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"Alias" (2001)
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Prelude to Lost, 10 March 2006

Well not really, but the methods Abrams uses in Lost almost always appear in Alias first. Jennifer Gardner is the perfect match for the part and she does kick butt. However, the supporting cast (Jack Bristow ( Victor), Arvin Sloane (Ron ) and the others make alias as awesome as it is. But be forewarned that not all episodes are a "smash" But the series overall is very good. Without giving anything special away, all i can say is see more than one episode (prefer seasons 1 or 2). The reason why i am giving such a high review is because you get attached to the characters fast if you watch the right episodes (some don't give you the correct sense of what the character is really about).

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One of the Best shows, 9 March 2006

If i was to give an award out for best "non-original made original" This would get the award each time. You can't miss this show. They put truth in a myth or bust it wide open. Without going into specifics, if you ever wondered what may truly happen in a Myth, chances are they have done it, or just about to do it. Plus, if you have one that is reasonable and hasn't been tested, you can send it in. This show has the following reasons to watch: Informative (although it is not like a boring Science Film you might of had in school), Entertaining: You might see something happen that you might not expect and finally you get satisfaction cause it is worth your time (and money if you record it)! 5/5 stars

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If you love Family...., 9 March 2006

This is the best of the best of Family Guy..... well maybe not THE best but its up there. Its funny how they planned this before they ever knew that the TV show was going to be restarted. Well the movie was in planning before that so they just went along with what they had. Now the question becomes, is this viewable.. and the answer is yes. 90% of it is suitable for some kids, while the rest is up to parents to figure out. I find this suitable to analyze this movie and found it to be somewhat inconsistent with the TV show, but then again what is consistent and what is not with their original series. However, this is a must for Stewie Fans everywhere. The reason is mainly because this focuses on Stewie. However, it is important to understand that it is not right to hold up to beyond expectation.