need You can read more by searching "Dr. Ken is a Step Backwards for Asian-Americans". Kulture Media is taking Hollywood to task for its racist and dehumanizing portrayals. Learn more or join to fight back.

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I told you so., 22 November 2015

I told you this was trash years ago. I even gave you a second warning, but didn't listen to this sagacious old man. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Let's hear from our esteemed critics..

Stuuuupiddd.... intensely stupidddd....!!!!!!! Boring Action - Predictable Throughout Total Garbage. Most disappointing movie of the decade.

Poor story. Worse of the Hunger Games trilogy Surprisingly boring. An exorcise in futility.

Terrible ending to a great series of films Don't Drag Your Friend Along Well, umm Allegiance to source material maketh not a great film Poor Finale. Probably worst of the 4 Mark my words. They WILL reboot this in around 10 years because you m0r0ns keep paying for Hollywood to sit on your face and unleash diarrhea.

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User "non-shill" is a shill, 9 November 2015

First of all, a big shout to the Stormfront troopers for proving my points within:

Author: dvdhaven-1 from Netherlands Author: Movielover Truth from United States Author: non-shill

All these gentlemen™ suffer from "white fragility". Look it up online. In short, they can't stand seeing their white supremacy being exposed for the racist farce that it is.

On that note, I applaud Aziz Ansari for having the spine and creativity to deliver this masterpiece that explores race relations in a racist western country that pretends to be post-racial while systematically undermining non-white human rights and opportunities at home and abroad

Look up Overthrow: Americas Century Regime Change, anti-Chinese USA akkeith, hawaiiankingdom info, mexica-movement, ili.nativeweb org, guam where americas day begins with injustice, chagos islands shameful history, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, etc

But, the vast majority of people are oblivious because the west whitewashes its crimes and presents itself as Jesus-like saviors. That's why Europeans react with such predictable negativity.

Master of None humanizes all of its characters regardless of their ethnicity - a feat that post-racial Hollywood refuses to do in 2015.

See kulturemedia for dozens of in-depth reports on how western media dehumanizes non-whites with insults, stereotypes, and flat-out fabrications as recently as 2015 (see Dr. Ken)

Aziz is the hero we all need.

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Enjoy Kpop with no....Korean men?, 27 March 2015

Aside from the rampant clichs, corny dialog, and flat characters, what really struck me was how racist this TV show, that's aimed at young impressionable girls, was. Kpop AKA Korean Pop is a musical export from South Korea featuring exclusively Korean male and female performers. There are ZERO white males in Kpop. Yet, impressionable kids are being shown a blatantly racist version of Kpop where the Korean men don't exist. They are instead replaced by white men? It's no secret that America is a deeply racist country with a long history of castrating Asian men in Hollywood, TV, media, textbooks, and committing rape and genocide in Asia, but even this flagrant disrespect for Asian men surprised me. Are we really in post-racial America in 2015? The equivalent of this racist "Make it Pop" would be a Korean cowboy film with Korean cowboys and only white women - and all speaking Korean. If you enjoy real Kpop then boycott this show and get the producers and writers fired for their outrageous racism. This intolerance wouldn't fly against Blacks or Jews, why should it fly against Asians?

Seventh Son (2014/I)
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I'm so disappoint, Seventh Son., 2 February 2015

John Gregory is the last survivor of a group of knights who used to, in days of old, battle all manner of evil, be it from this world or the next. As the last man standing - or in his case, hunched over a bar stool in a tavern and nursing a pint of ale - he is now grizzled and old. Gregory is approached by his apprentice for a mission - recapturing Malkin, who has escaped her remote confinement from what looks like the medieval version of the Grand Canyon. While Gregory (whose warbling speech sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles) manages to survive various battles, his apprentices aren't that fortunate. Gregory later turns up at Ward's country home. The latter often has visions that are meant to convey that he can look into the future, and is according to Gregory, the one who can stop Malkin before the Blood Moon rises in the near future. Initially bumbling, Ward gradually finds his depth, along with a love interest in Alice (Vikander) who is the daughter of a witch named Lizzie (Traue). It all leads up to the final battle between Malkin and her monsters versus the Spook and Ward.

Blackhat (2015)
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look at the fake perfect reviews, 22 January 2015

This is a real stinker for the following reasons:

1. This "elite" hacker, Hemsworth, is an idiot. He messages the so-called terrorist with "I'm coming to get you" LOL! c'mon. No hacker does that.

2. There's some forced love between Hemsworth and some Asian chick reason at all. They may as well be strangers at a park.

3. trying to fit too many irrelevant things together makes the film lose focus

4. too much violent action for a "computer hacker" plot This

is straight-to-trash can quality.

The Gambler (2014/III)
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wahlberg stinks it up again, 13 January 2015

The only real gamble in this film is if you should sit through the whole thing (either way you loose) 2014's 'The Gambler' sucks. It's a bad movie by definition. The plot is barely held together, bonds are made and destroyed without informing the audience on whether or not we should care, Wahlberg's character is impossible to follow and on top of all of that, it's boring.

The main issue I have here is Mark Wahlberg's character. He's just impossible to like or feel bad for - especially since he's a hateful racist in real life who karma somewhere missed so he's living the good life. He'll say one thing then contradict himself in the next sentence. I know what your thinking, what if that's how he's supposed to act. Well, that's what I thought for a while but then the film makes it quite clear that his character does have his own rules and there is a type of mold he should fit. so that's frustrating. He's also a college English professor ... just because...

All this is so unfortunate because the other characters in the film are great. They all seem to have their own rich stories and are genuinely interesting. Brie Larson's character however is also just as confusing and lazy as Wahlberg's.

The film also misuses many simple transitional methods. Director Rupert Wyatt, for some reason, used these continuous time-laps steady shots instead of a simple montage. There is also a scene where we see Brie Larson walking while listening to music and the whole thing is edited seemingly at random and Brie herself seems confused and slightly handicapped.

Jokes aside, this film could have been good. If Rupert Wyatt could have just pulled everything tighter and gave the characters more likable traits and continual beliefs, the film would have greatly improved. There was some good symbolism in the film and it's always nice seeing John Goodman (who makes a slight Big Lebowski reference).The ending is alright too (though a pretty complete rip off of Sideways (2004)).

I honestly can't recommend this film. it's a confusing mess that thinks it has some profound messages but in reality bring nothing to the table. Save your money, download The Interview.

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The Interview (2014/II)
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pathetic propaganda from American cowards, 25 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With the release of The Interview, anyone who second guessed the end of the American empire can cast aside all doubt.

It's so blatantly obvious that the votes are rigged. One day after the showing and there are 10's across the board? You blame North Korea yet security analysts are all skeptical just like the engineers were rightfully skeptical of 9/11. After all, wt7 fell at free fall speed and was never hit by a plane.

Here we have a so-called "American exceptionalism" that is so scared of a tiny North Korea that they spend millions to create a propaganda film to encourage and celebrate the assassination of a political figure.

Some believe that Kim deserves to die. Well, if he deserves to die for NOT raping and slaughtering Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Syria, etc..then what does America's war criminal "presidents" deserve? Perhaps to bake at the 9th circle of Hell while choking on sulfuric acid? What do you think the whole of Africa thinks "Christians" hypocrites deserve? What do you think the nuclear bombed Japanese civilian spirits think American hypocrites deserves? What a truly sickening country America is. Absolutely subhuman values.

You lecture about human rights and you promote the assassination of a political figure who has done nothing to you.

Go read about the Korean War to see how it was America who divided that country up and tried to turn it into a proxy state to contain communism in China and Russia. It was also America who kept North Korea impoverished by using its influence to force sanctions on it. China donates a lot of aid each year to keep them a float, but you call China evil and expansionist.

America is truly the Satan of this universe, following in the footsteps of the demons known of "Great" Britain.

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The Hunger Games: Fugn Gey, 21 November 2014

Did I not tell you this was a rip off of Battle Royale years ago?

Did I not tell you that catching fire was more of the same?

Did I not share the prophecy of my glorious return? Hear me now, my beloved chimps!

Suzanne Collins is a FRAUD! You see the proof in the horrible reviews of this travesty and the endless comparisons against the superior, Battle Royale.

Stop paying Hollywood for their trash. They feed you sh*t and you eat it with a smile on your face! Even one of the actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman committed suicide to stop working on this film.

What does that tell you my fellow banana peelers??

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