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So notorious Is My new best friend, 1 May 2006

In her new show, Tori Spelling shows what it's like...well, to be Tori Spelling. I felt that I just HAD to watch this, seeing as I have a sad but wonderful addiction to all things VH1. I'm thrilled to say that SO notorious does not disappoint (unlike Flavor of Love..but that's another story). Tori shows the lighter side of what it's like to be Tori Spelling, complete with her crazy and distant mother, intercom father, and scary dates. I love that Tori is able to make fun of herself and her family, especially the 90210 jokes (although they're a little bit before my time). All in all, I can't wait to see what else this show has to offer, I know it'll be great!Great show. Funny filled with hilarious one liners. I have found a new respect for Tori Spelling. Great show. Funny filled with hilarious one liners. I have found a new respect for Tori Spelling. Never been a fan of her, but this show truly has potential. I was honestly surprised to have liked it. You should totally check it out. Don't understimate it because it is really good.

"The Drop" (2004)
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The Drop is my Personal Favorite Show, 1 May 2006

The Drop is a show about Latino culture and music. It's in English, as part of SiTV's motto, "Speak English, Live Latin." There are hosts who do celebrity and artist interviews. There is usually a live music performance at the end. Music videos before I really like this show. The hosts are what has captured my attention. Jelynn is my favorite host and has been there all three seasons. She's interesting, funny, and very beautiful. The other current hosts are Eric Cubiche and Jose Antonio, who started season 2. Radio personalities and musical artists, The Goodfellas are also a part of the show, deciding the video dance mix and sometimes doing interviews. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr. (yes, his son) was a host for season 1 and 2. Jonisha was a host for season 2. Gigi and Maria (maria had a spread in Stuff I think) were hosts during Season 1 with Kareem and Jelynn. All the hosts have personality and the interaction is sometimes hilarious. The celebrity interviews are good as well. It's easy to see the hosts don't have a lot of experience doing the interviews, but I think that's a good thing. The interviews are unpredictable and the questions are sometimes very strange, but it's a nice change of pace from a standard media blitz. The people they interview also varies greatly. Some are big stars, some are underground musicians trying to break out, and some act like they had nothing else to do, so they just showed up. The musical performances are great if you like the music that they are performing. They do a lot of hip hop, rigatoni, pop, some rock, and all kinds of genre's in between. Some are in English and some in Spanish, but it's all usually very good. No lip-sync hing, real instruments or a live DJ, and an audience that's great at dancing, which brings me to my next subject. The beginning of the show always starts off with a video dance-mix with 3 or 4 videos being played while the The Drop audience dances, and the dancing is show most of the time instead of the video. The hosts used to dance with the professional dancers, but not anymore. If you like to watch people dance, you might like this. Then, in the middle of the show there might be a dance battle, MC battle, or DJ battle. The dance battle involves two people (or sometimes two groups) who battle each other taking turns to what the in-house DJ plays and the winner is decided by audience applause and gets some sort of prize. I don't really care for this part, but I think the funniest thing about the dance battle is the dancers don't seem to understand when they are supposed to dance when when to let the other person. Pretty funny sometimes. The DJ battles are the same, but they can do just about anything in terms of music. The only rule to the MC battles is no swearing, which results in a disqualification. That's about it. During season 2 there was a Suzuki Car segment that aired almost every episode where the hosts each got to customize their own Suzuki car and The Drop showed the process. If you get the channel, and you are interested in Latino culture at all, check it out. It's a great way to spend an hour.

"Fear Factor" (2001/I)
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Fear Factor Absolutely Fabulous Show To Watch, 1 May 2006

I Love This Show. Fear Factor Is A Cool Game Show That Kills To Get $50.000. Those Stunts Are Cool To Watch. The Stunts Are Disgusting But I Can Still Watch It. The Contestants Are Tough And Ready To Kill To Get Some Money. Fear Factor Is A Great Pleasure To Watch People Do Hard Stunts. A very intense viewing pleasure! I'm so tired of hearing how this show 'doesn't test your fears, but it does test your skills.' And how 'Fear Factor' is just a cheap gimmick to lure in the ratings for NBC. Lately, I haven't been impressed with NBC's shows. In fact, the only shows I make an effort to watch are 'ER' and 'Friends'. Meanwhile, 'ER' is still going strong. Another show that I try not to miss is 'Fear Factor'. "It doesn't test your fears" says a lot of viewers. How doesn't it exactly? If you're afraid of heights, the show makes you face your fears and makes you try and get rid of them. If your afraid of bugs. the show will give you a stunt to complete that deals with bugs forcing you to get through it if you want to win the $50,000. So 'Fear Factor' is used to rake in the ratings? Well, what show isn't? They all are in the ratings competition. The show produces entertaining and enjoyable stunts (none of which I would attempt), but it is still fun to watch others take their shot at them. The hour-long TV show is well set up with great 'fear factors' and a great host. (Even though it seems that every week now, an eating test is added to the three stunts, I still like seeing what kind of disgusting treat the creators have in store.) I like 'Fear Factor'. Period. Lighten up critics! who did think of this? I mean great show and everything but why would you practically kill someone so they could get money??? who did think of this? I mean great show and everything but why would you practically kill someone so they could get money??? I love this show and everything but if that was me I would never be able to do any of that stuff. like seriously when do these people come up with stuff like this?

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please bring back Greetings from Tucson TV Show, 1 May 2006

Good Show! Bring it Back! It is a good change to the same kind of stuff that is out there now. If there was another season maybe people would have had the chance to view the show and it would have caught on. bring it back for another season and see what happens. This show was my life! I grew up with a father a lot like Julio and an uncle a lot like Ernesto. I loved it and would have gone eight years with this one! This show was one that finally reflected my upbringing. I had to live with the Nelsons and the Brady's or even the Cosbys but finally a show about my family and how HILARIOUS! It was too much! But of course it wouldn't last, that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Well, for the short time that it was on, it was just what the doctor ordered. The Tiants to give the right prescription laughter. The best part was the realism I saw in a sitcom, the hardcore father, stuck in his traditional ways and blatantly favoring the one child. This time though I laughed. A great show about the misadventures of an adolescent and his favorite freewheeling Uncle. Let alone about a headstrong Latino man married to a fun loving American wife. I too wish this ahead of its time show was rushed off the airwaves way too quickly. No one even gave it a chance and never promoted it properly. try it again and bring it back I really think it was ahead of its time. Try rerunning it you'll be surprised.

Spurs Dethrone Pistons To Take Third NBA Title, 30 April 2006

In his first Game 7, Tim Duncan was second to none and gave the San Antonio Spurs their third NBA title. Reaffirming his status as the best player on the planet, Duncan came up big in the biggest game of his career as the Spurs found the resolve to dethrone the Detroit Pistons, 81-74, and win the championship. With his unique multidimensional talent, Duncan depleted and dissected the Pistons, collecting 25 points and 11 rebounds. He was the fulcrum of virtually every key play down the stretch. "His complete game is so sound, so fundamental, so unnoticed at times, because if he didn't score, people think, 'Well, he didn't do anything,'" Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "But he was incredible and he was the force that got it done for us." Shaky showings in Games 5 and 6 had many questioning Duncan's determination. Playing an all-or-nothing game for the first time, he did it all, rescuing the Spurs in the third quarter and controlling the game in the final period. "It wasn't the greatest of games but there was a stretch where I felt really good and I just wanted to be assertive at that point," Duncan said. "You follow your leader," Spurs guard Tony Parker said. "Timmy is the leader of the team, and he just carried us tonight." Duncan scored when the Spurs needed it, then turned his teammates into stars. He even dove for a pair of loose balls, showing the Pistons he wanted the championship as badly as they did. "They just kept coming to me and kept giving me the opportunities and I got one to fall in and two to fall in and things started happening," said Duncan, who made 10-of-27 shots. "Then I was able to draw some double-teams and got some guys some open shots." "He put his team on his shoulders and carried them to a championship," Pistons center Ben Wallace said. "That's what the great players do." Thriving off Duncan were Manu Ginobili, who scored 11 of his 23 points in the last 10 minutes, and wily veteran Robert Horry, who scored 15 points off the bench and collected his sixth championship. Averaging 20 points and 14 rebounds in the series, Duncan captured his third Finals MVP award. He also powered the Spurs to titles in 1999 and 2003 and has put down the roots of possibly the league's next dynasty.

WWE Royal Rumble (2006) (TV)
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WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Was A Solid Show To Watch, 30 April 2006

Traditionally the second best, or certainly most popular, pay-per-view in the professional wrestling calendar, the WWE's Royal Rumble is best loved for its 30 man, cross brand (15 wrestlers from each of RAW and Smackdown) main event. In the Royal Rumble, two men start and are then joined at regular intervals by additional wrestlers. The winner is the last man left in the ring but to eliminate opponents, you must send them over the ropes and out of the ring. It's chaos but great fun and the winner has the prize of being in the main event at Wrestlemania, challenging for the world title. In the buildup to this year's Rumble, new WWE World Champion, Kurt Angle, had been feuding with "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry (a huge bloke who cannot wrestle), Rey Mysterio had been promising to Honor the memory of the late Eddie Guerrero, while John Xena was on the heels of Edge who had cashed in his "money in the bank" at New Year's Revolution to snatch the Heavyweight title from a battered Cena. Chuck in a throw away feud between JBL and The Boogeyman, and you have a slightly patchy card. Royal Rumble match QUalifying matches for the Rumble have been taking place at house shows and on RAW/Smackdown and here we have 30 wrestlers (most of whom you just know haven't got a prayer of winning) slugging it out for a chance to main event Wrestlemania. Randy Orton, Triple H and Rey Mysterio would seem to be among the favorites but the overall match was not the classic Rumble that we always hope for, mainly because there are usually a few side stories that play out, some setting up future feuds. The Boogeyman vs JBL The Boogeyman is a bizarre gimmick character who seems to like eating worms. He's been portrayed as being unstoppable in the ring yet is clearly of limited wrestling ability. Here he tries to slough through the self-proclaimed wrestling god, JBL. Pure filler and instantly forgettable. World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry. Henry has been annoying people since he returned to WWE last autumn, inflicting a genuine injury on then champion Batista (which led him to relinquishing his belt). Henry is seriously limited as a wrestler but there is no questioning his strength or size. Champ Kurt Angle is a wrestling machine and really over with the fans. Can he carry the limited Henry to a half-decent match? Don't hold your breath. It ranks as one of the worst championship matches in recent times. WWE Championship: Edge vs John Cena Edge won his money in the bank (a free title shot whenever he wants, valid for 12 months) at Wrestlemania 21. Immediately after a grueling Elimination Chamber match at New Years Revolution that left champ Cena victorious but bloodied and bruised, Edge seized his chance and swiftly beat an already half-dead Cena within a minute. It is his first world title and high TV show ratings show how popular his reign is. At the Royal Rumble, Cena tries to regain his belt. Edge is main event caliber now and is great in his heel role, while Cena is not the best wrestler and has received increased animosity from the older male audience, tired of his hip hop white boy image. The resulting match is OK, not great, just OK. Overall, this is a disappointing PPV. Even the normally exciting Royal Rumble match was a bit of a letdown. As the start of the road to Wrestlemania, this was certainly a stall for the WWE.

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A Very Special Episode, 30 April 2006

The long-awaited return of this legendary program was tonight, as the perennial bi-monthly show made its return to NBC after a 13-year hiatus to once again dominate prime time on one of the largest networks in the nation. Long-time WWE commentator J.R. also returned to call this spectacular event. As the show started from Detroit, Michigan, various superstars were given the spotlight, as they shared their thoughts on both SNME and Wrestlemania. Then, the first match got underway and was *surprisingly* what should have been the main event Smackdown!'s Wrestlemania Main Event of Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, and Kurt Angle taking on RAW's Wrestlemania Main Event of John Cena and Triple H. This was a 5-star match, no doubt about that. Very good and decent length as well. Everything went to hell, however, after Triple H turned on Cena and gave him a Pedigree, Orton went for the cover, but Mysterio interfered, pulling his own teammate off. Orton retaliated by taking out both Mysterio and Angle. Orton waited as a groggy Cena got to his feet and as he tried for an RKO, Cena somehow countered it into a sneaky pin. Triple H was already walking up the ramp when Cena's music hit, and he and Cena were announced as the unlikely winners. The next segment was the Cutting Edge, as Edge and Lita made their way to the ring to talk more smack about Foley. However, after Foley's fat ass actually showed up in the arena, Edge started dousing a table he had in the ring with gasoline, and he then proceeded to lit it on FIRE! However, Foley has his own tricks a bag of thumbtacks! He tried to push Edge into the thumbtacks on the mat but the fat weakling failed as Lita interfered and Edge threw Foley's face INTO the thumbtacks instead! Hahaha! Unfortunately, this little confrontation ended with Foley paying Edge back with a little chair concerto of his own on the ramp. Also, the sneaky Booker T once again feigned a "serious" injury to get out of battling the Boogeyman. Well, this time Teddy Long had no choice but to cancel the match after his doctor protested on his behalf. However, Boogeyman did end up showing up, scaring the hell out of Booker and Sharmelle. We also found out that because this match didn't go through, Booker T vs. the Boogeyman will instead take place at Wrestlemania. Next, J.B.L. made his way to the ring, complete with a large table full of beer glasses and pitchers. Well, Bradshaw proceeded to insult the people of Detroit for their poor sports teams, crappy automobile manufacturers, etc. of course when he claimed that upon defeating Benoit at WM for the US Title he will singlehandedly make the country "better," Stone Cold decided to make his entrance. After some more words from the Texas Rattlesnake, the contest got underway. As they started out, JBL was instantly cheating, dumping the beers on himself instead of in him! Stone Cold of course realized what he was doing, but JBL got out of the ring in time of course his opponent at WM, Benoit, came running in and threw Bradshaw back in whereupon Stone Cold dumped the remaining pitchers of beers on JBL followed by a Stone Cold Stunner. Next, Candice Michelle and Victoria got set to take on Trish Stratus and Mickie James (who of course replaced Torrie after she was assaulted). The match ended when Trish delivered the Stratusfaction to Victoria. Mickie James then got the Mic and proceeded to say her goodbyes to Trish, who requested that they cut their relationship after this match. Well, as MJ should Trish's hand, she closed in and kissed her on the cheek. Then, as she turned to leave, MJ turned back around and delivered the chick kick to Trish! Mickie James started screaming about how Trish didn't return her love and now she'll pay. MJ proceeded to use Trish's own maneuver, the Stratusfaction, on the Women's Champion! If this doesn't mean Trish vs. MJ at Wrestlemania, I'll be damn surprised. Next, the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry, alongside Daivari, called out the Undertaker after the spewing of fire and the flaring of lightning and the entrance of his druids, the Dead Man made his slow and steady approach to the ring, where we got a preview of Wrestlemania! This mini match ended when Taker sent a message to Henry through his manager by Tombstoning Daivari right on the Casket that will be used at Wrestlemania! The final match was of course the long awaited Street Fight between Shane McMahon and the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. As the match started, the weapons were immediately utilized by the McMahons (that's right, Vince was very much involved in the match), but the match didn't reach the level of Greatness until HBK spliced Shane O'Mac from the top of a ladder inside of the ring straight onto two tables outside of it, breaking both tables and taking both Shane and himself out! Later on in the match, it seemed Shane had it won, as Vince held HBK in the corner with a trash can in front of him, and Shane went up to the turnbuckle for his infamous Van Terminator! However, HBK ducked out at the last second, and Shane kicked the trash can into his father instead! Vince helped his son by distracting HBK as Shane went for the low blow. Shane then locked in the Sharpshooter, the same technique used by both HBK and Bret Hart and Vince immediately ordered the bell to be rung and for Shane to be announced the winner! Just like 10 years ago, when Vince and HBK screwed Bret Hart over in Montreal in the infamous incident, Vince and Shane screwed HBK over tonight in Detroit!

Phat Girlz (2006)
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A Phat Girl learns to live large & love it, 30 April 2006

If you don't really feel a connection with movies about large women realizing their inner beauty and overcoming the tribulations of living in a society obsessed with emaciation at any cost, you may spend the majority of "Phat Girlz" in a state of near-constant incredulity. I certainly did, and what follows are just a few of the questions that lepta unbidden to mind as I was sitting there trying to come up with suitable puns to use with the name Mo'Nique (Mo'Gnificient? Mo'Nuff? Mo'Bidly Obese?): "Did she just say 'O.J. had the right idea' to that white woman dating the black guy?" "Does nobody else here think she looks like an African-American Divine?" "First my dreams and now real life, why do you haunt me so, Eric Roberts?" "Phat Girlz" is the story of Jazmin, a rather large woman who although she toils away at a department store by day desperately wants to start her own line of plus-sized fashion. She's also looking for a man, but all the likely candidates are too interested in "skinny bitches" (her words, not mine) to show her any love. All that changes when she goes to Palm Springs for a week's vacation with her best friend Stacy (Kendra C. Johnson) and her annoyingly hot cousin Mia (Joyful Drake). There, Jazmin meets buff Nigerian doctor Tunde (Jimmy Jean-Louis), who sees something in her that evidently escaped all the shallow American men who turned their noses up at her. He finds her size attractive, much to Mia's shock and Jazmin's initial distrust. Could love be in the cards? Or is Tunde really just using Jazmin to further his actual agenda: which is to create an invincible army of overweight zombies who will return with him to Nigeria and wrest control of the country's oil production from the West? If only "Phat Girlz" were that complicated. What we have is a fairly straightforward empowerment story be happy with who you are and you can, you know, succeed and stuff. Mo'Nique's character is refreshing simply from the standpoint of being unrepentantly obese. She's a half-Assad dieter, but always succumbs to the lure of chili fries or fat burgers. Her eventual acceptance of the way she is sounds cheesy, but is certainly no more ridiculous than the rest of the film. Like Tyler Perry's "Diary of a Mad, Black Woman," "Phat Girlz" swings on a thematic pendulum between semi-raunchy comedy and (in this case) vaguely spiritual drama. Here, as with Perry's film, it lends an overall schizo effect to the proceedings. Mo'Nique has some good lines, and the movie actually works in scenes such as the one where she exchanges insults with a fast food cashier, but the otherwise lackluster dialog, ludicrously unbelievable storyline, and the fact that the entire film looks and sounds like it was shot on a camcorder mean nobody outside of the studio's target demographic is likely to check this out.

ATL (2006)
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ATL Was A Very Good Movie To Watch, 30 April 2006

For every dozen-or-so teen-based dramas about white kids, there are maybe one or two similarly themed films about children of other races. So when one of the latter comes along that offers keenly observed characters involved in interesting situations, it's worth taking note. ATL, the feature debut of MTV-weaned director Chris Robinson, is such a motion picture. And, like all good movies of this sort, it doesn't take long for the viewer to become color-blind, no longer regarding the protagonists as "black characters" but simply as "characters." ATL, which expectedly takes place in Atlanta, focuses on two brothers. Since the death of their parents, 17-year old Rashad (Tip Harris) and 14-year old Ant (Evan Ross), have been living with their uncle, George (Mykelti Williamson), who is a less-than-ideal guardian. As a result, Rashad has been as much a father as a big brother to Ant. The two have different approaches to life. Rashad is a hard-worker who toils away at a cleaning job to save money for his brother's future education. Ant, on the other hand, is looking for flashy clothes and a cool car, so he takes the "easy" road and becomes a gofer and small-time drug dealer for a gangster. Outside of school, Rashad hangs out with his "posse": Esquire (Jackie Long), who has the grades to attend an Ivy League college; Teddy (Jason Weaver), a high school drop out who works in a shop fitting customers for "grills" (ornamental tooth covers); and Brooklyn (Albert Daniels), a New York transplant. These four spend their Sunday evenings at a local roller skating rink where they prepare for the annual "bragging rights" contest. While there, Rashad hooks up with New-New (Lauren London), a girl with a secret. Meanwhile, Esquire connects with powerful CEO John Garnett (Keith David) in the hope he can get a recommendation the final piece that will seal his university admission. While the story contains a lot of familiar beats, the characters are fresh and exhibit solid development. And, although the film eventually ventures into terrain where many urban high school dramas end up violence associated with criminal activity other issues are addressed along the way. The most compelling of these is the class struggle that occurs within the black community. While most of the inner city lower class are trying to find a way out, one girl with a privileged background is re-inventing herself to find a way in. The roller rink, a relic of the '80s that is still popular in some places, proves to be the mixing pot for all different people, and it's where several of ATL's most memorable scenes occur. In a way, this locale is to this film what the disco was to Saturday Night Fever a place of escape where class boundaries are secondary to performing skills. Robinson has assembled an impressive young cast comprised primarily of rappers (such as Tip Harris, a.k.a. T.I.) and fresh faces (newcomer Lauren London). Providing experience in supporting roles are Mykelti Williamson and Keith David. For his part, Robinson directs in a straightforward manner, eschewing the flashy style that has become commonplace for music video directors who make the leap to the big screen. His approach, the talent of his acting ensemble, and the intelligence of the screenplay make ATL an engaging experience.

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Lil Kim's Reality Show Scores Highest Debut In Bet History, 30 April 2006

Lil' Kim's new reality series Lil' Kim: Countdown To Lockdown, which premiered March 9 on BET, was the most-watched series debut in the network's 25-year history. According to figures released by BET, 1.9 million viewers tuned in nationwide. The series chronicles the last 14 days of Lil' Kim's freedom before she entered prison on a perjury conviction. The Brooklyn rapper was sentenced to 366 days in prison in July of 2005, for lying to a grand jury about her knowledge of a shoot-out in front of Hot 97's New York offices. During the show, which airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m., Lil' Kim makes her final public appearances with cameras in tow. "When we showed the first episode of Lil' Kim to test audiences, we got the highest scores in the history of the company," said Reginald Hudlin, BET's president of entertainment. "So when it became the biggest series debut in the history of the network, I wasn't surprised." The series was produced by Lil' Kim's Queen Bee Productions and Edmonds Entertainment, which also produced BET's reality series College Park. "As powerful as the first episode is, the series finale is even better," Hudlin continued. "I'm pleased and relieved that my first new series on BET has become a 'must see' for so many people. I'm grateful to Edmonds Entertainment for delivering another great show for the network, and to the entire team at BET for fantastic work in every department."

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