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I'm sorry, but it is a copy..., 7 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To everybody who actually likes this show I'm sorry, but you have to realize this: many of the characters have similar personnel dramas to "ER" characters...For example:

- That doctor, Javier, started to take pills ( like Dr. Carter)

- There's another one who has or had (I have no idea) a tumor...Like Mark Greene.

I mean, if that isn't a small (but still) a copy, then what is it?

I love "ER" and I have to say that it is much better than "Hospital Central"...And in my opinion, "ER" is more realistic than this one because it gives the viewer the emotion that they are experiencing...

one of the best movies i've ever seen, 24 May 2006

In my opinion, this is one of Disney's best movies ever! I've known this film since I am five years old (when it got out) and when I was little I loved it, because I thought Timon was great and Simba was a great King, etc...Now, I see so much more in that film. I see friendship, love, hate, drama, and comedy. That movie is a representation of every feeling that we have and it is such a good work....I'm sure that it is one of the best animation movies that will ever be made.

If you haven't seen it yet (almost impossible) don't waste more time...You'll love it!

Red Eye (2005)
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It's much more than you can expect...Just great!, 4 April 2006

I think this movie is great. I believe it must be very hard to do a movie were the main characters sit on a plain 2/3 of the film, because you have to do original things to make the viewers interested. It's a very good work. I love Cillian Murphy and I just have to say that his performance is really needed in the movie. If the actor who played Rippner wasn't scary and also exciting as Cillian is, I think that the movie wouldn't be the same. Same thing for Rachel McAdams. Loved it.

You know, this could be one of those action movies where a guy wants a girl's help to kill a man. But it's more than that...much more. It's a very complicated movie, with very complicated characters. There's so much anger and stress. MUST SEE!