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Pretty Good Show, 2 May 2006

I've seen this show a time or two. Mayte is the best and classiest looking lady on SITV and Eric's fine, although the attempts at comedy are none too great. I think they should stick to talking about music since both of them should know a lot about it and play more videos. I don't like the way you cut the videos off sometimes why you do that? You could easily do some new episodes and extend the show to an hour. i like this show a lot although its not my favorite i think its good and i really like Eric and matte in fact their probably my two most favorite hosts. but i also agree that i don't know why u cut off the videos because if Ur gonna play them then just play them but still its a show i will continue to watch. Hola SiTV viewers! Ya, I watch Across the Hall. It is cool & nice to hear the host (Mayte & Eric) opinions. I also like the videos. Except they should take off the video information that plays when the videos do.

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Okay Movie, 13 May 2006

Trina is playing a great smart character in this film and so is Sommore the comedian from comic view. It was very low budget and children under sixteen should'NT see this movie unless view by adult first. The girls of the hood are fed up with gang violence, so they cut off their gangster boyfriends. They lock themselves up on the basketball court as a show solidarity. Well after hearing Trina's albums and being a big fan of course I went out to rent her 1st movie, and hearing her talk about how its important to practice abstinence was the only way to stop the men from violence blew my mind. This movie was mad cute, it is based on a story of Greek mythology and takes place in the hood of Miami. Trina plays Alica a girl who wants to end the street violence and make their home safe. This is actually quite a positive movie and Trina shows great skills in acting. This movie is very sexual and funny, A must have for any Trina fan. This movie is good. I'm proud Of Trina for making a stand in this movie. She isn't her normal self at all in this movie. Meaning that in this movie is practicing not having sex in exchange for no violence in the community.

AND 1 Streetball (2006) (VG)
Didn't really live up to the hype, 21 July 2006

Off the top, I was excited about AND 1 Streetball. Being a fan of the mix tapes and the show. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this title. After firing through the amazingly simple and quick tutorial (which isn't a good thing, I had to make a change from the easier controls in the NBA STREET series to take on the "intuitive and innovative" control scheme of AND 1 Streetball. It was a relief to play a realistic basketball title with tricks you could actually pull off on the court. With that said, And 1 Streetball just doesn't do that well at all. The tricks are preformed with the Left and Right Analog Sticks and while they go fluidly with the animations of the player on-screen, while playing with the controller just doesn't work as well as it could. There are only a handful of moves that can be used in the game, most of which are from the legendary Hot Sauce. It's understandable that being a realistic game, in general, it might fail short in quantity as there isn't many tricks you can do to show off, but this is unacceptable. With the controls pretty much mastered, it's easy to get drawn into the game. Pulling off Level 3's on someone is about as simple as drinking from a glass. Alley ops, crossovers, and hypnotic dribbling really make this game shine. Mic Checka moves are AND 1's answer to the Gamebreaker in NBA Street and they seem to fit well however the opposing team falls victim to some really awkward glitching (i.e. Mic Checka seems to make players fall who are no longer guarding the person who's doing it). Playing through the Story mode gets tiresome really fast and going against the AND 1 team is like playing your high school basketball team against the Harlem Globetrotters. Your team, in essence, is a bunch of ball-hoarding pseudo legends… which isn't a bad thing per SE. However, when playing against the AND 1 team, the true frustration of having your team do absolutely nothing on defense is enough to drive anyone crazy. More than often you'll witness an ankle break on a person who is no longer guarding the ball carrier. This is where the game excels. The soundtrack is exactly what I would expect from an AND 1 title. There could have been better voice acting.

ATL (2006)
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ATL Was A Very Good Movie To Watch, 30 April 2006

For every dozen-or-so teen-based dramas about white kids, there are maybe one or two similarly themed films about children of other races. So when one of the latter comes along that offers keenly observed characters involved in interesting situations, it's worth taking note. ATL, the feature debut of MTV-weaned director Chris Robinson, is such a motion picture. And, like all good movies of this sort, it doesn't take long for the viewer to become color-blind, no longer regarding the protagonists as "black characters" but simply as "characters." ATL, which expectedly takes place in Atlanta, focuses on two brothers. Since the death of their parents, 17-year old Rashad (Tip Harris) and 14-year old Ant (Evan Ross), have been living with their uncle, George (Mykelti Williamson), who is a less-than-ideal guardian. As a result, Rashad has been as much a father as a big brother to Ant. The two have different approaches to life. Rashad is a hard-worker who toils away at a cleaning job to save money for his brother's future education. Ant, on the other hand, is looking for flashy clothes and a cool car, so he takes the "easy" road and becomes a gofer and small-time drug dealer for a gangster. Outside of school, Rashad hangs out with his "posse": Esquire (Jackie Long), who has the grades to attend an Ivy League college; Teddy (Jason Weaver), a high school drop out who works in a shop fitting customers for "grills" (ornamental tooth covers); and Brooklyn (Albert Daniels), a New York transplant. These four spend their Sunday evenings at a local roller skating rink where they prepare for the annual "bragging rights" contest. While there, Rashad hooks up with New-New (Lauren London), a girl with a secret. Meanwhile, Esquire connects with powerful CEO John Garnett (Keith David) in the hope he can get a recommendation the final piece that will seal his university admission. While the story contains a lot of familiar beats, the characters are fresh and exhibit solid development. And, although the film eventually ventures into terrain where many urban high school dramas end up violence associated with criminal activity other issues are addressed along the way. The most compelling of these is the class struggle that occurs within the black community. While most of the inner city lower class are trying to find a way out, one girl with a privileged background is re-inventing herself to find a way in. The roller rink, a relic of the '80s that is still popular in some places, proves to be the mixing pot for all different people, and it's where several of ATL's most memorable scenes occur. In a way, this locale is to this film what the disco was to Saturday Night Fever a place of escape where class boundaries are secondary to performing skills. Robinson has assembled an impressive young cast comprised primarily of rappers (such as Tip Harris, a.k.a. T.I.) and fresh faces (newcomer Lauren London). Providing experience in supporting roles are Mykelti Williamson and Keith David. For his part, Robinson directs in a straightforward manner, eschewing the flashy style that has become commonplace for music video directors who make the leap to the big screen. His approach, the talent of his acting ensemble, and the intelligence of the screenplay make ATL an engaging experience.

Beef III (2005) (V)
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Cinematographic Masterpiece, 9 July 2006

Beef 3 focuses on things that happened in the last year or so. This is great because nobody remembers last year. I'm glad they didn't waste time showing anything interesting or featuring any rappers who matter. My favorite part is the feature on Twista vs. Bone Thugs n Harmony, which is Twista saying "we never had beef" and Krause or whichever bone saying "we never had beef". Perfect material for a DVD titled Beef. I was particularly impressed by interviews with such stars as a guy who used to know 50 Cent, and a guy who kind of looks like Phife Dawg. I'm sure guys like KRS-One, Ice Cube, and B-Real really wanted to come back, but they just weren't big enough names. Nelly was DEAD WRONG for that situation with Chingy. That rhyme was straight-up disrespectful. #1 You can't invent a slang term like "dirty" which was used WAY before him. Just because he didn't use it in a rhyme doesn't mean he didn't know the word. #2 Chingy came to him like a man and Nelly acted like a child. #3 Why is the tall dude even on that tape? Chingy wasn't even referencing him and then the dude pronounced Kum-BA-ya wrong and I was threw! I laughed at him through the rest of the interview.

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Barry Bonds Gazes Into the Reality TV Mirror, 17 May 2006

After seeing Barry Bonds up close in the visitors' clubhouse as he was getting ready for a game at Dodger Stadium recently, I couldn't help but think that the San Francisco Giant slugger looks more like a Hollywood heavy than a baseball player. With his gleaming shaved head and giant biceps and upper body, Bonds has the cartoons air of a computer-enhanced movie villain who should be battling Hugh Jackman in "X-Men," not menacing a Dodger pitcher. When the comic Robert Wuhl saw Bonds jogging out of the dugout onto the playing field, he sized him up perfectly. "Hey," he quipped. "It's Darth Vader!" With Bonds' home-run total ascending at the same time that his reputation has been ravaged by the allegations of rampant steroid use in the new book "Game of Shadows," the public's love-hate fascination with his exploits has been channeled into "Bonds on Bonds." The weekly reality show, which airs Tuesday nights on ESPN2, offers backstage glimpses of the slugger doing such things as reading aloud a GQ story about the 10 most hated athletes he's incredulous that he finished behind Terrell Owens to trying to get someone to fix a busted pipe under his fish tank "911, brother," he says gruffly over the phone. "You guys get to my house ASAP." So far, the show's ratings have been somewhat lackluster. The reviews have been withering. The Chicago Sun-Times' Jay Mariotti said the show represents Bonds' "lame attempt to persuade the public to buy into Barry's pity party." Our sports columnist Mike Penner called it "checkbook journalism," wondering "how much of the story is being left on the cutting-room floor by the production company working in association with Bonds?" The producer under siege, Mike Tollin, is a Hollywood veteran, having made, with his partner Brian Robbins, a string of inspirational sports movies, including "Coach Carter," "Hardball," "Radio" and "Varsity Blues." But Bonds' bad rep has rubbed off on Tollin, who's been getting thrashed in the sports pages, not only for having a questionable partnership with his subject —Tollin-Robbins shares any profits from the show with Bonds — but for offering Bonds a friendly platform to rehab his image. Sitting in the Giants' dugout before one of their games here, Tollin defended his company's relationship with Bonds, saying that although Bonds gets to review the tapes of each episode, his input has been "almost nonexistent." He says the only shot Bonds asked to have taken out was a brief sequence involving his personal chef. "We've never had discussions about shots having to do with steroids or his antagonistic relationship with the media," Tollin says. "We had shots of a reporter saying Barry was still using human growth hormones. We had fans saying he should be kicked out of baseball. So I have to ask — if Barry was controlling the content, why would he be allowing all that into the story?" The other question many people have asked is: Who's using whom? The show's first episode concluded with a scene in which Bonds becomes so despondent over the media's sniping that he begins to weep, giant tears everything about Bonds being bigger-than-life spilling down his cheeks. But was that genuine self-pity or simply a shrewd audition for Bonds' next career? The slugger has often said that he'd like to get into the entertainment racket when his playing days are over. Or is "Bonds on Bonds" simply another example of the runaway narcissism that has enveloped our culture? For what makes the series especially intriguing is how in sync it seems with a whole generation of reality shows whose subjects wallow in a queasy combination of shameless exhibitionism and bottomless self-absorption. There's nothing new about narcissism, only the fact that it has migrated in the last few decades from the lunatic fringe to the mainstream.

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I Love This Video, 23 May 2006

After recently gracing the cover of Ozone Magazine's March 06 issue, Terror Squad's DJ Khaled is currently finishing his still untitled debut, which was released nationally on March 6, 2006. The LP's lead-single "Holla At Me" features Fat Joe, Paul Wall, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Rick Ross. The video for "Holla At Me" was shot on March 19th in Miami, FL and MTV2 has been gracious enough to film the video shoot for there "Makes The Video" segment, the 30-minute special was seen on April 10th. Turns out it's the first single from DJ Khaled, a Miami radio personality with a few mix tapes out and some connection to the perennially also-ran Terror Squad crew. "Holla at Me," which feels like a monster already. For one thing, it's a collection of stars that easily equals to greatness. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and Pitbull. Plenty of the track's appeal comes from the lineup, and so Khaled's talent for coordinating celebrities' schedules probably eclipses his talent for producing rap songs. But it's also pretty striking that all five of these guys totally sublimate their out sized personalities to the track itself, fading away into its boom-stomp until all of them become parts of the beat.

Dreamquest (2000) (V)
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Absolutely Fantastic! A Masterpiece, 13 May 2006

This movie was fantastic. Any movie with the beautiful Ms. Jenna Jameson in it is an absolute 100% masterpiece. Real acting with a sexy storyline. You can't miss with Dream Quest! A true collectors item. Oh the movie is great it is worth the money. This is one for the Oscars. They should really have a category in the Oscars for adult films. This would surely get one. Jenna is beautiful, does some amazing sex scenes and shows she can act. I work at Excitement video and I highly recommend this video to couples and especially women who are unsure what to purchase. The plot is great and the costumes are simply gorgeous. This is a must for women and couples. Be turned on by the range of attractive actors and story plot. Simply Delicious from beginning to end. And with the cast of this movie, you don't even have to be a Jenna addict to love every bit of it!

"Fastlane" (2002)
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Trendsetter, 6 July 2006

This show I loved. It was too cool. That show made me want to be undercover cop. How they did all that stuff was so tight, with all the exploding, and gun fights, and physical fight sand the cars. My favorite episode was when they robbed that bank. I would of never thought of that and both of the guys were so hot. I loved this show so much I almost cried when I heard that it was going off. Too great of a show to be on for one season. Fastlane one the greatest shows to be on TV. It sucks that we never got to see a decent end to the show. Even though the show only lasted for one season it was great. Fastlane is like the movie Bad Boys, Blue Streak, the Fast and the Furious, and Starsky and Hutch rolled up into one. was fabulous!! nothing bad to say about this show!! the budget was there and that was nice!! nice cars, gun, Girls, and a nice cast! Even if it looks like a men show i think it was more!! the story were nice!! and the musical choice is still popular in the world.

"Fear Factor" (2001/I)
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Fear Factor Absolutely Fabulous Show To Watch, 1 May 2006

I Love This Show. Fear Factor Is A Cool Game Show That Kills To Get $50.000. Those Stunts Are Cool To Watch. The Stunts Are Disgusting But I Can Still Watch It. The Contestants Are Tough And Ready To Kill To Get Some Money. Fear Factor Is A Great Pleasure To Watch People Do Hard Stunts. A very intense viewing pleasure! I'm so tired of hearing how this show 'doesn't test your fears, but it does test your skills.' And how 'Fear Factor' is just a cheap gimmick to lure in the ratings for NBC. Lately, I haven't been impressed with NBC's shows. In fact, the only shows I make an effort to watch are 'ER' and 'Friends'. Meanwhile, 'ER' is still going strong. Another show that I try not to miss is 'Fear Factor'. "It doesn't test your fears" says a lot of viewers. How doesn't it exactly? If you're afraid of heights, the show makes you face your fears and makes you try and get rid of them. If your afraid of bugs. the show will give you a stunt to complete that deals with bugs forcing you to get through it if you want to win the $50,000. So 'Fear Factor' is used to rake in the ratings? Well, what show isn't? They all are in the ratings competition. The show produces entertaining and enjoyable stunts (none of which I would attempt), but it is still fun to watch others take their shot at them. The hour-long TV show is well set up with great 'fear factors' and a great host. (Even though it seems that every week now, an eating test is added to the three stunts, I still like seeing what kind of disgusting treat the creators have in store.) I like 'Fear Factor'. Period. Lighten up critics! who did think of this? I mean great show and everything but why would you practically kill someone so they could get money??? who did think of this? I mean great show and everything but why would you practically kill someone so they could get money??? I love this show and everything but if that was me I would never be able to do any of that stuff. like seriously when do these people come up with stuff like this?

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