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The first WWF Game from THQ and AKI is spectacular, 26 June 2006

If you're familiar with the AKI grappling system, you shouldn't have any problems picking up this game, but if you're new to the series then I'll explain it. WM2K uses the famed grappling system which involves press the A button and grabbing the opponent, but it's much more than a simple button press, tap it for a weak grapple(for the weak moves) or hold it for a second or two for a strong grapple(obviously more powerful moves.) The best thing about this engine is that it's very intuitive to use and has a pick up and play feel to it, so you'll have no problem busting out moves like the Pedigree or the Tombstone Piledriver. You also use strikes this way but instead of pressing A you'll press B. Also, in this game you can implement psychology in your matches where you can target a specific body location and start attacking that location, as the match goes on that part gets weaker and the opponent is pretty much guaranteed to submit if you slap a submission on him. Overall, this engine is one of the finest ever in a wrestling that is only matched by THQ's SmackDown! series. The graphics in this game are much better than the ones in WWF Attitude, but at times the characters appear very blocky. Also, they titan tron videos in this game are very exalted, so don't expect DVD quality. What it lacks in graphics more than makes up for it with some of the smoothest animation ever, I mean, it holds up to games like SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain, the Pedigree looks like the Pedigree, the Rock Bottom looks like the Rock Bottom and so on. Overall, the graphics are in this game are alright but the animation is great. The sound in the game sucks really, the music is played at a very low quality and you can tell the developers had a hard time cramming all that music in one 256 MB cartridge. Overall, the sound is poor, but that's expected from an N64 game. When this game was made, it featured all the popular superstars from 1999 like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Undertaker, to mid card people like Jeff Jarrett, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and so on. Even though at this time this game is very outdated, it's very complete for it's time. Overall, the roster is great. This game has great replay value, you'll be spending a lot of time playing the game's career mode called Road to WrestleMania, where you go through a whole WWF year, complete with calendar, you can also unlock several hidden characters in this mode, and once you beat this mode, you can enjoy WM2K with your friends. Overall, this game's value is pretty high.

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Spurs Cut Down Nets to Win NBA Title, 23 June 2006

With it all on the line, Tim Duncan did it all. The San Antonio Spurs won their second title as Duncan put on one of the great performances in NBA Finals history, approaching a quadruple-double in an 88-77 dismantling of the New Jersey Nets. You want scoring? Duncan had 21 points, including seven in a surge at the end of the first half that prevented the Nets from running away early. You want rebounding? Duncan had 20, his fourth 20-rebound game of the post season. In the fourth quarter, he seemed to sweep away every miss by the Nets. You want passing? Duncan had 10 assists, three more than Nets pass master Jason Kidd as he completed a triple-double. Amid a swarm of defenders in the final period, he repeatedly found open teammates for baskets that built a 19-0 run. You want defense? Duncan had eight blocks, tying a Finals record. He also had a lot to do with Kenyon Martin's poor 3-for-3 shooting and New Jersey's scoring drought of more than 5 1/2 minutes in the fourth quarter. Typical of the humble, modest Duncan, he did not even know he was approaching a quadruple-double, which has been done just four times in history. "No, I didn't. That's cool," he said. "I'm sure that he had absolutely no clue what his stats were," said San Antonio's Gregg Popovich, who became the 12th coach to win two NBA titles. "He just knows what's going on in the game and what needs to be done." For the series, Duncan averaged 24.2 points, 17.0 rebounds, 5.3 assists and a record 5.3 blocks. For the second time in five seasons, he carried the Spurs to the championship and won NBA Finals MVP honors while staking his undisputed claim as the best player in the league. It also provided a fitting send-off for Spurs center David Robinson. Playing the final game of a Hall of Fame career, Robinson gave the 18,797 crazed fans a wonderful goodbye present, collecting 13 points and 17 rebounds. He helped the Spurs control the boards to the tune of 55-35 and teamed with Duncan to out rebound the Nets by themselves. "My last game, streamers flying, world champions. How could you write a better script than this, man?" Robinson said. "This is unbelievable. I've had some ups and downs in my career, but I'm gonna end on the highest of highs."

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Good Basketball Movie, 25 May 2006

Beginning with his June 2002 selection as first-round draft pick by the Houston Rockets, Yao, then 22, finds himself shoved into the international spotlight. Back home, Chinese fans (and, of course, image-conscious bureaucrats) are eager for their homeboy to honorably represent all 1.2 billion of his countrymen. In the States, however, more than a few observers, including sports commentator and ex-Rocket Charles Barkley, cynically question whether the big guy can play the NBA version of the game. For a distressingly long period during Prue- and early season games, Yao lives down to worst expectations as he struggles to find a comfort zone with new teammates. Indeed, his early efforts to play "American-style" (i.e., trash-talking, in your-face aggressive) are so wobbly that the notoriously voluble Barkley impulsively promises to kiss the backside of a fellow TNT cable network commentator if Yao ever has a 19-point game. To his credit, Barkley fulfills his end of the bargain after Yao finally catches on. Despite his extremely limited command of English, Yao emerges as immensely engaging in his dogged determination and self-mocking humor. Pic stops well short of offering deep-dish psychological insights, but strongly suggests Yao's disciplined upbringing by proud parents (who accompany him to Houston) and his own self-directed work ethic give him strength to perform gracefully under pressures. Yao even maintains his cool during much-hyped match-ups with then-L.A. Laker Shaquille O'Neal, the game's dominant big center. Without stinting on sports action and talking-heads commentary. Everyone from Bill Clinton to Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang get to weigh in with comments on Yao. Filmmakers smartly focus on symbiotic relationship between Yao and another rookie: Colin Pine, a Mandarin-conversant Baltimore native who was ready to attend law school when offered the opportunity to work as Yao's translator. Early on, the affable, faintly nerdy-looking Pine admits he's not a sports expert: "Chinese was my second language, basketball was my third." Scenes showing how Pine faces own challenges while helping Yao cope with the stresses of an NBA career (and extracurricular activities such as commercial endorsements) are the compelling heart and soul of the pica. In funniest scenes, Pine introduces Yao to Taco Bell. Which the basket baller finds less than satisfying and explains the concept of road rage while driving Houston highways.

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I Love This Video, 23 May 2006

After recently gracing the cover of Ozone Magazine's March 06 issue, Terror Squad's DJ Khaled is currently finishing his still untitled debut, which was released nationally on March 6, 2006. The LP's lead-single "Holla At Me" features Fat Joe, Paul Wall, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Rick Ross. The video for "Holla At Me" was shot on March 19th in Miami, FL and MTV2 has been gracious enough to film the video shoot for there "Makes The Video" segment, the 30-minute special was seen on April 10th. Turns out it's the first single from DJ Khaled, a Miami radio personality with a few mix tapes out and some connection to the perennially also-ran Terror Squad crew. "Holla at Me," which feels like a monster already. For one thing, it's a collection of stars that easily equals to greatness. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and Pitbull. Plenty of the track's appeal comes from the lineup, and so Khaled's talent for coordinating celebrities' schedules probably eclipses his talent for producing rap songs. But it's also pretty striking that all five of these guys totally sublimate their out sized personalities to the track itself, fading away into its boom-stomp until all of them become parts of the beat.

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On TV Tiger tale may be BET's brightest hope, 17 May 2006

A recent phone conversation with a friend inadvertently highlighted the problem BET may face in terms of launching "Season of the Tiger," "Season" tells a college story, you see, but it was not the subject of discussion that day. "Season of the Tiger," a six-part series of half-hour episodes that follow Grambling State University's marching band and football team, is precisely the kind of show that could win them back. Smart, current and honest in its spirit, it's simply wonderful viewing. The series shows us Grambling State's athletic drum line, a band with a stellar reputation for highly stylized, incredibly cool routines and one of the few reasons to stick around for a halftime show. It also has a way of telling the tale of one of college football's most successful teams. Together they put on a tremendous show and provide a very fierce source of pride to a Louisiana town that, as one of the townsfolk puts it, would be little more than pass-through for the railroad without them. At its core, "Season of the Tiger" skillfully illustrates the symbiotic relationship between these three bodies. Personalizing this are the stories of five young people two on the football team, two in the band, and one at a crossroads between making it and sinking for whom the band and the team represent everything. Bruce, the team's quarterback, is looking for his ticket to the NFL. Less encouraging, but more entertaining is his teammate Blue, a running back who made it on the team as a walk-on, has a baby to take care of and misplaced priorities. On the drum line, Shunnie, the master drill sergeant intent on becoming the school's first female drum major, finds it difficult to keep her male peers in line. While Shunnie's on top, a freshman, Eva, is struggling with having to pay her dues after being top dog in high school. All of them are in better situations than Mancel, a total outsider the only white member of the band, he's goofy looking, broke and perhaps the most heartbreaking element of the first two episodes. As opposed to being behind the curve, "Season of the Tiger" is firmly capitalizing on a current trend, and that's a good thing, since the series has more grit and fight in it than something like "Cheerleader Nation." In that series, defeat seems to mend more easily than it does here, where it represents the difference between life and death.

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Barry Bonds Gazes Into the Reality TV Mirror, 17 May 2006

After seeing Barry Bonds up close in the visitors' clubhouse as he was getting ready for a game at Dodger Stadium recently, I couldn't help but think that the San Francisco Giant slugger looks more like a Hollywood heavy than a baseball player. With his gleaming shaved head and giant biceps and upper body, Bonds has the cartoons air of a computer-enhanced movie villain who should be battling Hugh Jackman in "X-Men," not menacing a Dodger pitcher. When the comic Robert Wuhl saw Bonds jogging out of the dugout onto the playing field, he sized him up perfectly. "Hey," he quipped. "It's Darth Vader!" With Bonds' home-run total ascending at the same time that his reputation has been ravaged by the allegations of rampant steroid use in the new book "Game of Shadows," the public's love-hate fascination with his exploits has been channeled into "Bonds on Bonds." The weekly reality show, which airs Tuesday nights on ESPN2, offers backstage glimpses of the slugger doing such things as reading aloud a GQ story about the 10 most hated athletes he's incredulous that he finished behind Terrell Owens to trying to get someone to fix a busted pipe under his fish tank "911, brother," he says gruffly over the phone. "You guys get to my house ASAP." So far, the show's ratings have been somewhat lackluster. The reviews have been withering. The Chicago Sun-Times' Jay Mariotti said the show represents Bonds' "lame attempt to persuade the public to buy into Barry's pity party." Our sports columnist Mike Penner called it "checkbook journalism," wondering "how much of the story is being left on the cutting-room floor by the production company working in association with Bonds?" The producer under siege, Mike Tollin, is a Hollywood veteran, having made, with his partner Brian Robbins, a string of inspirational sports movies, including "Coach Carter," "Hardball," "Radio" and "Varsity Blues." But Bonds' bad rep has rubbed off on Tollin, who's been getting thrashed in the sports pages, not only for having a questionable partnership with his subject —Tollin-Robbins shares any profits from the show with Bonds — but for offering Bonds a friendly platform to rehab his image. Sitting in the Giants' dugout before one of their games here, Tollin defended his company's relationship with Bonds, saying that although Bonds gets to review the tapes of each episode, his input has been "almost nonexistent." He says the only shot Bonds asked to have taken out was a brief sequence involving his personal chef. "We've never had discussions about shots having to do with steroids or his antagonistic relationship with the media," Tollin says. "We had shots of a reporter saying Barry was still using human growth hormones. We had fans saying he should be kicked out of baseball. So I have to ask — if Barry was controlling the content, why would he be allowing all that into the story?" The other question many people have asked is: Who's using whom? The show's first episode concluded with a scene in which Bonds becomes so despondent over the media's sniping that he begins to weep, giant tears everything about Bonds being bigger-than-life spilling down his cheeks. But was that genuine self-pity or simply a shrewd audition for Bonds' next career? The slugger has often said that he'd like to get into the entertainment racket when his playing days are over. Or is "Bonds on Bonds" simply another example of the runaway narcissism that has enveloped our culture? For what makes the series especially intriguing is how in sync it seems with a whole generation of reality shows whose subjects wallow in a queasy combination of shameless exhibitionism and bottomless self-absorption. There's nothing new about narcissism, only the fact that it has migrated in the last few decades from the lunatic fringe to the mainstream.

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Great Wrestling Show, 15 May 2006

WWE A.M. Raw is a great TV Show to watch. Pro Wrestling is the greatest sport in the world. This is no single better thing in all the universe than the WWE. I watch every week glued to the TV to see what is going to happen next. Triple H, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and the nature boy Himself Ric Flair Whooooo! It can not get any better than that. As Ric Flair says. "Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because its the best thing going in the world today!! Wooooo!! If you have not watched wrestling check it out. You might like what you see!!! Vince needs to keep doing what he is doing. WWE A.M. Raw shows everything that has happen on the WWE Raw Is War. they usually shows the main event from WWE Raw Is War all the time. also they update on what is happening in the upcoming weeks.

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Funny Movie, 14 May 2006

This movie was fun. Black and Blue get ah old of a bunch of cell phones and start their own business of hot wiring the phones to work on their service. This movie had that Friday feel. No big production, just a neighborhood that you will swear is only a few blocks from where you live. I almost didn't watch this movie, because at the time I figured it would be a waste of time. I happened to catch it on HBO and after a few minutes I realized that there was definitely something fun about this movie. Well worth purchasing if you like movies like Friday or Don't be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice in the hood. It's just plain fun. Oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed, Ice Cube and Master P both are actually very talented actors. I threw Ice Cube in because he makes a cameo appearance in this one. this movie is the funniest stuff i have ever seen in my life. it is a bonus for me that bone thugs n harmony sing on the soundtrack. i own it anyways. yea this movie has master p-black, and A.J. Johnson, blue, i liked it because it was canasta. i like gangster movies. so go out and get this DVD.

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Good Wrestling Show, 14 May 2006

Yeah, change of plans; I'm going to start at the beginning of the month for wrestling and just work my way up to the present. Again, no promises; but I will try. Anyway, for those who don't know, the Velocity archives are available on Some quality matches on there, guys. To be honest, I'd take this show over SmackDown!, Raw, and Impact! any day of the week. this show is very underrated and lots of people hates on WWE Velocity. i love everything about this show. now that it's on the Internet. its great watching these no name wrestlers show their talent on WWE Velocity. they've all the great matches on WWE Velocity TV Show. the commentators are great to listen to as well. WWE Velocity gets better and better every week.

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Personal Favorite, 14 May 2006

Heat is on via streaming video now. Heat showcases the WWE Raw matches that don't Arie on WWE Raw. There's usually 3-4 matches that are held before the 2-hour WWE Raw event on Monday nights. which are known as dark matches. which are not aired. WWE Heat is on via streaming video now. Heat showcases the WWE Raw matches that don't Arie on WWE Raw. There's usually 3-4 matches that are held before the 2-hour WWE Raw event on Monday nights. which are known as 'dark matches'. which are not aired on Raw. WWE Heat just doesn't air 2-3 matches. when it aired on TV, it also recapped what happened on the previous weeks WWE Raw. When 'Sunday Night Heat' aired on TV. it gave fans a great chance who couldn't catch Raw. to be able to sit down and get the scoop by watching Heat.

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