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I Love This Pay Per View, 7 May 2006

"Primetime" Elix Skipper vs.Petey Williams: This was a nice, energetic match up, though no storyline, but I guess it was a X division championship consideration match. Skipper wins it with his "SuddenDeath." BG James and Nascar's Jeff Hammond vs. Matt Bently and Kazarian: Way over hyped, but TNA is known for bringing in other sports "Stars. "It's funny how Hammond still can't wrestle after a lot of training. BG and Hammond sill win it. Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven: Normal match, nothing special. Raven is in a mid card match for the second P.P.V in a row, thats underusing. Raven wins with a roll up, 'his feet were on the turnbuckle. 'The aftermath was lacking though Raven used a straight jacket. Could of been better especially with Raven at the helm. "Alpha Male" Monty Brown and Diamond Dallas Page vs. Team Canada: This match was kind of a squash match, though the star power makes it actually decent. Monty Brown and DDP win it with Monty's "Pounce." "Full Metal Mayhem": "The Monster" Abyss vs. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy: This match came after Abyss returned at Final Resolution, attacking Hardy. You may say this is a TLC ripoff as it has all the TLC characteristics. Hardy takes an unexpected dive off of the the stage, as I thought he was going to do a plant-jump but he just kind of fell off of the stage. Hardy manages to crawl back into the ring and grab one of the hung envelopes but it was the wrong one!So Abyss gets back into the ring and pushes Hardy off the ladder into about two tables, then Abyss climbed to the top to get the NWA championship title shot. NWA Tag Team title match: AMW vs. Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt: This match up was very physical, but wasn't all that good, though it was the best tag team match of the night. AMW retain. Ironman X division title match:(C)"The Phenomenal"AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: This started out slow but it's 30 "plus" minute match so I shouldn't complain. Daniels gets a pin fall pretty early then dominates awhile. Styles comes back and gets a Styles Clash, so its 1-1.Daniels gets irate starts pounding AJ. Daniels locks on a Japanese/ leg scissors adapted move and the blood is just dripping from AJ's head but he holds on and the time expires. About 5 minutes into SuddenDeath, AJ nails a Styles Clash on Daniels and gets the 1-2-3. AJ retains. NWA World Title match:"King of The Mountain"(C)Jeff Jarrett vs. "Big Sexy"Kevin Nash: It wasn't all that good until the brawling started, after that it was pretty good. Kip James makes his debut as a heel then Sean Waltman makes his return as a face. Jarrett starts his underhanded tactics, it takes forever for him to put Nash away but he does. Jarrett retains. Best match: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels. Worst match: Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven.

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Great PPV, 7 May 2006

The TNA Genesis 2005 PPV featured the appearance of former WWE superstar Christian. He now goes by the name of Christian Cage. The highlights of the show featured Samoa Joe turning on Chris Daniels after their tag team elimination match and Team 3D (the former Duldey Boyz) & Rhino beating Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted in the main event. Raven beat PJ Polaco (formerly known as Justin Credible), 3 Live Kru beat Team Canada, Monty Brown beat Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe & Chris Daniels survived the Elimination X match, Abyss beat Sabu, AJ Styles beat Petey Williams, and Team 3D & Rhino beat Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted. TNA is the REAL WRESTLING federation these days, it has good superstars and good champions. i loved everything about this pay per view. every match was fun to watch and very brutal too. TNA Impact Wrestling once again does a great job with all of their pay per views.

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The Best "Superbowl" In Wrestling, 7 May 2006

Sorry to the WWE marks who will mark "No" on my review because they can't handle the truth but this was the better SUPERBOWL event between the two within the past year. At WrestleMania, we got a title match that was under 10 Min's (triple threat)...another title match that didn't give the people what they wanted (Cena/HHH)...pointless time wasting matches (Pillowfight; Boogeyman & Booker T)...and only had two matches worth talking about when you left the building that were spot fest (Edge & Foley/Ladder Match). However, Bound For Glory delivered here even when they had to change the card at the last minute. As we had the Monster's Ball 2 which was just an all out brawl full of weapons, the Ultimate X match which was just amazing & you get the rematch as well since the match had a malfunction in the last 3 Min's. , AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels put on a wrestling clinic in their Ironman rematch, and AMW vs. The Naturals was another great tag team match complete with brawling & wrestling for belts that the company gives a damn about. Yeah, the World Title match was really short but hey, Rhino already fought a tough match & thrown in his one at the last min...what's Mysterio/Angle/Orton's excuse? The rest of the time filler matches were fun to watch & you weren't sitting back watching the clock just waiting for this to be over. Again, TNA..the REAL WRESTLING federation these days delivered the better product.

Another Great TNA PPV! Final Resolution, 7 May 2006

3 Live Kru vs Matt Bentley, "The Coolest" Kazarian & "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels- A good opener but the only thing bad is that the match is voiced over because of Matt Bentley's name but other than that it was a great match. 3LK put Bentley away after a triple team jumping side kick. Winners 3 Live Kru. "Primetime" Elix Skipper vs "The Original Playa From The Himalaya" Sonjay Dutt- Awesome Awesome match with these 2 great X division superstars and Sonja was going to put skipper away with the Hindu press but skipper moved and hit a catatonic for the 1...2...3. Winner "Primetime Elix Skipper. Dustin Rhodes vs Kid Kash- Another good well done match with the New WWE Cruiserweight champ Kid Kash vs the man once known as goldest. Dustin put up a good fight against the former X division champ and managed to put him away to win his first TNA PP ever. Winner Dustin Rhodes. Raven vs Erik Watts- I don't care what anybody thinks I really like this match. One part is for raven and another reason is that they just work well together for this match. Raven shockingly lost to Erik watts after the third choke slam. After the match raven knocked Erik watts off of the stage. Winner Erik Watts. Scott Hall vs "The Charismatic Enigma" with Special Guest Referee "Rowdy" Roddy Piper- I also like this match a lot and Jeff and Scott also worked well together and then in the beginning of the match piper took all of the weapons from hall's outfit. Hall tried to use brass knuckles but piper poked him in the eye and then a twist of fate and a swan ton bomb later Jeff is the winner. After the Match the Monster Abyss returned back to TNA to destroy Jeff hardy!! Winner "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash vs Diamond Dallas Page(Number 1 Contenders Match for the NWA World Tile)- This match could have been a little bit better if the winner didn't have to fight in the main event but it was OK. Nash was eliminated by going over the top rope and Monty brown reversed the diamond cutter into the POUNCE!!!! for the win and the shot at the NWA title. Winner "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown. Team Canada("The Canadian Enforcer" Bobby Roode & "Showtime" Eric Young) vs America's Most Wanted for the NWA Tag Team Titles- The second best match of the night and Eric young and bobby rode had their best match against AMW here. AMW did every move they had to put away the champs including the perplex but they were still in it. Johnny Devine is the one to cost Team Canada because he accidentally hit Eric young with the chair to give AMW the titles. Winners and new NWA Tag Team Champions American's Most Wanted. Chris Sabin vs "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams vs "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship- INCREDIBLE!! great action the best match of the whole pay per view. Three of the best in the X division ever in the coolest match ever created and Sabin, AJ & Petey all hit their finisher and Petey hit the hardest looking Canadian destroyer ever. Sabin nearly killed AK with a dangerous dropkick that AK flipped all of the way over and nearly fell on his neck. AJ was down and Petey and Sabin were on the wires but AJ jumped up and knocked the title on the ground and grabbed it to become the new champ. Winner and New TNA X Division Champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs "The King OF The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship- A Good Match for the main event and Monty Brown almost won the belt but Jeff nailed Monty with the guitar and hit the stroke 3 times to beat the alpha male and keep the gold. Winner and Still NWA World Heavyweight Champion "The King Of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett. This pay per view is awesome and you should get this pay per view if you like great wrestling or just like TNA.

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Not the best TNA PP but the main event makes it worth watching, 7 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Matt Bentley, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt vs. Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong : Not a bad opener since all X-Division tag matches are usually good. Sabin's team wins. The James Gang " New Age Outlaws" vs. The Diamonds In The Rough: The Tag matches are usually got but...not when it's a Diamonds in the Rough match. They just need to split up already, you always know they aren't gonna win anyway. PrimeTime is too good for a jobbing team that's just used to put other teams over. Plus after Konnan turned on BG James, you just wanna see them go at it. No one cared about this match. The James Gang wins. AJ Styles vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (from New Japan Pro Wrestling) : This one seemed like it had more potential than what we got. Both can go and the match is good until Shannon Moore runs in and ruins it. He hits Hiroshi on accident when he's aiming for A.J. and then A.J. hits the Styles Clash for the Win. Raven vs. Sean Waltman: Why in the hell did TNA push Waltman as the guy to beat Raven in a you lose and you're fired match ? I mean Waltman wouldn't even admit he had a good thing going in TNA. He'd call Triple H the whole time asking for his job in the WWE back. He only showed when he wanted to and in fact this is the last time I've even seen him in TNA. Anyway Sean hits the X-Factor on Raven but Raven has his foot on the rope but Larry Z. who hates Raven and is the ref acts like he doesn't see Raven's foot on the rope. Waltman didn't deserve the win at all because when did he ever give TNA his 100% like Raven ? Anyway it's still an OK match but because of Raven. Ron "The Truth" Killings vs. "Canadian Enforcer" Bobby Roode: Both men can go but they really aren't the best combination. I mean prior to this match Bobby Rhoode had a match with Killings where Killings kept pinning him and Rhoode demanded that the match was restarted until he got the win with the Lariat. So if you saw that match, you probably already had enough of seeing them in the ring together. Rhoode wins with the Lariat here too. Rhino vs. Abyss: Their Hardcore match a few pp vs later is a bit better but still this one isn't bad. Abyss is always a fun guy to watch and I'd love it if Jarrett actually stepped back and let another heel be champ in TNA. God knows Abyss can handle the job easily. Abyss wins this one with the black hole slam I think. NWA World Tag Team Champions America's Most Wanted vs. Team 3D: This isn't a bad tag match. TNA rarely ever has bad tag matches. They could teach the WWE about tag matches. TNA has a strong roster of tag teams. They may not be able to beat Big Show or Kane but...they're more talented. AMW is one of the best teams of today and Dudleys gave the WWE their all until Vince was ready to give them their souls back by firing them. By firing them he allowed TNA to get their hands on them and put together this tag team dream match. It sucks that Team 3-D "The Dudleys" get screwed over by Team Canada though. Otherwise this isn't a bad match. X-Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels : This could've been a better match if it wasn't strictly just meant to show how dangerous Samoa Joe is. He beats the crap out of the talented Danials until A.J. Styles gets nose and throws the towel in for Danials. Samoa Joe kicks ass but it's making A.J and Danials look weak with how bad he kicks both their asses and how neither can beat him. Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown: Sting is back in the ring and the fans yell "you still got it" as he does the stingers splash and kicks some ass. This is a fun match and one of TNA's better main events at a PP. Plus Christian and Jarrett work better together than Jarrett and Rhino do. They put on some good matches. Their singles match at the following PP was way better than Cena and HHH's match at WM certainly. Anyway it's great seeing Sting back and he pins Jarrett with the Scorpion Death Drop for the win. Sting would be wasted in the WWE as just one of the legends added to HHH's list of people he beat. When he could kick HHH's ass, so he was smart for not going to the WWE and I hope he never ever goes there. The WWE would ruin Sting. TNA usually put on great pp vs but this one wasn't it's best yet I can't say it sucked either. It's great to see Sting back and for once the main event is the strongest match on the card.

WWE Backlash (2006) (TV)
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Fine Example, 6 May 2006

An good example of how a single-brand WWE Pay-Per-View should be, and that winning isn't everything. Save for the match between Umaga and Ric Flair, this single-brand Pay-Per-View was worth it's while. While I usually agonize over a crappy booked single-brand PPV, this time there were enough running plots to make for a good card, and so it only is up to the wrestlers to make it count. And they did not disappoint. RVD and Shelton took a while to build up, but ended up being a good match altogether. And tho, as a huge Shelton mark, I did feel bad for his loss, there was no denying it that Shelton did manage to make RVD, who has a knack for throwing overly obvious fake punches, look pretty good and this match was enjoyable to watch, since both wrestlers tried their hardest to impress the crowd, and succeeded pretty well in doing so. Although HBK (and God, let's not forget about Him!) did lose to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Squad, the match was a good one and it didn't seem like this feud is going to end with a victory of McMahonism. A similar thing happened with the main event match, which unexpectedly ended in Cena pinning Triple H, not even using a finisher in the process. And even tho it sucks we're still stuck with John Cena as the champ of the RAW brand, where I once used to curse Triple H for getting back at his opponent after losing in his Evolution days, now I was cheering him on. Never before has Triple H taking out people with his trusted sledgehammer looked so darn satisfying, making me cheer for more. And the added DX crotch chops were just that!

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And that's The Documentary, 3 May 2006

The Documentary is a look into The Game's life growing up in Compton, California. You hear him speak on being a blood, and being taken into the streets and gangster lifestyle. His brother Big Fase Hunned also speaks on behalf of The Game's career and street rep. I was hoping for a little more depth by asking Black WallStreet and some of Game's friends about his life and his street credibility. Also includes interviews with The Game's mother, Lil' Eazy and Billboard (R.I.P) Game also takes you inside of Billboard's funeral. Also includes promo shoot of Game & Dre for his album. I was also hoping to hear more on Game's take on hip-hop, his influences, getting into the rap game & being on Aftermath & G-Unit. Good to have if your a Game fan, if not don't worry bout it. It was okay, I was hoping he'd have more music videos. It worth buying if your a true Game fan. After Watching that documentary I was left with a feeling of amazement. The Game's life is thighed out i now know why I feel his lyrics. What he raps about is true. A must own.

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The Greatest Basketball Show Ever, 2 May 2006

Listen Up! With Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson that Thursday, Barkley kissed the rear end of a donkey that Smith brought into the studio. Barkley has also been weighed on air several times, and once said "bullshit" live on air. In 2002, a controversial Sports Illustrated cover, in which Barkley was portrayed in chains (ala a slave), led to a sometimes heated debate on the TNT studio show. Turner Network Television (TNT) TNT NBA studio analyst, former NBA great and social pundit Charles Barkley will be featured in a new, 30-minute Thursday-night talk show series called Listen Up! Charles Barkley with Ernie Johnson. The live, studio-based show will cover a wide range of topics, from sports to news to entertainment. The series will include weekly guests from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and news. "Listen Up! Charles Barkley with Ernie Johnson is another vehicle for a great personality to express himself and entertain TNT viewers," said Turner Sports President Mark Lazarus. "This new show will be interactive, topical, both funny and serious, and promises to tackle any subject, just like Charles."

Pretty Good Show, 2 May 2006

I've seen this show a time or two. Mayte is the best and classiest looking lady on SITV and Eric's fine, although the attempts at comedy are none too great. I think they should stick to talking about music since both of them should know a lot about it and play more videos. I don't like the way you cut the videos off sometimes why you do that? You could easily do some new episodes and extend the show to an hour. i like this show a lot although its not my favorite i think its good and i really like Eric and matte in fact their probably my two most favorite hosts. but i also agree that i don't know why u cut off the videos because if Ur gonna play them then just play them but still its a show i will continue to watch. Hola SiTV viewers! Ya, I watch Across the Hall. It is cool & nice to hear the host (Mayte & Eric) opinions. I also like the videos. Except they should take off the video information that plays when the videos do.

Super Bowl XL (2006) (TV)
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Bettis drives off in style, 1 May 2006

Jerome Bettis gulped bottled water, and the sweat glistened on his round, expressive face. He was talking fast and a good octave higher than his normal register. "I'm still in a place," he said, shaking his head. "This is amazing." The record will show that Bettis carried the football only 14 times for 43 yards in Sunday's Super Bowl XL. Despite the best efforts of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he did not score a touchdown. It really didn't matter. The story line everyone outside of Seattle hoped would come to pass did. Thirty-three years after he was born here in Detroit, "The Bus" became a champion when the Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. The story of the NFL's fifth all-time leading rusher is over. Finally, he is at peace. At last, he is home. "It is an end," Bettis said. "It's been an incredible ride. I came back to win a championship, and now I have to bid farewell. "It's totally, totally a blessing. I'm probably the luckiest football player who ever played." As a team, the Steelers were desperate to win for Bettis. Linebacker Joey Porter, the emotional leader of the team who usually leads them onto the field, asked Bettis to take the field first. "He said, 'You lead us out there,' so I did," Bettis said. "They gave me a moment I'll never forget." Said Porter, "It was Jerome's day. It was his time to shine in his hometown." Bettis said he had been mulling retirement all season long. In the middle of last week back in Pittsburgh. he couldn't remember whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Bettis sat down separately with Steelers chairman Dan Rooney and president Arthur Rooney Jr. and told them he planned to retire after the game. "I let them know this was it," Bettis said. "It was probably going to be my last game, either way. My body's been breaking down. I didn't want to talk to head coach Bill Cowher and distract him from preparation. Still, he knew this was the last ride."

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